## - Celine Dion & Nana Mouskouri - Petit Papa Noel (128Kbps) - ALBUM - Xmas (3.42MB; 3.44).MP33.4 MB21:51.00
(- Weihnacht - Karel Gott - Die Schönsten Weihnachtslieder Weiße Weihnacht.mp33.8 MB19:06.26
(Chrismas Songs) Christina Aguilera - Angels We Have Heard On High.mp33.8 MB19:06.42
(Christmas)Eagles-Please come home for Chrismas.mp32.8 MB19:06.56
(Xmas) Gloria Estefan - Silent Night ©v (192).mp34.2 MB19:07.16
- Irene Grandi - Bianco Natale.mp33.7 MB19:06.08
00 - Weihnachtslieder - Ivan Rebroff - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp38.4 MB14:04.04
001 - 98 Degrees - If Every Day Could Be Christmas.mp311.6 MB14:04.09
002 - Elvis Presley - Merry Christmas Baby.mp36.7 MB19:20.44
003 - Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden) - Last Christmas.mp34.4 MB19:30.08
004 - 98 Degrees - The christmas song.mp33.8 MB19:36.44
005 - Fourplay_Snowbound_The Christmas Song.mp35.5 MB19:46.16
006 - Fourplay_Snowbound_River.mp35.3 MB19:55.02
007 - 98 Degrees - Christmas Wish.mp33.5 MB20:01.36
008 - The_first_noel.mp35.2 MB20:12.18
009 - Carpenters_Winter_Wonderland_-_Silver_Bells_-_White_Christmas.mp35.0 MB20:19.14
01 - Andre Rieu - Amazing Grace.mp36.5 MB19:22.50
01 - Announcing Christmas.mp36.4 MB14:04.55
01 - Baby, It's Cold Outside.mp37.4 MB14:04.59
01 - Band Aid - Do They Know, It's Christmas-.mp38.9 MB14:05.03
01 - Christmas Never Felt Like This Before.mp38.8 MB14:05.07
01 - Crazy Frog - Last Christmas With Frog.mp33.1 MB19:13.34
01 - Queen - Thank God It´s Christmas.mp33.9 MB19:13.52
01 - Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer Mambo.mp32.4 MB19:14.04
01 - Sick Christmas - The Prophet.mp33.8 MB19:14.22
01 - Wham! - Last Christmas.mp34.1 MB19:14.38
01 Alle Jahre wieder.mp32.5 MB19:15.08
01 Fred Bertelmann & Dresdner Mozartchor - ave,ave maria.mp32.5 MB19:15.22
01 Freddy Quinn - alle jahre wieder.mp32.5 MB19:15.34
01 The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roa.mp32.9 MB19:15.44
01 Vom Himmel Hoch, Oh Englein Kommt.mp33.5 MB19:16.00
01 Weihnacht zuhause.mp32.2 MB19:16.12
01 [Udo Jürgens] Das Jahr deiner Träume.mp33.6 MB19:14.56
01-Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus.mp33.1 MB19:19.26
01-bing_crosby_and_ella_fitzgerald-rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer.mp32.3 MB19:18.16
01-dionne_warwick--the_christmas_song-oma.mp33.8 MB19:18.36
01-michael_buble-its_beginning_to_look_a_lot_like_christmas.mp33.2 MB19:18.50
01-trans_siberian_orchestra-faith_noel-fntx.mp34.2 MB19:19.12
01. Faith Noel.mp34.2 MB19:16.32
01. All I Want for Christmas Is You.mp33.7 MB19:16.48
01. Andy Williams - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp37.7 MB14:36.30
01. Jannes - 'n Heel Gezellig Kerstfeest.mp32.9 MB19:17.18
01. Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp33.8 MB19:17.36
01.Het Sneeuwt.mp31.9 MB19:17.46
010 - NSync-Merry Christmas Happy Holidays.mp33.9 MB20:27.14
011 - 98 Degrees - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.mp33.2 MB20:33.28
012 - Have_yourself_a_merry_little_Christmas.mp34.7 MB20:43.00
013 - Silent night - Harry Hussey.mp34.7 MB20:53.06
014 - Wham - Last christmas.mp34.7 MB21:01.08
015 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Snowbound.mp34.7 MB21:06.32
016 - Mahalia_Jackson_-_Silent_Night.mp34.6 MB21:13.30
017 - The_First_Noel_-_Pat_Boone.mp34.6 MB21:18.50
018 - The_First_Noel jazz.mp34.5 MB21:23.30
019 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Angels We Have Heard On High.mp34.5 MB21:26.24
01_jose_feliciano_-_feliz_navidad-mst.mp34.1 MB19:18.06
02 - Alarm - Happy Xmas (War Is Over).mp33.4 MB19:19.44
02 - Banaroo - Coming Home For Christmas.mp33.1 MB19:19.58
02 - Boney M - Oh Christmas Tree.mp31.7 MB05:21.02
02 - Bryan Adams - Christmas Time.mp33.8 MB19:20.14
02 - First Noel.mp32.6 MB19:20.58
02 - Frosty The Snowman.mp32.1 MB19:21.08
02 - Gladys Knight & The Pips - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town.mp34.4 MB19:21.30
02 - Jingle All The Way.mp32.4 MB19:21.40
02 - Loona - Hijo De La Luna (Sentimento Mix).mp33.8 MB19:22.10
02 - Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream.mp33.6 MB19:22.26
02 - The First Noel.mp33.3 MB19:22.42
02 - Winter Wonderland.mp31.7 MB19:22.52
02 - Y Nos Vamos Pa Belén.mp32.8 MB19:23.06
02 Jingle Bells.mp32.1 MB19:23.48
02 Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp31.8 MB19:23.58
02 Mille Cherubini in coro.mp33.6 MB19:24.14
02 O Tannenbaum.mp32.3 MB19:24.24
02 Offenbacher Kinderchor - leise rieselt der schnee.mp31.8 MB19:24.34
02 Peter Kraus - weiße weihnacht.mp33.0 MB19:24.50
02 Silver Bells.mp32.5 MB19:25.00
02 [Udo Jürgens] Still, still, still.mp33.6 MB19:23.22
02-Jingle Bells ( Ein kleiner weißer Schneemann ).mp32.9 MB19:27.44
02-heart--christmas_waits-oma.mp32.9 MB19:27.14
02-hermann_prey_und_der_toelzer_knabenchor_-_tochter_zion_freue_dich-awake.mp32.9 MB19:27.30
02-michael_buble-santa_claus_is_coming_to_town.mp32.6 MB19:27.56
02-the_drifters-i_saw_mommy_kissing_santa_claus.mp32.8 MB19:28.10
02-trans_siberian_orchestra-the_lost_christmas_eve-fntx.mp35.1 MB19:28.34
02. The Lost Christmas Eve.mp35.1 MB19:25.24
02. Do They Know Its Christmas ( Feed the World ).mp33.4 MB19:25.40
02. Elvis Presley - Silent Night.mp35.4 MB14:36.30
02.Amazing Grace.Demis Roussos.Silent Night.Kerstmis.mp36.8 MB18:44.22
02.Kerstmis In De Jordaan.mp33.1 MB19:26.04
020 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.mp34.4 MB21:30.42
021 - Kerst - Frans Bauer - Kerstmis is een feest voor iedereen.mp32.9 MB21:33.44
022 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Auld Lang Syne.mp34.4 MB21:36.02
023 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Amazing Grace.mp34.3 MB21:37.52
024 - Mariah Carey - i'll be there.mp34.3 MB21:39.54
025 - White christmas - Harry Hussey.mp34.3 MB21:41.24
026 - Last_Christmas.mp34.3 MB21:42.26
027 - Carpenters_Overture.mp34.3 MB21:43.26
028 - It's_Christmas_everywhere.mp34.2 MB21:44.10
029 - Diana Krall - Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas.mp34.2 MB21:44.56
02_Minuit Chretien (Cantique De Noel).mp33.3 MB19:26.22
02_ray_charles_-_rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer-mst.mp33.7 MB19:26.40
03 - Andre Rieu - Ave Maria.mp36.5 MB19:23.42
03 - Befour - Little Little Love.mp32.9 MB19:28.48
03 - Boney M - Hark The Herald Angel Sing.mp31.8 MB05:22.30
03 - Brooklyn X-Mas - Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee.mp34.4 MB19:29.10
03 - Chris Rea - Footsteps In The Snow.mp34.2 MB19:29.30
03 - Christmas Trumpets_We Wish You A Verry Merry.mp34.1 MB19:29.50
03 - Frank Baum & Country Green - Advent Stunden Der Stille.mp32.6 MB19:30.22
03 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp33.7 MB19:30.38
03 - John & Yoko & The Plastic Ono Band - Happy X-Mas (War Is Over).mp33.3 MB19:30.54
03 - Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp32.7 MB19:31.08
03 - Merry Christmas, Baby.mp32.4 MB19:31.20
03 - New Kids On The Block - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Are Roasting On An Open Fire).mp33.9 MB19:31.38
03 - R.Kelly - Religious Love.mp33.8 MB19:31.56
03 - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town.mp32.5 MB19:32.08
03 Atlantis - die glocken zur weihnacht.mp33.4 MB19:32.38
03 Der Winter-Walzer.mp32.5 MB19:32.52
03 Heino - waldwinter.mp33.8 MB19:33.10
03 Here Comes Santa Claus.mp32.4 MB19:33.18
03 Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.5 MB19:33.30
03 Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen.mp31.5 MB19:33.38
03 [Udo Jürgens] Merry Christmas allerseits.mp34.9 MB19:59.14
03-Kinderwunsch.mp32.7 MB19:35.42
03-bing_crosby-white_christmas.mp32.7 MB19:35.28
03-michael_buble-jingle_bells_(feat._the_puppini_sisters).mp32.5 MB19:35.54
03-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_dreams-fntx.mp33.6 MB19:36.28
03. Christmas Dreams.mp33.6 MB19:33.54
03. Fairytale of New York.mp34.2 MB19:34.14
03. Winter Wonderland.mp32.7 MB19:34.26
03. with Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra & The Fontane Sisters - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.mp35.9 MB14:36.30
03.Yswals.mp32.7 MB19:34.52
030 - Mariah Carey - Can't let go.mp34.2 MB21:45.44
031 - Mariah Carey - Miss you most.mp34.2 MB21:46.32
032 - Mariah Carey - Jesus oh what a wonderful child.mp34.1 MB21:47.22
033 - CHRISTMAS - Boney M - Mary's Boy Child.mp34.1 MB21:48.00
0331 Wham! - Last Christmas.mp34.0 MB10:25.06
034 - Mariah Carey - O Holy night.mp34.1 MB21:48.48
035 - Happy_new_year.mp34.1 MB21:49.30
036 - Hark_The_Herald_Angels_Sing jazz.mp34.1 MB21:50.22
037 - Boney M (Happy Christmas) - Little Drumer boy.mp34.0 MB21:51.14
038 - Queen - Thank God it's christmas.mp34.0 MB21:51.44
039 - Mariah Carey - Joy to the World.mp34.0 MB21:52.34
03_Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp32.0 MB19:35.16
03_judy_collins_-_let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-mst.mp32.9 MB19:35.06
04 - Andre Rieu - Transeamus.mp32.3 MB19:36.56
04 - Band Aid - Do They Know It´s Christmas.mp33.5 MB19:37.12
04 - Boney M - Zion's Daughter (Tochter Zion).mp31.7 MB19:37.20
04 - Canción De Cuna.mp32.8 MB19:37.34
04 - Chipz! - Christmas Time Is Here.mp33.6 MB19:37.52
04 - Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas.mp33.7 MB19:38.10
04 - Christmas Is.mp33.0 MB19:38.24
04 - Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells.mp32.3 MB19:38.34
04 - Frostys Dance - Donner & Blitzen.mp33.9 MB19:38.52
04 - Jingle Bells.mp32.4 MB19:39.02
04 - Silver Bells.mp32.6 MB19:39.14
04 - The little Drummer Boy.mp32.8 MB19:39.28
04 - Warm December.mp31.8 MB19:39.36
04 Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen.mp32.2 MB19:39.58
04 Der Christbaum Ist Der Schönste B.mp32.6 MB19:40.10
04 Destiny's Child - 8 Days Of Christmas.mp33.2 MB19:40.24
04 Die Vaiolets - süsser die glocken nie klingen.mp32.7 MB19:40.40
04 Mantovani - white christmas.mp33.6 MB19:40.58
04 Ol' Saint Nicholas.mp32.2 MB19:41.06
04 Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp33.2 MB19:41.22
04 Wiegenlied.mp32.7 MB19:41.34
04 [Udo Jürgens] Der kleine Trommlerjunge (Durch die Stille der Nacht).mp33.4 MB19:58.30
04-White Christmas.mp32.9 MB19:44.54
04-halle_orchestra_-_sleigh_ride-awake.mp32.7 MB19:43.54
04-michael_buble-white_christmas_(duet_with_shania_twain).mp33.3 MB19:44.08
04-moya_brennan--god_rest_ye_merry_gentlemen-oma.mp33.3 MB19:44.24
04-trans_siberian_orchestra-wizards_in_winter-fntx.mp32.8 MB19:44.40
04. Wizards in Winter.mp32.8 MB19:41.50
04. Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby - Remastered 2001.mp37.9 MB14:36.30
04. Last Christmas.mp34.1 MB19:42.22
04. Mary's Boychild.mp33.6 MB19:42.36
04.Als De Kerstman Komt.mp32.9 MB19:42.50
04.Jerusalem of gold.Demis Roussos.Silent Night.Kerstmis.mp32.2 MB19:43.02
040 - I'll_Be_Home_For_Christmas jazz.mp33.9 MB21:53.20
041 - Mahalia_Jackson_-_What_Child_Is_This.mp33.9 MB21:54.00
042 - I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus- Harry Hussey.mp33.9 MB21:54.30
043 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Christmas Time Is Here.mp33.9 MB21:55.00
044 - Let it snow.mp33.9 MB21:55.32
045 - Mariah Carey - Make it happen.mp33.8 MB21:56.06
046 - Rosemary_Clooney_-_Have_Yourself_A_Merry_Little_Christmas.mp33.8 MB21:56.24
047 - kerst - ABBA Teens - Happy New Year.mp34.0 MB21:56.42
048 - Have_Yourself_A_Merry_Little_Christmas_-_Rosemary_Clooney.mp33.8 MB21:57.02
049 - I'll_be_home_for_Christmas.mp33.8 MB21:57.20
04_Winter Wonderland.mp34.3 MB19:43.40
04_frank_sinatra_-_have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas-mst.mp33.6 MB19:43.20
05 - Boney M - The First Noel.mp31.8 MB05:23.56
05 - Bros - Silent Night.mp33.6 MB19:45.18
05 - Chris Rea - Driving home for Christmas.mp33.7 MB19:45.36
05 - DJ Oetzi - Xmas Time.mp33.2 MB19:45.50
05 - Home For Holidays.mp33.8 MB19:46.34
05 - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!.mp32.0 MB19:46.44
05 - Marys Boy Child.mp32.7 MB19:46.56
05 - Merry Christmas, Baby.mp33.9 MB19:47.16
05 - New Edition - It's Christmas.mp33.9 MB19:47.34
05 - Silent Night - Adropin Project by Genlog.mp33.2 MB19:47.50
05 - We wish You a merry Christmas.mp32.0 MB19:48.00
05 - Wham! - Last Christmas.mp34.0 MB19:48.18
05 Carol of the Drum.mp32.7 MB19:48.44
05 Christmas Story.mp32.9 MB19:48.54
05 Frieda Rier - kerzenlicht und tannenbäume.mp32.5 MB19:49.06
05 Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp33.0 MB19:49.20
05 Kommet, Ihr Hirten.mp31.5 MB19:49.28
05 Siw Malmquist - ihr kinderlein kommet.mp33.0 MB19:49.42
05 Weihnacht im Schnee.mp32.4 MB19:49.54
05 [Udo Jürgens] Viele bunte Päckchen (The Christmas Song).mp34.2 MB20:00.20
05- - Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria.mp31.6 MB19:45.02
05-Wünsche und Gedanken.mp33.2 MB19:53.20
05-gregorian--o_come_all_ye_faithful-oma.mp33.5 MB19:51.52
05-michael_buble-all_i_want_for_christmas_is_you.mp32.6 MB19:52.06
05-salonorchester_coelln_-_der_weihnachtsmann_kommt-awake.mp33.6 MB19:52.36
05-the_lettermen-o_christmas_tree.mp32.1 MB19:52.48
05-trans_siberian_orchestra-remember-fntx.mp33.1 MB19:53.04
05. Remember.mp33.1 MB19:50.10
05. Doris Day with Chorus and Orchestral accompaniment - Christmas Story.mp37.2 MB14:36.30
05. Driving Home For Christmas.mp33.5 MB19:50.40
05. White Christmas.mp32.7 MB19:50.52
05.Tussen Kerstmis en Nieuwjaar.mp32.8 MB19:51.06
050 - O_Holy_Night.mp33.8 MB21:57.38
051 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Merry Little Stroll.mp33.8 MB21:57.56
052 - Mariah Carey - All i want for christmas is you.mp33.7 MB21:58.14
053 - This_Christmas_Song_(Chestnut_Roasting_On_An_Open_Fire).mp33.7 MB21:58.32
054 - Let_It_Snow!_Let_It_Snow!_Let_It_Snow!.mp33.7 MB21:58.48
055 - Brenda Lee - Silent night.mp33.7 MB21:59.06
056 - Christmas song- Harry Hussey.mp33.6 MB21:59.26
057 - Winter wonderland - Harry Hussey.mp33.6 MB21:59.46
058 - Merry_Christmas_Baby.mp33.6 MB22:00.04
059 - Have_Yourself_A_Merry_Little_Christmas jazz.mp33.6 MB22:00.22
05_Sah Ein Knab Ein Roeslein Stehen.mp32.4 MB19:51.18
05_sinead_o_connor_-_silent_night-mst.mp33.4 MB19:51.34
06 - Boney M - Oh Come All Ye Faithful.mp31.7 MB19:53.28
06 - Chris De Burgh - A Spaceman Come Travelling.mp33.7 MB19:53.48
06 - Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas.mp33.6 MB19:54.04
06 - Chrismas- Disney Christmas Jingle Bells.mp32.2 MB19:54.16
06 - El Niño Del Tambor (Little Drummer Boy).mp34.2 MB19:54.36
06 - Gloria In Excelsis Deo - Alec.mp33.7 MB19:55.20
06 - I'd Like You For Christmas.mp32.4 MB19:55.30
06 - Joseph Dearest.mp32.6 MB19:55.42
06 - Loona - Hijo de la Luna.mp33.8 MB19:56.00
06 - Pretenders - 2000 Miles.mp33.3 MB19:56.16
06 - Schnappi - Jing! Jingeling! Der Weihnachtsschnappi!.mp32.0 MB19:56.26
06 - That's What I Want For Christmas.mp32.1 MB19:56.36
06 - The Merriest.mp32.0 MB19:56.46
06 - What Child Is This.mp32.7 MB19:57.00
06 Ave Maria.mp32.1 MB19:57.22
06 Have Yourself A Merry Little Chri.mp32.8 MB19:57.36
06 Kommet ihr Hirten.mp31.9 MB19:57.46
06 Michael Bolton - This Is The Time.mp33.7 MB19:58.02
06 Morgen Kommt Der Weihnachtsmann.mp31.7 MB19:58.10
06 Roy Black - kleiner trommelmann.mp32.4 MB19:58.22
06 The Gift of Love.mp33.6 MB19:58.38
06 Ulli Martin - kling glöckchen.mp32.9 MB19:58.52
06 [Udo Jürgens] Wenn ein Stern vom Himmel fällt.mp32.7 MB19:57.12
06-Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.3 MB20:00.50
06-gilia--joy_to_the_world-oma.mp32.6 MB20:00.38
06-michael_buble-holly_jolly_christmas.mp31.8 MB20:00.58
06-the_kings_singers_-_the_little_drummer_boy-awake.mp32.5 MB20:01.08
06-trans_siberian_orchestra-anno_domine-fntx.mp32.0 MB20:01.20
06. Anno Domine.mp32.0 MB19:59.04
06. Andy Williams - The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire).mp35.8 MB14:36.30
06. Jingle Bell Rock.mp32.2 MB19:59.26
06. The Christmas Song.mp33.0 MB19:59.40
06.Een Witte Kerst.mp33.0 MB19:59.56
060 - Carpenters_Have_Yourself_A_Merry_Little_Christmas.mp33.6 MB22:00.38
061 - O_Come_All_Ye_Faithful.mp33.6 MB22:00.56
062 - Mariah Carey - If it's over.mp33.5 MB22:01.12
063 - Beatles - Wonderfull christmas time.mp33.5 MB22:01.28
064 - Carpenters_I'll_Be_Home_For_Christmas.mp33.5 MB22:01.46
065 - Love_is_the_gift.mp33.5 MB22:02.02
066 - Frans Bauer - Kerst Stille Nacht.mp33.5 MB22:02.18
067 - Mariah Carey - Jesus born on this day.mp33.4 MB22:02.34
068 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp33.4 MB22:02.52
069 - Santa_baby.mp33.4 MB22:03.08
069. Boudewijn de Groot - Meester Prikkebeen.mp32.6 MB22:03.22
06_The Star Of Bethlehem.mp31.7 MB20:00.24
06_johnny_cash_-_what_chils_is_this-mst.mp33.9 MB20:00.16
07 Merry Christmas Everyone.mp33.4 MB20:03.46
07 - Al Green - It Feels Like Christmas.mp33.3 MB20:01.52
07 - All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth).mp32.3 MB20:02.00
07 - Andre Rieu - Sleigh Ride.mp36.7 MB19:25.16
07 - Away In A Manger.mp33.8 MB20:02.20
07 - Bethlehem Riot - Northpole Gangster.mp33.8 MB20:02.38
07 - Boney M - Petit Papa Noel.mp3991 KB05:25.06
07 - Boris Gardiner - The Meaning Of Christmas.mp34.2 MB20:03.00
07 - Frank Sinatra - Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!.mp32.4 MB20:03.08
07 - Holiday On Skis.mp32.3 MB20:03.18
07 - It Came Upon The Midnight Clear.mp32.4 MB20:03.32
07 - New Kids On The Block - Little Drummer Boy.mp33.9 MB20:04.06
07 - Winter Wonderland.mp31.8 MB20:04.14
07 Ave Verum.mp32.7 MB20:04.40
07 Celine Dion - I Met An Angel.mp33.1 MB20:04.54
07 Chanson de Noel - Ave Maria (Schubert) - Nana Mouskouri.mp33.6 MB20:05.10
07 Christian Anders - stell' ein licht in dein herz.mp33.0 MB20:05.26
07 I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp32.3 MB20:05.38
07 Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling.mp31.6 MB20:05.46
07 Navidad.mp33.8 MB20:06.02
07 Schwarzmeer Kosaken Chor - oh du fröhliche.mp34.4 MB20:06.26
07 [Udo Jürgens] Ach Papi, geh' doch heuer nicht auf die Weihnachtsfeier (2003).mp32.4 MB20:04.26
07-Alle Jahre wieder.mp32.2 MB20:07.50
07-halle_orchestra_and_chor_-_we_wish_you_a_merry_christmas-awake.mp31.5 MB20:07.58
07-michael_buble-santa_baby.mp33.6 MB20:08.14
07-robin_gibb--the_first_noel-oma.mp34.4 MB20:08.36
07-rosemary_clooney-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas.mp33.8 MB20:08.56
07-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_concerto-fntx.mp3991 KB18:15.40
07. Christmas Concerto.mp3665 KB20:06.30
07. Little Snowflakes.mp33.6 MB20:06.46
07. Mitchell Ayres And His Orchestra - Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town - 1959 Version.mp36.2 MB14:36.30
07. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.mp32.1 MB20:07.06
07.Met kerstmis Ben Ik Weer Thuis.mp32.7 MB20:07.22
070 - The_Christmas_song.mp33.4 MB22:03.40
071 - kerst - Frans Bauer & Div. Artiesten - Een heel gelukkig kerstfeest.mp33.4 MB22:04.00
072 - Mariah Carey - Silent night.mp33.4 MB22:04.18
073 - Carol_of_the_Bells.mp33.4 MB22:04.34
074 - Sleigh_Ride jazz.mp33.4 MB22:04.50
075 - Christmas - Celine Dion - F.mp33.4 MB22:05.06
076 - The_Christmas_Song1.mp33.4 MB22:05.22
077 - Carpenters_Christmas_Song.mp33.4 MB22:05.36
078 - Fourplay_Snowbound_The Ivy Variations.mp33.3 MB22:05.54
079 - Hark,_The_Herald_Angels_Sing_-_Mahalia_Jackson.mp33.3 MB22:06.10
07_Deck The Hall With Boughs Of Holly.mp31.4 MB20:07.28
07_dr_john_and_leon_redbone_-_frosty_the_snowman-mst.mp31.8 MB20:07.38
08 - (Everybody's Waitin' For) The Man With The Bag.mp32.5 MB20:09.06
08 - Andre Rieu - White Christmas.mp36.1 MB19:25.36
08 - Boney M - Darkness is Failling (Es wird scho' glei' dum.mp31.7 MB05:25.44
08 - Die Toggo 5 - My Wish For Christmas.mp32.7 MB20:09.20
08 - Do You Believe In Santa Claus.mp32.3 MB20:09.28
08 - Here Is Christmas.mp34.1 MB20:09.48
08 - Let Is Snow! Let It Snow! Let Is Snow!.mp31.2 MB20:09.54
08 - Lets Be Jolly - Critical Mass.mp33.8 MB20:10.12
08 - Modern Talking - It's Christmas.mp33.6 MB20:10.28
08 - Nina Hagen - Ave Maria.mp35.0 MB20:10.50
08 - O du Froehliche-Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp32.5 MB20:11.02
08 - Ronan Keating (ft. Moira Brennan) - Fairytale Of New York.mp34.4 MB20:11.22
08 - The Christmas Waltz.mp32.4 MB20:11.34
08 - The Pogues & Kirsty Mccoll - Fairytale Of New York.mp34.2 MB20:11.54
08 Am Weihnachtsbaum Die Lichter Bre.mp31.8 MB20:12.54
08 Be A Child At Christmas Time.mp32.1 MB20:13.06
08 Britney Spears - My Only Wish (This Year)(1).mp33.9 MB20:13.22
08 Die Wiener Sangerknaben - still, still, still.mp31.9 MB20:13.32
08 Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp32.5 MB20:13.46
08 Mary Roos - sterntaler.mp32.9 MB20:14.00
08 White Christman.mp33.1 MB20:14.14
08 White Christmas.mp32.5 MB20:14.26
08 [Udo Jürgens] Eisblumen.mp33.1 MB20:12.46
08-Süßer die Glocken.mp32.8 MB20:17.14
08-The Platters _ White Christmas.mp32.3 MB20:17.26
08-bobby_helms-jingle_bells.mp32.3 MB20:16.32
08-das_kleine_konzert_unter_hermann_max_-_pifa_as_der_messias-awake.mp32.2 MB20:16.44
08-michael_buble-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas.mp33.5 MB20:17.00
08-trans_siberian_orchestra-queen_of_the_winter_night-fntx.mp32.9 MB20:17.40
08-vince_bahrdt--you_are-oma.mp34.7 MB20:18.02
08. Queen of the Winter Night.mp32.9 MB20:14.42
08. Harry Belafonte - Mary's Boy Child.mp310.0 MB14:36.30
08. Little Drummer Boy ( Peace On Earth ).mp32.6 MB20:15.14
08. Lonely Christmas Night.mp33.4 MB20:15.28
08. Rob Van Daal - Wees Mijn Kerstmis.mp33.0 MB20:15.42
08.De Kerstboom.mp32.5 MB20:15.56
080 - Boney M - O Christmas Tree.mp32.6 MB22:06.38
081 - Beatles - Happy Xmas.mp33.3 MB22:06.54
082 - Elvis Presley - Lonely this christmas.mp33.3 MB22:07.10
083 - kerst-frans bauer- Ik droom van een kerstfeest.mp33.3 MB22:07.26
084 - Rosemary_Clooney_-_Count_Your_Blessings_Instead_Of_Sheep.mp33.3 MB22:07.42
085 - Carpenters_First_Snowfall_-_Let_It_Snow.mp33.3 MB22:07.56
086 - Fourplay_Snowbound_Away In A Manger.mp33.2 MB22:08.14
087 - 98 Degrees - Silent Night.mp32.6 MB22:08.24
088 - We wish you a merry christmas.mp33.2 MB22:08.40
089 - White_Christmas.mp33.2 MB22:08.56
08_Ave Maria.mp32.7 MB20:16.10
08_peggy_lee_-_winter_wonderland-mst.mp31.8 MB20:16.20
09 - Amours Éternals (Midnight In Moscow).mp34.0 MB20:18.20
09 - And A Wappie New Year - Buzz Fuzz.mp33.7 MB20:18.38
09 - Andre Rieu - Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.mp32.4 MB20:18.50
09 - Boney M - Joy To The World.mp31.5 MB12:23.08
09 - Cliff Richard - Mistletoe & Wine.mp33.6 MB20:19.30
09 - O Holy Night.mp34.4 MB20:19.52
09 - Pasion Fruit - I´m Dreaming Of ... A Winter Wonderland.mp33.6 MB20:20.08
09 - Paul McCartney & Wings - Wonderful Christmas Time.mp33.4 MB20:20.24
09 - Run Dmc - Christmas In Hollis.mp32.8 MB20:20.38
09 - White Christmas.mp32.0 MB20:20.48
09 Bata Illic - weihnacht überall.mp32.6 MB20:21.18
09 Bryam Adams - Christmas Time.mp33.7 MB20:21.34
09 Linda & Peter Orloff - am weihnachtsbaum die lichtlein brennen.mp31.6 MB20:21.42
09 Morgen, Kinder, Wird_s Was Geben.mp31.7 MB20:21.50
09 Sankt Niklas war ein Seemann.mp33.4 MB20:22.08
09 Toyland.mp32.8 MB20:22.22
09 Weihnachtsglocken.mp32.9 MB20:22.36
09 [Udo Jürgens] Nächstes Jahr wird alles anders.mp33.6 MB20:21.04
09-My Lords Prayer.mp32.7 MB20:25.00
09-brook_benton-this_time_of_the_year.mp32.3 MB20:24.34
09-michael_buble-christmas_(baby_please_come_home).mp32.9 MB20:24.46
09-rheinische_kantorei_und_das_kleine_konzert_unter_hermann_max_-_halleluja_aus_der_messias-awake.mp33.2 MB20:25.16
09-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_nights_in_blue-fntx.mp33.9 MB20:25.36
09. Christmas Nights in Blue.mp33.9 MB20:22.54
09. (Simply Having) A Wonderful Christmas Time.mp33.5 MB20:23.12
09. Andy Williams - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.mp35.7 MB14:36.30
09. The Christmas Waltz.mp32.6 MB20:23.36
09.Ga Tot Hem.mp32.6 MB20:23.48
090 - Christmas_Time_Is_Here.mp33.2 MB22:09.24
091 - Crystal Gayle - What child is this.mp33.2 MB22:09.38
092 - Mahalia_Jackson_-_Away_In_A_Manger.mp33.2 MB22:09.52
093 - The twelve days of christmas.mp33.2 MB22:10.06
094 - Mariah Carey - Santa Claus is comin to town.mp33.2 MB22:10.20
095 - Santa_Claus_is_coming_to_town.mp33.2 MB22:10.36
096 - Sleigh_ride.mp33.1 MB22:10.52
097 - Brenda Lee - O come all ye faithful.mp33.1 MB22:11.08
098 - The_Drifters_-_Oh_Holy_Night.mp33.1 MB22:11.24
09_Slumber My Darling.mp33.8 MB20:24.20
09_dean_martin_-_a_marschmallow_world-mst.mp32.6 MB20:24.02
10 Blue Christmas.mp32.5 MB20:26.02
10 - Blanca Navidad (White Christmas).mp33.1 MB20:25.50
10 - Boney M - White Christmas.mp31.9 MB12:24.02
10 - Die Lollipops - Morgen Kinder Wird´s Was Geben.mp33.2 MB20:26.18
10 - Harry Belafonte - Mary's Boy Child.mp32.7 MB20:26.30
10 - I Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.mp32.5 MB20:26.42
10 - Jets - This Christmas.mp32.6 MB20:26.56
10 - Rudolph the red-nosed Reindeer.mp32.2 MB20:27.24
10 - Rudolph, The Red-nosed Reindeer.mp32.7 MB20:27.38
10 - Santa Comes Tonight - The Silverbelly's.mp33.7 MB20:27.56
10 - Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone.mp33.4 MB20:28.12
10 - Vanessa Williams & Bobby Caldwell - Baby, It´s Cold Outside.mp33.8 MB20:28.28
10 - White Christmas.mp31.5 MB20:28.36
10 Ave Maria.mp33.4 MB20:29.08
10 Christmas Present.mp32.6 MB20:29.20
10 Gitta & Erika - es weihnachtet sehr.mp32.6 MB20:29.32
10 Ivan Rebroff - oh heiland reiß´ die himmel auf.mp32.0 MB20:29.42
10 Kommet Ihr Hirten.mp32.2 MB20:29.54
10 Still, still, still.mp32.7 MB20:30.06
10 Süßer Die Glocken Nie Klingen.mp32.7 MB20:30.20
10 [Udo Jürgens] Es werde Licht.mp34.9 MB19:58.52
10-Zu Bethlehem geboren.mp32.9 MB20:33.14
10-anneliese_rothenberger_-_oh_du_froehliche-awake.mp33.2 MB20:32.08
10-lynn_anderson_-_the_first_noel ( MB20:32.36
10-michael_buble-silent_night.mp33.5 MB20:32.52
10-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_jazz-fntx.mp32.1 MB20:33.02
10. Christmas Jazz.mp32.1 MB20:30.28
10. Do You Hear What I Hear.mp32.5 MB20:30.40
10. Happy Xmas (War Is Over).mp33.2 MB20:30.56
10. The Ames Brothers - Good King Wenceslas.mp35.2 MB14:36.30
10.Zij,die Ontbreekt.mp33.3 MB20:31.22
100 - God rest ye merry gentleman - Harry Hussey.mp33.1 MB00:26.24
101 - Boney M - Christmas Medley.mp34.5 MB05:17.36
101 - Kerst- Corry Konings - Laat één klein kaarsje.mp33.0 MB01:22.14
101 een klein gezellig kerstfeest.mp33.6 MB13:06.28
101--wham_-_last_christmas_single_version-mst.mp36.8 MB13:10.00
101-bing_crosby-white_christmas.mp32.4 MB13:32.42
101-dean_martin-let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow.mp32.4 MB12:14.04
101-john_and_yoko_and_the_plastic_ono_band_with_the_harlem_community_choir_-_happy_xmas_(war_is_over)-gti.mp35.0 MB06:43.22
101-john_lennon_and_yoko_ono-happy_x-mas_(war_is_over).mp37.5 MB11:18.40
101-john_lennon_and_yoko_ono_-_happy_xmas_(war_is_over)-utb.mp33.5 MB22:22.48
101-john_lennon_and_yoko_ono_band_-_with_the_harlem_community_choir_happy_xmas_(war_is_over).mp34.8 MB00:48.54
101-nat_king_cole-o_come_all_ye_faithful.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
101-stradella_chill_out_music_group--let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-oma.mp36.5 MB00:48.28
101-va-queen_-_thank_god_its_christmas-b2r.mp36.7 MB20:27.34
101_wham_-_last_christmas-mod.mp36.0 MB10:55.52
101_wiener_saengerknaben_-_stille_nacht_heilige_nacht.mp34.6 MB14:29.18
102 - Rosemary_Clooney_-_The_Christmas_Song.mp33.0 MB23:02.30
102 kerstmis van weleer.mp36.5 MB13:07.08
102--melanie_thornton_-_wonderful_dream_holidays_are_coming_radio_version-mst.mp35.9 MB13:11.00
102-brenda_lee-rockin_around_the_christmas_tree.mp32.8 MB13:32.14
102-chris_rea-driving_home_for_christmas.mp37.6 MB11:18.40
102-cliff_richard_-_saviours_day-gti.mp37.8 MB21:42.00
102-frank_sinatra-jingle_bells.mp32.2 MB03:54.00
102-johnny_mercer-jingle_bells.mp31.1 MB12:14.04
102-norah_jones_-_peace-utb.mp34.0 MB22:22.54
102-stradella_chill_out_music_group--it_came_upon_the_midnight_clear-oma.mp33.9 MB00:48.30
102-va-chris_rea_-_driving_home_for_christmas-b2r.mp36.0 MB20:03.54
102-wham_-_last_christmas.mp35.8 MB00:50.14
102. Rene Froger - Winter In America.mp39.5 MB15:12.46
102_melanie_thornton_-_wonderful_dream_(holidays_are_coming)-mod.mp32.2 MB10:56.50
103 - Hark,_The_Herald_Angels_Sing.mp33.0 MB01:29.36
103 nowell.mp35.1 MB13:07.40
103--christina_aguilera_-_oh_holy_night_album_version-mst.mp36.3 MB13:11.00
103-de_nattergale-the_stoevle_dance.mp35.2 MB11:18.40
103-dean_martin-baby_its_cold_outside.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
103-kylie_-_santa_baby.mp34.0 MB00:49.06
103-max_bygraves-jingle_bell_rock.mp32.8 MB13:32.16
103-paul_mccartney_-_wonderful_christmastime-gti.mp35.9 MB06:43.34
103-ray_anthony-christmas_trumpets_we_wish_you_a_merry_christmas_(medley).mp36.5 MB12:14.06
103-stradella_chill_out_music_group--bring_a_torch_jeanette_isabella-oma.mp34.3 MB00:48.30
103-u2_-_christmas_(baby_please_come_home)-utb.mp33.7 MB22:22.56
103-va-jamie_cullum_-_next_year_baby-b2r.mp36.9 MB20:08.38
103_christina_aguilera_-_oh_holy_night-mod.mp36.6 MB10:58.02
104 thuis voor kerstmis.mp35.9 MB13:08.16
104--destinys_child_featuring_solange_-_little_drummer_boy_album_version-mst.mp35.3 MB13:11.00
104-band_aid_ii-do_they_know_its_christmas.mp38.5 MB11:18.38
104-dickie_valentine-christmas_alphabet.mp32.2 MB13:32.16
104-ella_fitzgerald-silent_night.mp32.5 MB12:14.06
104-elton_john_-_step_into_christmas.mp36.3 MB00:50.32
104-gavin_degraw_-_silver_bells-utb.mp33.8 MB22:23.00
104-stradella_chill_out_music_group--the_holly_and_the_ivy-oma.mp32.3 MB00:48.32
104-the_beach_boys_-_little_saint_nick-gti.mp32.9 MB06:43.36
104-tony_bennett-my_favorite_things.mp34.8 MB03:54.00
104-va-the_moody_blues_-_dont_need_a_reindeer-b2r.mp36.3 MB20:12.36
104_destinys_child_-_little_drummer_boy-mod.mp35.0 MB10:58.54
105 wit kerstfeest.mp34.9 MB13:08.46
105--r._kelly_-_world_christmas_album_version-mst.mp35.8 MB13:12.00
105-andy_williams-its_the_most_wonderful_time_of_the_year.mp33.5 MB03:54.00
105-boney_m_-_marys_boy_child.mp36.5 MB00:50.52
105-connie_francis-winter_wonderland.mp33.8 MB13:32.18
105-drengene_fra_angora-jul_i_angora.mp36.8 MB11:18.38
105-lena_horne-santa_claus_is_comin_to_town.mp33.2 MB12:14.06
105-mud_-_lonely_this_christmas-utb.mp33.5 MB22:23.02
105-stradella_chill_out_music_group--angels_we_have_heard_on_high-oma.mp35.7 MB00:48.32
105-va-paul_mccartney_-_wonderful_christmas_time-b2r.mp36.1 MB20:16.22
105-wizzard_-_i_wish_it_could_be_christmas_everyday-gti.mp36.7 MB06:43.32
105_r._kelly_-_world_christmas-mod.mp35.5 MB10:59.54
106 ben met kerstmis.mp35.3 MB13:09.22
106--celine_dion_-_i_met_an_angel_on_christmas_day-mst.mp35.2 MB13:12.00
106-bing_crosby-silver_bells.mp33.5 MB03:54.00
106-bryan_adams_-_christmas_time-utb.mp34.9 MB22:23.04
106-cliff_richard-21st_century_christmas.mp37.8 MB11:18.38
106-norah_jones-peace.mp34.3 MB12:14.08
106-spice_girls_-_christmas_wrapping-gti.mp36.4 MB06:43.48
106-tommy_steele-must_be_santa.mp32.2 MB13:32.18
106-va-stacie_orrico_-_o_come_all_ye_faithful-b2r.mp36.1 MB00:16.30
106_celine_dion_-_i_met_an_angel_(on_christmas_day)-mod.mp34.6 MB11:00.56
107 - Carpenters_Christ_Is_Born.mp33.0 MB21:08.54
107 stop de cavalerie.mp34.2 MB13:09.48
107--bruce_springsteen_-_santa_claus_is_comin_to_town-mst.mp35.9 MB13:12.00
107-christina_aguilera_-_the_christmas_song-utb.mp34.4 MB22:23.06
107-elvis_presley_-_ill_be_home_for_christmas.mp34.7 MB00:49.22
107-engelbert_humperdinck-winter_world_of_love.mp34.3 MB13:32.18
107-johnny_mathis-its_beginning_to_look_a_lot_like_christmas.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
107-jona_lewie_-_stop_the_cavalry-gti.mp33.9 MB06:43.42
107-julie_london-warm_december.mp31.7 MB12:14.08
107-otto_brandenburg-soeren_banjomus.mp36.1 MB11:18.38
107-stradella_chill_out_music_group--away_in_a_manger-oma.mp34.5 MB00:48.34
107-va-the_band_-_christmas_must_be_tonight-b2r.mp35.3 MB20:23.58
107_bruce_springsteen_-_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town-mod.mp36.2 MB11:02.00
108 - kerst - O Denneboom - Marianne Weber.mp33.0 MB19:16.20
108 winterwonderland.mp33.6 MB13:10.10
108--cyndi_lauper_-_december_child_album_version-mst.mp34.0 MB13:12.00
108-cartoons-santa_claus_is_coming_to_town.mp35.2 MB11:18.38
108-jack_jones-do_you_hear_what_i_hear.mp34.0 MB13:32.18
108-katie_melua_-_nine_million_bicycles-utb.mp33.0 MB22:23.08
108-kylie_minogue_-_santa_baby-gti.mp34.4 MB06:41.54
108-ronan_keating_-_fairytale_of_new_york.mp36.6 MB00:51.14
108-twila_paris-i_saw_three_ships.mp36.0 MB12:14.08
108-va-wizzard_-_i_wish_it_could_be_christmas_everyday-b2r.mp36.8 MB19:10.30
108_cyndi_lauper_-_december_child-mod.mp34.4 MB11:02.46
109 - Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr - Jingle bells.mp33.0 MB23:41.46
109 bethlehem.mp34.7 MB13:10.42
109--mariah_carey_-_all_i_want_for_christmas_is_you_album_version-mst.mp36.4 MB13:10.00
109-dean_martin_-_winter_wonderland-gti.mp32.6 MB06:43.48
109-judy_garland-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas.mp32.5 MB03:54.00
109-les_baxter-santa_claus_party.mp32.0 MB12:14.10
109-mary_j._blige_-_someday_at_christmas-utb.mp32.9 MB22:23.10
109-michael_falch-taend_december.mp37.6 MB11:18.36
109-slade_-_merry_xmas_everybody.mp34.9 MB00:51.28
109-stradella_chill_out_music_group--we_wish_you_a_merry_christmas-oma.mp33.5 MB00:48.36
109-va-the_jackson_5_-_frosty_the_snowman-b2r.mp34.3 MB19:08.40
109_mariah_carey_-_all_i_want_for_christmas_is_you-mod.mp35.5 MB11:03.48
10Elvis Presley - Santa Claus Is Back In Town.mp32.2 MB20:32.18
10_Gesu Bambino.mp33.3 MB20:31.40
10_lou_rawls_-_the_first_noel-mst.mp32.5 MB20:31.52
11 - 98° - This Gift.mp33.8 MB20:33.46
11 - A White X-Mas - Funny Gabber Greaks.mp34.0 MB20:34.04
11 - Air Supply - Eyes Of A Child.mp34.2 MB20:34.24
11 - Ave Maria.mp36.0 MB20:34.52
11 - Baby, It's Cold Outside.mp32.2 MB20:35.02
11 - Boney M - Jingle Bells.mp31.6 MB20:35.10
11 - Cliff Richard - Mistletoe And Wine.mp33.7 MB20:35.26
11 - Felix D. Feat. Sebastian Bach - Hoerst Du Die Weihnachtsmaenner Husten.mp31.9 MB20:35.34
11 - Hot Chocolate - Brand New Christmas.mp34.0 MB20:35.54
11 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus_Jingle Bells.mp34.3 MB20:36.16
11 - Marshmallow World [#].mp32.5 MB20:36.26
11 - Por El Valle De Rosas.mp32.6 MB20:36.38
11 - Sleigh Ride.mp32.5 MB20:36.52
11 Christian Blum - morgen kommt der weihnachtsmann.mp31.5 MB20:37.12
11 Ihr Kinderlein, Kommet.mp32.3 MB20:37.22
11 It´s the most Wonderful Time of the Year.mp32.5 MB20:37.34
11 Jonny Hill - zuhause brennt ein lichtbaum.mp32.8 MB20:37.48
11 Morgen, Kinder, wirds was geben.mp32.9 MB20:38.02
11 Petit Papa Noel.mp32.4 MB20:38.14
11 The Christmas Waltz.mp32.6 MB20:38.26
11 [Udo Jürgens] Leise rieselt der Schnee (2003).mp32.4 MB20:37.04
11-enzo_stuarti-ave_maria.mp32.7 MB20:40.24
11-michael_buble-blue_christmas.mp33.4 MB20:40.40
11-toelzer_knabenchor_-_da_drobn_auf_dem_berge-awake.mp34.3 MB20:41.02
11-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_jam-fntx.mp33.5 MB20:41.20
11. Christmas Jam.mp33.5 MB20:39.00
11. 2000 Miles.mp33.4 MB20:38.42
11. Jimmy Boyd - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.mp35.7 MB14:36.30
11. Weihnachten Im Hafen.mp32.1 MB20:39.20
11.Als De Kaarsjes Branden.mp32.9 MB20:39.34
11.Est ist ein' rose entsprungen.Demis Roussos.Silent Night.Kerstmis.mp3885 KB20:39.38
110 - White_Christmas jazz.mp32.9 MB23:31.32
110 vergeven niet vergeten.mp36.4 MB13:11.22
110--macy_gray_-_winter_wonderland_album_version-mst.mp33.0 MB13:12.00
110-aled_jones-in_the_bleak_midwinter.mp35.4 MB13:32.20
110-andy_williams_-_happy_holidays-gti.mp32.1 MB06:43.48
110-band_aid_-_do_they_know_its_christmas-utb.mp35.1 MB22:23.14
110-ella_fitzgerald-rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer.mp33.7 MB03:54.00
110-frankie_goes_to_hollywood-the_power_of_love.mp310.8 MB11:18.36
110-mel_and_kim_-_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree.mp35.4 MB00:51.44
110-va-jose_feliciano_-_feliz_navidad-b2r.mp35.1 MB19:03.18
110-wayne_newton-the_little_drummer_boy.mp35.0 MB12:14.10
110_macy_gray_-_winter_wonderland-mod.mp34.0 MB11:04.38
111 - Please_come_home_for_Christmas.mp32.9 MB21:30.16
111 daklozen en engelen.mp35.6 MB13:11.58
111--art_garfunkel_-_o_come_all_ye_faithful-mst.mp32.7 MB13:12.00
111-al_martino-silver_bells.mp34.6 MB12:14.12
111-chris_rea_-_driving_home_for_christmas.mp35.5 MB00:52.00
111-gene_autry-frosty_the_snowman.mp32.7 MB03:54.00
111-gnags-der_sidder_to_nisser.mp36.3 MB11:18.36
111-michael_ball-ave_maria.mp33.8 MB13:32.20
111-nat_king_cole_-_frosty_the_snowman-gti.mp32.1 MB06:39.04
111-the_beachboys_-_little_saint_nick-utb.mp33.5 MB22:23.16
111-va-cliff_richard_-_mistletoe_and_wine-b2r.mp35.5 MB19:11.48
111_art_garfunkel_-_o_come_all_ye_faithful-mod.mp32.9 MB11:05.10
112 het kerstlied.mp33.7 MB13:12.22
112--chris_norman_-_marys_boy_child_album_version-mst.mp35.2 MB13:12.00
112-bing_crosby-david_bowie_-_peace_on_earth-little_drummer_boy-gti.mp32.5 MB06:42.42
112-bryan_adams_-_christmas_time.mp35.8 MB00:52.16
112-chris_rea_-_driving_home_for_christmas-utb.mp34.3 MB22:23.18
112-lou_rawls-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas.mp32.9 MB12:14.12
112-mel_and_kim-rockin_around_the_christmas_tree.mp37.4 MB11:18.36
112-peggy_lee-little_drummer_boy.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
112-peters_and_lee-marys_boy_child.mp36.6 MB13:32.42
112-va-slade_-_merry_xmas_everybody-b2r.mp35.5 MB19:11.10
112_chris_norman_-_marys_boy_child-mod.mp35.1 MB11:06.04
113--shawn_colvin_-_i_dont_need_anything_this_christmas-mst.mp35.3 MB13:12.00
113-aled_jones_-_walking_in_the_air-gti.mp34.6 MB06:43.50
113-burl_ives-santa_claus_is_comin_to_town.mp33.0 MB03:54.00
113-doug_ashdown_-_winter_in_america-utb.mp34.8 MB22:23.22
113-harry_secombe-once_in_royal_davids_city.mp35.9 MB13:32.22
113-rebecca_st_james-happy_christmas_(war_is_over).mp35.0 MB12:14.12
113-roy_wood_and_wizzard_-_i_wish_it_could_be_christmas_everyday.mp36.3 MB00:52.32
113-sanne_salomonsen_og_nikolaj_steen-vi_lover_hinanden.mp38.7 MB11:18.34
113-stradella_chill_out_music_group--here_we_come_a_caroling-oma.mp36.2 MB00:48.40
113-va-jethro_tull_-_ring_out_solstice_bells-b2r.mp34.9 MB19:09.50
113_shawn_colvin_-_i_dont_need_anything_this_christmas-mod.mp35.2 MB11:06.54
114-billie-last_christmas.mp38.5 MB11:18.34
114-cliff_richard_-_mistletoe_and_wine-gti.mp35.2 MB06:43.20
114-diana_ross_and_the_supremes_-_santa_claus_is_coming_to_town.mp34.0 MB00:49.30
114-ella_fitzgerald-the_first_noel.mp32.3 MB12:14.14
114-louis_armstrong-winter_wonderland.mp32.8 MB03:54.00
114-stradella_chill_out_music_group--oh_little_town_of_bethlehem-oma.mp36.8 MB00:48.42
114-trijntje_oosterhuis_and_candy_dulfer_-_merry_christmas_bab-utb.mp34.8 MB22:23.24
114-va-billie_-_last_christmas-b2r.mp37.1 MB19:07.20
115--nsync_-_i_dont_wanna_spend_one_more_christmas_without_you_album_version-mst.mp35.6 MB13:12.00
115-hot_chocolate_-_brand_new_christmas.mp35.3 MB00:52.48
115-johnny_cash-blue_christmas.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
115-michael_mcdonald_-_white_christmas_winter_wonderland-utb.mp33.2 MB22:23.26
115-mud_-_lonely_this_christmas-gti.mp34.6 MB06:42.16
115-smokey_robinson_and_the_miracles-away_in_a_manger.coventry_carol.mp33.9 MB13:32.08
115-tamra_rosanes-i_saw_mommy_kissing_santa_claus.mp36.2 MB11:18.34
115-va-band_aid_-_do_they_know_is_christmas-b2r.mp35.6 MB19:10.12
116 - Holy_Night.mp32.9 MB01:43.28
116--babyface_-_have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas_album_version-mst.mp34.1 MB13:12.00
116-aaron_neville-please_come_home_for_christmas.mp33.8 MB13:32.08
116-bossen_og_bumsen-op_til_jul.mp37.5 MB11:18.34
116-brenda_lee-jingle_bell_rock.mp33.1 MB03:54.00
116-dean_martin_and_martina_mcbride_-_baby_its_cold_outside.mp34.1 MB00:49.40
116-jose_feliciano_-_feliz_navidad-utb.mp33.5 MB22:23.28
116-spice_girls_-_sleigh_ride-gti.mp34.6 MB06:43.34
116-va-faith_evans_-_soulful_christmas-b2r.mp34.5 MB19:11.48
116_babyface_-_have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas-mod.mp34.8 MB11:09.56
117 - Andre Hazes - Eenzame kerst.mp32.9 MB10:09.10
117--luther_vandross_-_this_is_christmas_album_version-mst.mp36.8 MB13:11.00
117-bing_crosby_-_white_christmas.mp32.5 MB00:49.46
117-jackson_five-frosty_the_snowman.mp34.4 MB13:32.10
117-jamelia_-_last_christmas-gti.mp33.7 MB06:43.50
117-kelly_clarkson_-_oh_holy_night-utb.mp33.5 MB22:23.32
117-sammy_davis_jr.-jingle_bells.mp33.8 MB11:18.32
117-the_chipmunks-chipmunk_song_(christmas_dont_be_late).mp33.2 MB03:54.00
117-va-mindi_abair_-_i_cant_wait_for_christmas-b2r.mp34.4 MB19:07.32
117_luther_vandross_-_this_is_christmas-mod.mp36.5 MB11:11.18
118 - White Christmas.mp32.9 MB18:52.26
118--jose_feliciano_-_feliz_navidad_album_version-mst.mp34.8 MB13:12.00
118-band_aid_-_do_they_know_its_christmas.mp35.3 MB00:53.02
118-gunnertoft_gospel_singers-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas_(feat._erann_dd).mp36.6 MB11:18.32
118-paul_mccartney_and_the_frog_chorus_-_we_all_stand_together-gti.mp36.1 MB06:43.46
118-stevie_wonder_-_what_christmas_means_to_me-utb.mp33.2 MB22:23.34
118-temptations-rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer.mp34.2 MB13:32.22
118-va-dave_koz_-_december_makes_me_feel_this_way-b2r.mp34.6 MB19:06.58
118_jose_feliciano_-_feliz_navidad-mod.mp34.2 MB11:12.02
119 - Carpenters_Merry_Christmas_Darling.mp32.8 MB21:04.12
119-boney_m_-_marys_boy_child-utb.mp34.9 MB22:23.36
119-johnny_logan_-_whats_another_year.mp34.3 MB00:49.52
119-monrad_og_rislund-frokost_paa_kontoret_(jul_igen)_(remix).mp37.2 MB11:18.32
119-va-kate_winslet_-_what_if-b2r.mp35.7 MB19:10.14
119-wings_-_mull_of_kintyre-gti.mp36.4 MB06:43.04
11_The Angel (Vocalise).mp32.3 MB20:40.10
11_isaac_hayes_-_mistletoe_and_me-mst.mp33.6 MB20:39.56
12 - Andre Rieu - Jingle Bells.mp32.1 MB20:41.30
12 - Boney M - Feliz Navidad.mp31.4 MB12:26.08
12 - Chris Rea - Joys Of Christmas.mp34.7 MB20:41.54
12 - Christmas Kisses.mp31.8 MB20:42.02
12 - David Essex - A Winter's Tale.mp33.9 MB20:42.20
12 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp33.4 MB20:42.38
12 - Ihr Kinderlein Kommet.mp31.7 MB20:43.08
12 - Megaloid - Scott Brown.mp33.7 MB20:43.26
12 - Roy Black - Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus.mp33.0 MB20:43.40
12 - Shakin´Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone.mp33.4 MB20:43.54
12 - Silent Night.mp33.1 MB20:44.08
12 - Snowfall_Snowfall Cha-cha.mp34.1 MB20:44.26
12 - Volker Rosin - 24 Tuerchen.mp33.2 MB20:44.42
12 Adeste Fideles.mp32.4 MB20:45.12
12 Alle Jahre Wieder.mp31.3 MB20:45.18
12 Freddy Breck - die schlittenpost ist da.mp33.3 MB20:45.34
12 Lolita - der andachtsjodler (heut kommt die nacht).mp33.3 MB20:45.50
12 Michael Buble - The Christmas Song.mp33.9 MB20:46.10
12 Oh, du fröhliche.mp32.4 MB20:46.20
12 St.mp31.9 MB20:46.30
12 Winter Wonderland.mp32.7 MB20:46.44
12 [Udo Jürgens] Süßer die Glocken nie klingen (2003).mp33.8 MB20:45.00
12-Stille Nacht.mp33.0 MB20:48.58
12-michael_buble-cold_december_night.mp33.1 MB20:48.30
12-peter_seiffert_-_ave_maria-awake.mp32.5 MB20:48.42
12-the_lettermen-holy_night.mp34.1 MB20:49.18
12-trans_siberian_orchestra-siberian_sleigh_ride-fntx.mp32.9 MB20:49.32
12. Siberian Sleigh Ride.mp32.9 MB20:46.58
12. Frosty The Snowman.mp32.6 MB20:47.10
12. Gene Autry - Jingle Bells.mp34.5 MB14:36.30
12. Joy To The World.mp32.0 MB20:47.28
12.Nog Bedankt.mp33.3 MB20:47.44
120-abba_-_happy_new_year.mp35.9 MB00:53.20
120-matt_monro_-_when_a_child_is_born-gti.mp33.8 MB06:43.50
120-norah_jones-december.mp34.5 MB11:18.32
120-va-sinead_o_connor_-_silent_night_holy_night-b2r.mp34.5 MB19:08.48
120-venice_-_ashes_in_the_snow-utb.mp32.6 MB22:23.38
121-jeff_dunham_and_achmed_the_dead_terrorist-jingle_bombs.mp33.1 MB11:18.30
121-mel_and_kim_-_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree-gti.mp35.1 MB06:43.50
122 - Bing_Crosby_-_White_Christmas.mp32.8 MB22:06.02
122-the_snowmen_-_hokey_cokey-gti.mp32.1 MB06:43.18
124 - Mariah Carey - Hark the herald angels sing.mp32.8 MB19:48.34
125 - Rosemary_Clooney_&_Bing_Crosby_-_Silver_Bells.mp32.8 MB22:16.22
128 - It_Came_Upon_A_Midnight_Clear.mp32.8 MB01:32.24
129 - I_Saw_Mommy_Kissing_Santa_Claus_-_The_Drifters.mp32.8 MB20:21.06
12_Abends Will Ich Schlafen Gehen.mp33.2 MB20:48.02
12_ella_fritzgerald_-_the_christmas_song-mst.mp32.8 MB20:48.16
13 - Albert Hammond - Under The Christmas Tree.mp33.4 MB20:49.48
13 - Andre Rieu - Der Winter.mp32.0 MB20:49.58
13 - Auld Lang Syne - Christmas Time Is Here (Medley).mp33.8 MB20:50.14
13 - Bing Crosby - White Christmas.mp32.9 MB20:50.26
13 - Boney M - When A Child Is Born.mp31.9 MB12:27.10
13 - Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas.mp33.7 MB20:50.44
13 - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp32.6 MB20:50.58
13 - Holy Jungle Mess - pcp.mp33.2 MB20:51.12
13 - I'll Be Home For Christmas_Baby, It's Cold Outside.mp34.0 MB20:51.30
13 - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm [#].mp33.9 MB20:51.50
13 - Jingle Bell Rock.mp32.0 MB20:52.00
13 - Larissa - Oh Wei-Wei-Weihnachten.mp32.9 MB20:52.12
13 - Lou Reed - Xmas In February.mp32.7 MB20:52.26
13 - MUD - Lonely This Christmas.mp33.3 MB20:52.42
13 Costa Cordalis - genesis.mp32.1 MB20:53.32
13 Es wird schon gleich dunkel.mp32.5 MB20:53.44
13 If We Hold On Together.mp33.2 MB20:54.00
13 Oh, Tannenbaum.mp32.2 MB20:54.10
13 Ricky Martin - Ay,ay,ay Its Christmas.mp32.8 MB20:54.24
13 Snowfall.mp33.1 MB20:54.40
13 Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp32.4 MB20:54.50
13 Trio Alpin - jingle bells im herzen.mp33.2 MB20:55.06
13 [Udo Jürgens] Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht (2003).mp33.2 MB20:53.22
13-elisabeth_schwarzkopf_-_stille_nacht_heilige_nacht-awake.mp33.2 MB20:57.12
13-london_festival_orchestra-highlights_from_the_nutcracker_suite_overture.mp33.0 MB20:57.34
13-michael_buble-ill_be_home_for_christmas.mp34.1 MB20:57.58
13-trans_siberian_orchestra-what_is_christmas-fntx.mp32.6 MB20:58.16
13. What is Christmas¿.mp32.6 MB20:55.18
13. Johnny Cash - Little Drummer Boy.mp35.8 MB14:36.30
13. Mary Had A Baby.mp32.4 MB20:55.44
13. Winter Wonderland.mp32.3 MB20:55.56
13.Het Zal Spoedig Kerstmis Zijn.mp32.8 MB20:56.12
130 - White_Christmas_-_Bing_Crosby.mp32.8 MB20:08.28
132 Thomanerchor Leipzig-Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp35.2 MB12:08.04
133 Peter Keller, NDR-Das Weihnachtevangelium nach Lukas.mp32.9 MB12:08.20
134 - Andre Hazes - Eenzame kerst met Andrè Hazes - 12 - Stille nacht, Heilige nacht.mp32.7 MB10:25.06
135 - Auld lang Syne - Harry Hussey.mp32.7 MB00:41.32
135 Kinderchor Pueri Cantores-Freu Dich auf Erd' und Sternen.mp32.1 MB12:08.42
136 Dresdner Kreuzchor-Übers Gebirg Maria geht.mp32.8 MB12:08.58
137 - Silent_Night_-_Mahalia_Jackson.mp32.7 MB20:12.06
138 - Louis_Armstrong_-_Christmas_In_New_Orleans.mp32.7 MB22:55.14
138 Kinderchor Puerti Chantores-Zu Bethlehem geboren.mp32.3 MB12:09.16
139 - Carpenters_It's_Christmas_Time_-_Sleep_Well,_Little_Children.mp32.6 MB20:51.00
13_Halleluja.mp33.3 MB20:56.48
13_ferrante_and_teicher_-_white_christmas-mst.mp33.3 MB20:56.30
14 - All-4-One - Frosty The Snowman Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp33.7 MB20:58.40
14 - Aztec Camera - Walk Out To Winter.mp33.1 MB20:59.00
14 - Barclay James Harvest - Hymn.mp34.6 MB20:59.28
14 - Boney M - Little Drummer Boy.mp32.0 MB20:59.38
14 - Buon Natale (Means Merry Christmas To You).mp31.5 MB20:59.48
14 - Euter Of Vienna - Ilsa Gold.mp32.5 MB21:00.04
14 - Frosty The Snowman.mp31.9 MB21:00.12
14 - Jeg Er Saa Glad Hver Julekveld.mp31.1 MB21:00.18
14 - Michel Suljic - Ein Schneemann Steht Im Garten.mp32.1 MB21:00.28
14 - Steve Earl - Nothing But A Child.mp34.0 MB21:00.46
14 - What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.mp32.2 MB21:01.20
14 Andy Borg - stille nacht, heilige nacht.mp33.3 MB21:01.38
14 Dru Hill - This Is Christmas.mp33.8 MB21:01.54
14 Kastelruther Buam - oh tannenbaum.mp32.0 MB21:02.04
14 O Du Fröhliche.mp32.2 MB21:02.16
14 Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp34.1 MB21:02.34
14 White Christmas.mp32.5 MB21:02.46
14 Zucker fällt vom Himmel.mp33.3 MB21:03.02
14-anneliese_rothenberger_-_ihr_kinderlein_kommet-awake.mp32.0 MB21:04.34
14-michael_buble-ave_maria.mp33.7 MB21:04.50
14-philharmonic_chamber_orchestra-angels_we_have_heard_on_high.mp32.3 MB21:05.02
14-trans_siberian_orchestra-for_the_sake_of_our_brother-fntx.mp32.9 MB21:05.14
14. For the Sake of Our Brother.mp32.9 MB21:03.16
14. Andy Williams - Sleigh Ride.mp34.9 MB14:36.30
14. Jingle Bells.mp32.3 MB21:03.36
14. Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp32.3 MB21:03.48
14.Bim Bam.mp32.8 MB21:04.02
140 - Vera Lynn - The little boy that Santa Claus forgot.mp32.6 MB23:56.14
140 Heinrich Böll-Monolog eines Kellners.mp35.0 MB12:10.08
142 - O_Little_Town_Of_Bethlehem.mp32.6 MB01:34.02
143 - Swan_Silvertones_-_Go_Tell_It_On_The_Mountain.mp32.6 MB23:10.24
144 - Santa claus is coming to town - Harry Hussey.mp32.5 MB00:38.04
144 Karl-Heinz Waggerl-Worüber das Christkind lächeln muß.mp33.6 MB12:10.50
145 Thomanerchor Leipzig-Maria durch ein Dornwald ging.mp32.0 MB12:11.00
146 Orchester Konrad Plaicker-In Dulci Jubilo.mp32.2 MB12:11.12
147 - The_First_Noe1l.mp32.4 MB01:39.02
148 - Jingle bells - Harry Hussey.mp32.4 MB00:17.52
149 - Suzy_Snowflake_-_Rosemary_Clooney.mp32.4 MB20:36.46
14_The Tulip Song.mp32.2 MB21:04.22
14_sammy_davis_jr_and_carmen_mcrae_-_baby_its_cold_outside-mst.mp33.0 MB21:04.12
15 - Boney M - Mary's Boy Child-Oh My Lord.mp32.4 MB21:05.26
15 - Buenos Reyes.mp32.1 MB21:05.38
15 - Cha-cha All The Way.mp32.2 MB21:05.48
15 - Christmas Island.mp32.3 MB21:05.58
15 - Darts - White Christmas.mp32.3 MB21:06.10
15 - Kate Bush - December Will Be Magic Again.mp33.5 MB21:06.46
15 - Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you.mp33.7 MB21:07.04
15 - Mel & Kim - Rockin´Around The Christmas Tree.mp33.3 MB21:07.20
15 - Philis Und Mike - Oh Du Froehliche.mp33.7 MB21:07.36
15 - Sorry to See You Go.mp32.2 MB21:07.48
15 - X-Bell - X-Mess.mp34.3 MB21:08.08
15 Laß Uns Froh Und Munter Sein.mp31.7 MB21:08.18
15 Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It.mp32.9 MB21:08.32
15 Rosana - En Navidad.mp34.6 MB21:08.52
15 Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp32.7 MB21:09.22
15 Stille Nacht.mp33.6 MB21:09.08
15-celtic_woman_-_o_holy_night-awake.mp34.1 MB21:11.08
15-mahalia_jackson-silent_night.mp32.6 MB21:11.22
15-michael_buble-mis_deseos_felix_navidad_(duet_with_thalia).mp34.0 MB21:11.42
15-trans_siberian_orchestra-the_wisdom_of_snow-fntx.mp31.9 MB21:11.50
15. The Wisdom of Snow.mp31.9 MB21:09.32
15. December Will Be Magic Again.mp34.4 MB21:09.50
15. Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane).mp35.7 MB14:36.30
15. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp32.6 MB21:10.12
15.Kerstliedje.mp33.1 MB21:10.28
152 - Frank_Sinatra_-_Santa_Claus_Is_Coming_To_Town.mp32.4 MB23:08.44
153 - Kerst 06 Panflöten Weihnacht - Oh Du fröhliche.mp32.4 MB21:22.28
154 - Sleigh_Ride1.mp32.4 MB01:40.38
155 - Little_Drummer_Boy.mp32.4 MB01:35.28
157 - Carpenters_Ave_Maria.mp32.4 MB21:13.56
158 - The holy and the ivy - Harry Hussey.mp32.4 MB00:36.16
159 - 98 Degrees - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp32.4 MB14:18.18
15_Dendenra Ryu.mp31.9 MB21:10.36
15_perry_como_-_santa_claus_is_comming_to_town-mst.mp32.5 MB21:10.50
16 - Back To Bethlehem - Simstim.mp34.1 MB21:12.30
16 - Boney M - Auld Lang Syne.mp31.5 MB12:31.00
16 - Christmas Must Be Tonight.mp32.4 MB21:12.42
16 - Exotic Night.mp32.1 MB21:12.52
16 - José Feliciano - Feliz Navidad.mp32.8 MB21:13.06
16 - Rainer Wenzel - Es Schneit, Es Schneit!.mp32.4 MB21:13.42
16 - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You).mp32.9 MB21:13.56
16 3T - I Need You.mp33.9 MB21:12.08
16 Gloria, der Engel auf den Feldern.mp33.6 MB21:14.14
16 Jingle Bellls.mp32.3 MB21:14.24
16-gene_autry-frosty_the_snowman.mp31.8 MB21:16.12
16-michael_buble-the_christmas_song_(chestnuts_roasting_on_an_open_fire).mp34.0 MB21:16.30
16-rene_kollo_-_alle_jahre_wieder-awake.mp31.6 MB21:16.40
16-trans_siberian_orchestra-wish_liszt_(toy_shop_madness)-fntx.mp33.4 MB21:16.56
16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness).mp33.4 MB21:14.42
16. Bryam Adams - Christmas Time.mp33.9 MB21:14.54
16. Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas.mp34.9 MB14:36.30
16. White Christmas ( I'm Dreaming of ).mp33.4 MB21:15.18
16.Om Twaalf Uur.mp32.8 MB21:15.32
161 - Mahalia_Jackson_-_O_Little_Town_Of_Bethlehem.mp32.3 MB22:07.32
162 - Jingle_Bells_-_Rosemary_Clooney.mp32.3 MB20:10.04
163 - Dean Martin - I'll Be Home for Christmas.mp32.3 MB17:37.42
164 - Rosemary_Clooney_-_Little_Drummer_Boy.mp32.3 MB22:08.54
166 - Smurfen - Jinglebells.mp32.3 MB19:23.54
166 Freddy Quinn-Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen.mp32.2 MB12:19.06
167 Knut Kiesewetter-Weihnachten ist nicht weit.mp33.6 MB12:19.24
168 - Frank Sinatra, 06-Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.mp32.3 MB18:53.54
168 Volker Lechtenbrink-Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.5 MB12:19.36
169 Costa Cordalis-Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp32.8 MB12:19.50
16_We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp32.9 MB21:16.02
16_dion_-_pleace_come_home_for_christmas-mst.mp33.7 MB21:15.50
17 - Andre Rieu - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp36.2 MB19:29.42
17 - Child Liners - The Gift Of Christmas.mp33.7 MB21:17.14
17 - Christmas Can Be A Bitch Sometimes - Buzz Fuzz.mp34.1 MB21:17.34
17 - Happy Holiday.mp31.8 MB21:17.44
17 - Hay Que Sembrar En Navidad.mp33.9 MB21:18.02
17 - John Lennon - Happy Christmas (War is over).mp33.3 MB21:18.18
17 - Jumpy & Mungo Jerry - In Der Weihnachtszeit.mp32.6 MB21:18.30
17 Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp31.9 MB21:18.58
17-michael_buble-winter_wonderland.mp32.3 MB21:20.36
17-patti_labelle_and_bluebelles-winter_wonderland.mp31.8 MB21:20.44
17-trans_siberian_orchestra-back_to_a_reason_(part_ii)-fntx.mp34.5 MB21:21.04
17-wiener_saengerknaben_-_winter_wonderland-awake.mp31.9 MB21:21.14
17. Back to a Reason (Part II).mp34.5 MB21:19.20
17. Andy Williams - White Christmas.mp35.7 MB14:36.32
17. Feliz Navidad.mp34.0 MB21:19.52
17. Queen - Thank God it's Christmas.mp33.8 MB21:20.04
17.Kerstfeest In De Jordaan.mp32.6 MB21:20.18
170 - Please_Come_Home_-_The_Platters.mp32.2 MB20:18.04
170 Marlene Dietrich-Still war die Nacht.mp32.3 MB12:20.02
171 - Skeeter Davis - Rudoph the red nosed Reindeer.mp32.2 MB23:54.20
171 Heino-Weihnachten im Hafen.mp32.1 MB12:20.12
172 - Bing_Crosby_-_Adeste_Fideles.mp32.2 MB22:12.12
172 Jonny Hill-Der kleine Trommler.mp32.3 MB12:20.24
173 - Silent_Night.mp32.1 MB01:37.28
173 Knut Kiesewetter-Das Licht.mp33.0 MB12:20.40
174 - We wish you a merry christmas - Harry Hussey.mp32.1 MB00:39.34
174 Ilse Werner-O Tannenbaum.mp32.2 MB12:20.52
175 - The_Midnight_Strings_-_The_First_Noel.mp32.1 MB23:11.42
175 Julia Migenes-Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp32.9 MB12:21.06
176 - Mario_LAnza_-_Joy_To_The_World.mp32.1 MB23:13.02
176 Costa Cordalis-Süß singt der Engel Chor.mp33.2 MB12:21.22
177 - The_Drifters_-_Auld_Lang_Syne.mp32.0 MB23:17.44
177 Freddy Quinn-Der erste Schnee.mp33.3 MB12:21.40
178 - Carpenters_Christmas_Waltz.mp32.0 MB20:47.46
178 Ilse Werner-Jingle Bells.mp32.1 MB12:21.50
179 - Bing_Crosby_-_Rudolph_The_Red-Nosed_Raindeer.mp32.0 MB23:07.14
179 Esperenza-Zuhause brennt ein Lichterbaum.mp32.8 MB12:22.06
17_old_st_nicklas_-_jingle_bell_laugh-mst.mp31.3 MB21:20.24
18 - Elton John - Step Into Christmas.mp34.1 MB21:21.34
18 - Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant.mp31.2 MB21:21.42
18 - Its X-Mas - 3 Steps Ahead.mp33.7 MB21:22.00
18 - Loona - Navidad (Christmas).mp33.8 MB21:22.16
18 - Los Del Rio - Macarena Christmas.mp33.9 MB21:22.34
18 - Slade - Merry Christmas Everybody.mp33.4 MB21:22.52
18 - Sleigh Ride_Santa Claus' Party.mp34.0 MB21:23.10
18 Bald Nun Ist Weihnachtszeit.mp31.2 MB21:23.38
18 The Darkness - Christmas Time.mp33.2 MB21:23.52
18-london_symphony_orchestra_und_philippe_rombi_-_anna_et_nikolaus-awake.mp31.9 MB21:25.10
18-michael_buble-frosty_the_snowman_(feat._the_puppini_sisters).mp32.5 MB21:25.22
18-pat_boone-the_first_noel.mp34.6 MB21:25.38
18-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_bells_carousels_and_time-fntx.mp31009 KB21:25.44
18. Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time.mp31009 KB21:23.58
18. Harry Belafonte - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day.mp36.9 MB14:36.32
18. Merry Christmas Everyone.mp33.4 MB21:24.26
18.Hier In Ons Leven.mp32.7 MB21:24.40
180 - Winter_Wonderland.mp32.0 MB01:27.48
180 Knut Kiesewetter-Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen.mp33.1 MB12:22.22
181 - Jingle bell rock.mp32.0 MB19:01.20
181 René Kollo-O du fröhliche.mp32.3 MB12:22.34
182 - Ding dong merrily on high - Harry Hussey.mp32.0 MB00:34.34
183 - Jolly_Old_St.Nicholas.mp32.0 MB01:46.52
184 - Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas.mp31.9 MB21:35.14
185 - The_Holly_And_The_Ivy.mp31.9 MB01:48.00
186 - The_Christmas_Song_-_Nat_King_Cole.mp31.9 MB20:31.18
187 - Blue_Christmas_-_The_Platters.mp31.8 MB20:37.54
188 - The_Platters_-_Blue_Christmas.mp31.8 MB22:21.24
189 - Donna Fargo - Rockin'arround the christmas tree.mp31.8 MB23:39.36
18_last_christmas_-_the_instrumental_karaoke_playback-mst.mp34.1 MB21:24.58
19 - 'N Sync - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.mp33.9 MB21:27.12
19 - Auld Lang Syne (Bonus).mp32.0 MB21:25.54
19 - Bonus Track - Christmas Cocktails.mp32.2 MB21:26.02
19 - Gabba Bells - The Prophet.mp33.7 MB21:26.42
19 - Mary's Boy Child.mp32.4 MB21:26.54
19 Vom Himmel Hoch Da Komm`ich Her.mp31.9 MB21:27.22
19-bielefelder_kinderchor_-_in_dulci_jubilo-awake.mp31.9 MB21:28.36
19-michael_buble-silver_bells_(feat._naturally_7).mp32.9 MB21:28.50
19-trans_siberian_orchestra-what_child_is_this-fntx.mp35.5 MB21:29.16
19. What Child is This¿.mp35.5 MB21:27.48
19. Doris Day - Silver Bells.mp36.2 MB14:36.32
19. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp33.5 MB21:28.14
19.Uren,Dagen,Maanden,Jaren.mp32.3 MB21:28.26
190 - White Christmas - Barry Manilow.mp31.8 MB13:50.46
191 - Jingle_Bells.mp31.6 MB01:30.40
192 - O_Tannenbaum.mp31.6 MB01:41.38
193 - Mrs._Santa_Claus_-_Nat_King_Cole.mp31.5 MB20:22.12
194 - Jingle_Bells_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp31.5 MB22:22.20
195 - Carpenters_Carol_Of_The_Bells.mp31.5 MB21:02.16
196 - Mariah Carey - God rest ye merry Gentleman.mp31.2 MB19:52.36
197 - The_Christmas_Song_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp31.2 MB22:23.02
198 - Deck_The_Hall.mp31.2 MB01:36.10
199 - Carpenters_Jingle_Bells.mp31.1 MB20:58.52
2 - Jingle Bells.mp32.5 MB19:21.52
2 Chains - Alle Jahre wieder.mp33.5 MB19:23.38
2-Celine Dion - Xmas - Ave_Maria.mp34.5 MB19:27.02
20 - A-Teens - Happy New Year.mp34.0 MB21:29.34
20 - Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald - Rudolph, the red nosed reindeer.mp32.3 MB21:29.44
20 - Blink 182 - I Won´t Be Home For Christmas.mp33.0 MB21:30.00
20 - Bonus Track - Christmas Cocktails.mp32.3 MB21:30.08
20 - Ding, Dong! Merrily On High.mp32.0 MB21:30.20
20 - No Angels - When The Angels Sing.mp33.5 MB21:30.58
20 - What Is A Santa Claus (Bonus).mp32.3 MB21:31.10
20 Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall.mp32.1 MB21:31.20
20-United Studio Orchestra & The United Choral Singers Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!.mp31.4 MB21:32.40
20-pro_arte_orchestra_und_barry_rose_-_o_come_all_ye_faithful-awake.mp33.8 MB21:32.26
20-trans_siberian_orchestra-o_come_all_ye_faithful-fntx.mp31.3 MB21:32.32
20. O' Come All Ye Faithful.mp31.3 MB21:31.26
20. Mitchell Ayres And His Orchestra - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You).mp38.1 MB14:36.32
20. Stop The Cavalry.mp32.8 MB21:31.52
20.Kindje Zo Klein.mp32.8 MB21:32.06
200 - Let_It_Snow,_Let_It_Snow,_Let_It_Snow_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp31.0 MB22:23.40
201 - Carpenters_Santa_Claus_Is_Comin'_To_Town.mp31.0 MB20:54.08
201 Bing Crosby - White Christmas.mp34.3 MB17:03.14
201 in de winter.mp36.0 MB13:12.58
201--frank_sinatra_-_let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-mst.mp32.9 MB13:11.00
201-dean_martin-white_christmas.mp34.0 MB11:18.30
201-jimmie_rogers-oh_holy_night.mp33.4 MB12:14.14
201-judy_garland-have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas.mp32.2 MB13:32.24
201-nat_king_cole_trio_-_the_christmas_song_(merry_christmas_to_you)-gti.mp33.0 MB06:41.14
201-nordstroem_-_danmark_det_er_jul.mp35.3 MB00:53.32
201-paul_mccartney_-_wonderful_christmas_time-utb.mp33.9 MB22:23.40
201-the_chill_out_academy--white_christmas-oma.mp36.1 MB00:48.42
201-thurl_ravenscroft-youre_a_mean_one_mr._grinch.mp34.2 MB03:54.00
201-va-krzysztof_kiljanski_-_od_swiat_do_swiat-b2r.mp35.8 MB19:11.00
201_frank_sinatra_-_let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-mod.mp33.6 MB11:12.38
202 - Winter_Wonderland_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp3835 KB22:24.08
202 Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus Is Comin To Town.mp33.6 MB01:29.24
202 een klein gezellig kerstfeest.mp33.9 MB13:13.22
202--bing_crosby_with_the_ken_darby_singers_and_john_scott_trotter_and_his_orchestra_-__white_christmas_album_version-mst.mp33.7 MB13:12.00
202-anders_anden_matthesen-jul_paa_vesterbro.mp38.3 MB11:18.30
202-dean_martin-white_christmas.mp32.0 MB12:14.14
202-dean_martin_-_let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-gti.mp31.7 MB21:41.46
202-mel_torme-christmas_song.mp33.7 MB13:32.10
202-the_beach_boys-little_saint_nick.mp33.2 MB03:54.00
202-the_chill_out_academy--jingle_bells-oma.mp35.4 MB00:48.44
202-the_pretenders_-_have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas-utb.mp35.1 MB22:23.46
202-va-czerwone_gitary_-_dzien_jeden_w_roku-b2r.mp33.7 MB19:11.28
202_bing_crosby_-_white_christmas-mod.mp34.2 MB11:13.14
203 - Santa_Claus_Is_Coming_To_Town_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp3733 KB22:24.34
203 Boston Pops Orchestra - Sleigh Ride.mp34.2 MB01:42.22
203 kerstmis van weleer.mp36.5 MB13:14.04
203--johnny_cash_-_silent_night_album_version-mst.mp34.6 MB13:12.00
203-andy_willliams_-_its_the_most_wonderful_time_of_year-gti.mp32.3 MB06:41.16
203-bon_jov_-_i_wish_everyday_could_be_like_christmas-utb.mp35.7 MB22:23.50
203-brenda_lee-jingle_bells.mp32.2 MB13:32.24
203-kylie_minogue-santa_baby.mp35.5 MB11:18.30
203-paprika_steen_and_michael_caroee_-_pas_paa_mikkel.mp34.1 MB00:54.06
203-smokey_robinson_and_the_miracles-noel.mp33.7 MB03:54.00
203-the_chill_out_academy--magic_mystery-oma.mp35.7 MB00:48.44
203-va-katarzyna_skrzynecka_-_oszaleli_anieli-b2r.mp36.6 MB00:16.30
203-wild_rose-jingle_bell_rock.mp33.7 MB12:14.16
204 - Rudolph_The_Red-Nosed_Raindeer_-_Mantovani_(Medley).mp3718 KB22:25.00
204 Judy Garland - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp33.8 MB01:42.22
204 nowell.mp35.8 MB13:14.44
204-adam_faith_-_lonely_pup_(in_a_christmas_shop)-gti.mp32.7 MB06:42.48
204-al_caiola_and_ritz_ortolani-holady_on_skis.mp33.8 MB12:14.16
204-burl_ives-a_holly_jolly_christmas.mp33.5 MB13:32.10
204-d-a-d-sad_sad_x-mas.mp36.2 MB11:18.30
204-fay_lovsky_-_christmas_was_a_friend_of_mine-utb.mp35.2 MB22:23.52
204-gasolin_-_dejlig_er_jorden.mp33.8 MB00:54.16
204-the_chill_out_academy--silent_night-oma.mp34.4 MB00:48.46
204-the_jackson_5-up_on_the_housetop.mp35.4 MB03:54.00
204-va-mietek_szczesniak_and_kayah_-_raduj_sie_swiecie-b2r.mp34.4 MB19:11.14
205 - Carpenters_O_Come,_O_Come_Immanuel.mp3457 KB20:43.24
205 Perry Como - Winter Wonderland.mp33.5 MB01:38.34
205 thuis voor kerstmis.mp35.8 MB13:15.24
205--lynn_anderson_-_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree_album_version-mst.mp32.9 MB13:11.00
205-al_green-o_holy_night.mp34.9 MB03:54.00
205-billy_may-rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer.mp33.1 MB12:14.16
205-bobby_helms_-_jingle_bell_rock-gti.mp32.5 MB06:40.22
205-coldplay-christmas_lights.mp37.4 MB11:18.28
205-connie_francis-im_gonna_be_warm_this_winter.mp32.4 MB13:32.24
205-dad_-_sad_sad_x-mas.mp34.4 MB00:54.28
205-destinys_child_-_8_days_of_christmas-utb.mp33.7 MB22:23.58
205-the_chill_out_academy--oh_christmas_tree-oma.mp35.1 MB00:48.46
205-va-quligowscy_-_z_kopyta_kulig_rwief-b2r.mp36.3 MB19:11.50
205_lynn_anderson_-_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree-mod.mp32.8 MB11:15.18
206 Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You).mp34.4 MB01:37.28
206 wit kerstfeest.mp35.0 MB13:16.08
206--andy_williams_-_sleigh_ride_album_version-mst.mp33.0 MB13:11.00
206-dianne_reeves-christmas_time_is_here.mp34.5 MB03:54.00
206-ella_fitzgerald-joy_to_the_world.mp31.5 MB12:14.18
206-mantovani_and_his_orchestra-deck_the_halls.mp34.3 MB13:32.26
206-peter_sommer_-_fra_mig_til_dig.mp34.7 MB00:54.38
206-slade_-_merry_xmas_everybody-utb.mp34.1 MB22:24.00
206-sweethearts-glaedelig_jul_allesammen.mp37.1 MB11:18.28
206-the_cadillacs_-_rudolph_the_red_nosed_reindeer-gti.mp32.1 MB06:42.12
206-the_chill_out_academy--amazing_grace-oma.mp33.4 MB00:48.48
206-va-ewelina_flinta_-_mikolaj_jedzie_tu_znow-b2r.mp34.7 MB19:03.08
206_andy_williams_-_sleigh_ride-mod.mp32.9 MB11:15.46
207 Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells.mp33.6 MB01:28.26
207 ben met kerstmis.mp35.3 MB13:16.44
207--mel_torme_-_the_christmas_song_chestnuts_roasting_on_an_open_fire_single_version-mst.mp34.5 MB13:13.00
207-alma_cogan_-_never_do_a_tango_with_an_eskimo-gti.mp32.0 MB06:43.06
207-dan_tuerell_and_halfdan_e_-_jul_igen.mp34.3 MB00:54.50
207-dean_martin-winter_wonderland.mp32.6 MB12:14.18
207-kenny_rogers-christmas_is_my_favorite_time_of_the_year.mp34.1 MB03:54.00
207-martin_brygmann_og_julie_berthelsen-jesus_og_josefine.mp37.1 MB11:18.28
207-michael_ball-when_a_child_is_born.mp34.6 MB13:32.26
207-the_carpenters_-_sleigh_ride-utb.mp32.9 MB22:24.02
207-the_chill_out_academy--jesu_joy_of_mans_desiring-oma.mp36.4 MB00:48.48
207-va-why_not_-_on_christmas_day-b2r.mp36.5 MB19:10.04
207_mel_torme_-_the_christmas_song_(chestnuts_roasting_on_an_open_fire)-mod.mp34.4 MB11:16.22
208 Bing Crosby And The Andrews Sisters - The Twelve Days Of Christmas.mp34.7 MB01:39.00
208 stop de cavalerie.mp35.1 MB13:17.16
208--tony_bennett_-_christmasland_album_version-mst.mp33.2 MB13:11.00
208-alison_krauss-shimmy_down_the_chimney_(fill_up_my_stocking).mp35.7 MB03:54.00
208-avalon-jesus_born_on_this_day.mp36.2 MB12:14.18
208-do_-_everyday_is_christmas-utb.mp34.6 MB22:24.06
208-nat_king_cole_and_his_trio_-_all_i_want_for_christmas(is_my_two_front_teeth)-gti.mp32.8 MB06:43.16
208-peggy_lee-its_christmas_time_again.mp33.7 MB13:32.26
208-pet_shop_boys-it_doesnt_often_snow_at_christmas.mp37.2 MB11:18.28
208-stewart_stardust_m.fl._-_jul_paa_vesterbro.mp36.1 MB00:55.04
208-the_chill_out_academy--child_in_a_manger-oma.mp33.4 MB00:48.48
208-va-anita_lipnicka_-_winter_song-b2r.mp32.7 MB19:11.28
208_tony_bennett_-_christmasland-mod.mp33.3 MB11:16.48
209 Gene Autry - Frosty The Snowman.mp34.0 MB01:34.48
209 winterwonderland.mp34.1 MB13:17.50
209--eartha_kitt_with_henri_rene_and_his_orchestra_-_santa_baby-mst.mp33.8 MB13:13.00
209-cyndi_lauper-rockin_around_the_christmas_tree.mp34.3 MB03:54.00
209-dean_martin_-_baby_its_cold_outside-gti.mp33.2 MB06:42.38
209-hollyridge_strings-jingle_bells_jingle_bells_rock.mp37.6 MB12:14.20
209-lucie_silvas_-_forget_me_not-utb.mp33.8 MB22:24.08
209-nordstroem-danmark_det_er_jul.mp37.1 MB11:18.28
209-shu-bi-dua_-_rap_jul.mp36.1 MB00:55.18
209-springfields-bambino.mp33.1 MB13:32.28
209-the_chill_out_academy--hark_the_herald_angels_sing-oma.mp35.4 MB00:48.50
209-va-pin_-_swiety_czas-b2r.mp35.8 MB19:09.22
209_eartha_kitt_-_santa_baby-mod.mp34.7 MB11:17.18
21 - Bing Crosby & David Bowie - Little drummer boy.mp34.0 MB21:32.56
21 - Die Kleine Kuh Von Malibu - Das Kleine Glueck (Fuer Paula).mp33.1 MB21:33.10
21 - Encore- Silent Night.mp34.6 MB21:33.32
21 Auf Dem Berge Da Wehet Der Wind.mp31.6 MB21:33.52
21-rolando_villazon_-_stille_nacht-awake.mp34.2 MB21:35.06
21-the_platters-please_come_home_for_christmas.mp32.2 MB21:35.18
21-trans_siberian_orchestra-christmas_canon_rock-fntx.mp34.6 MB21:35.40
21. Christmas Canon Rock.mp34.6 MB21:34.14
21. Gene Autry - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.mp37.1 MB14:36.32
21. Here Comes Santa Claus.mp32.3 MB21:34.34
21.Een.mp32.2 MB21:34.46
210 Spike Jones - (All I Want For Christmas Is) My Two Front Teeth.mp34.4 MB01:34.48
210 bethlehem.mp35.1 MB13:18.20
210--doris_day_-_ill_be_home_for_christmas-mst.mp33.2 MB13:11.00
210-bill_haley_and_his_comets-jingle_bell_rock.mp33.5 MB11:18.26
210-celine_dion-feliz_navidad.mp35.8 MB03:54.00
210-elton_john_-_step_into_christmas-utb.mp34.5 MB22:24.10
210-harry_secombe-first_noel.mp35.9 MB13:32.28
210-julie_london_warm_december-gti.mp31.8 MB21:41.56
210-nancy_wilson-thats_what_i_want_for_christmas.mp33.2 MB12:14.20
210-the_chill_out_academy--lo_how_a_rose_eer_blooming-oma.mp35.6 MB00:48.50
210-tuborgs_-_julebryg-jingle.mp32.9 MB00:55.24
210-va-raz_dwa_trzy_-_pod_niebem-b2r.mp37.8 MB19:10.48
210_doris_day_-_ill_be_home_for_christmas-mod.mp33.4 MB11:17.44
211 Bind Crosby - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.mp33.1 MB01:39.50
211--the_manhattan_transfer_-_a_christmas_love_song_album_version-mst.mp35.6 MB13:11.00
211-andy_williams_-_white_christmas-gti.mp32.4 MB06:43.24
211-bing_crosby-silent_night.mp32.0 MB13:32.30
211-cerys_jones_tom_and_matthews_-_baby_its_cold_outside-utb.mp33.6 MB22:24.14
211-flemming_bamse_joergensen-jul_paa_vimmersvej.mp37.4 MB11:18.26
211-gloria_estefan-ill_be_home_for_christmas.mp34.5 MB03:54.00
211-gnags_-_julesang.mp35.0 MB00:55.36
211-the_chill_out_academy--ave_maria-oma.mp36.5 MB00:48.52
211-twila_paris-halleluja_chorus.mp35.3 MB12:14.22
211-va-anna_maria_jopek_and_jeremi_przybora_-_na_calej_polaci_snieg-b2r.mp32.9 MB19:10.12
211_the_manhattan_transfer_-_a_christmas_love_song-mod.mp35.7 MB11:18.22
212 Vaughn Monroe - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.mp34.3 MB01:42.04
212 daklozen en engelen.mp36.5 MB13:19.52
212--johnny_mathis_-_its_beginning_to_look_a_lot_like_christmas_album_version-mst.mp33.4 MB13:10.00
212-aled_jones-o_come_all_ye_faithful.mp33.9 MB13:32.30
212-bananarama-baby_its_christmas.mp36.4 MB11:18.26
212-bing_crosby_-_winter_wonderland-gti.mp33.3 MB06:43.38
212-eve_bowswell-the_christmas_tree.mp32.3 MB12:14.22
212-jessica_simpson-i_saw_mommy_kissing_santa_claus.mp34.8 MB03:54.00
212-kylie_minogue_-_santa_baby-utb.mp33.5 MB22:24.16
212-otto_brandenburg_-_soeren_banjomus.mp34.1 MB00:55.42
212-the_chill_out_academy--have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas-oma.mp36.4 MB00:48.52
212-va-grzegorz_turnau_-_platki_oplatki-b2r.mp34.4 MB19:10.12
212_johnny_mathis_-_its_beginning_to_look_like_christmas-mod.mp33.1 MB11:18.44
213 Russ Morgan And His Orchestra - The Night Before Christmas Song.mp34.5 MB01:32.20
213 het kerstlied.mp34.0 MB13:21.04
213--frankie_avalon_-_a_merry_christmas-mst.mp32.9 MB13:10.00
213-john_mogensen_-_paa_loftet_sidder_nissen.mp33.3 MB00:49.58
213-laura_fygi_-_winter_wonderland-utb.mp33.9 MB22:24.18
213-mat_monro-marys_boy_child.mp33.8 MB12:14.22
213-peggy_lee_-_santa_claus_is_comin_to_town-gti.mp33.1 MB06:43.04
213-platters-all_i_want_for_christmas_is_my_two_front_teeth.mp33.2 MB13:32.12
213-tommy_seebach_og_annette_heick-vi_oensker_jer_alle_en_glaedelig_jul.mp36.6 MB11:18.26
213-va-edyta_gorniak_and_krzysztof_antkowiak_-_pada_snieg-b2r.mp36.1 MB19:10.40
214 Perry Como - Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.mp33.7 MB01:30.04
214--roy_orbison_-_pretty_paper_single_version-mst.mp33.9 MB13:10.00
214-drengene_fra_angora_-_jul_i_angora.mp34.9 MB00:55.50
214-ella_fitzgerald-santa_claus_got_stuck_up_my_chimney.mp32.8 MB13:32.30
214-guy_lombardo_and_his_royal_canadians-auld_lang_syne.mp32.7 MB12:14.24
214-kay_starr_-_(everybodys_waitin_for)_the_man_with_the_bag-gti.mp32.8 MB06:43.04
214-mariah_carey-hark_the_herald_angels_sing-gloria_(in_excelsis_deo).mp34.0 MB03:54.00
214-michael_jackson_-_little_christmas_tree-utb.mp35.3 MB22:24.20
214-roy_wood_and_wizzard-i_wish_it_could_be_christmas_everyday.mp310.5 MB11:18.24
214-va-norbi_-_choinka_norbiego-b2r.mp36.1 MB19:08.20
214_roy_orbison_-_pretty_paper-mod.mp33.8 MB11:19.36
215 Bing Crosby And Carole Richards - Silver Bells.mp34.2 MB01:37.12
215 alles wat ademt.mp36.2 MB13:22.28
215--bobby_vinton_-_the_christmas_tree-mst.mp34.5 MB13:13.00
215-barry_manilow_-_(theres_no_place_like)_home_for_the_hol-utb.mp33.0 MB22:24.22
215-dean_martin_-_ive_got_my_love_to_keep_me_warm-gti.mp33.6 MB06:42.46
215-marie_osmond-let_it_snow_let_it_snow.mp32.9 MB13:32.32
215-monkeybusiness-kaere_julemayn_(feat._innocent_blood_jokeren_og_l.o.c.).mp38.0 MB11:18.24
215-pussycat_dolls-santa_baby.mp34.5 MB03:54.00
215-rkenens_soenner_-_frem_med_julekuglerne.mp33.3 MB00:55.56
215-va-ha-dwa-o_-_magia_swiat-b2r.mp36.6 MB19:11.08
216 Frank Sinatra - Christmas Dreaming (A Little Early This Year).mp34.1 MB01:41.00
216 we wish you a merry christmas.mp33.3 MB13:22.58
216--gene_autry_and_the_pinafores_with_orchestral_accompaniment_-_rudolph_the_red-nosed_reindeer_album_version-mst.mp33.5 MB13:13.00
216-alma_cogan_-_christmas_cards-gti.mp32.6 MB06:41.36
216-boyz_ii_man_-_silent_night-utb.mp32.8 MB22:24.24
216-ne-yo-home.mp35.9 MB03:54.00
216-peter_froedin_-_blue_christmas.mp35.1 MB00:56.08
216-teresa_brewer-i_saw_mommy_kissing_santa_claus.mp33.1 MB13:32.32
216-the_beach_boys-little_saint_nick.mp33.5 MB11:18.24
216-va-roan_-_ten_zimowy_czas-b2r.mp35.4 MB19:09.36
217 Gene Autry - Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane).mp33.5 MB01:41.42
217--julie_andrews_-_the_secret_of_christmas_album_version-mst.mp34.4 MB13:13.00
217-les_baxter_-_santa_claus_party-gti.mp32.3 MB06:40.22
217-me_and_my_-_too_much_christmas.mp34.8 MB00:56.18
217-oleta_adams_-_let_it_snow-utb.mp33.7 MB22:24.26
217-rihanna-it_just_dont_feel_like_xmas_(without_you).mp35.4 MB03:54.00
217-sinne_eeg_and_bobo_moreno-baby_its_cold_outside.mp36.3 MB11:18.24
217-va-zbigniew_wodecki_and_cezary_klimczak_-_magia_swiat-b2r.mp35.4 MB19:10.42
217_julie_andrews_-_the_secret_of_christmas-mod.mp34.5 MB11:21.36
218 Ernest Tubb - Blue Christmas.mp33.9 MB01:35.04
218--mahalia_jackson_-_christmas_comes_to_us_all_once_a_year_album_version-mst.mp33.4 MB13:12.00
218-caroline_henderson-vil_du_vaere_min_i_nat.mp35.4 MB11:18.24
218-ferrante_and_teicher_-_sleigh_ride-gti.mp33.0 MB06:41.06
218-stacie_orrico-christmas_wish.mp35.9 MB03:54.00
218-the_kelly_family_-_davids_song_(wholl_come_with_me)-utb.mp33.6 MB22:24.30
218_mahalia_jackson_-_christmas_comes_to_us_all_once_a_year-mod.mp33.5 MB11:22.10
219 The Andrews Sisters - Christmas Island.mp33.6 MB01:42.12
219-diana_kral_-_count_your_blessings_instead_of_sheep-utb.mp34.1 MB22:24.32
219-julie_and_martin_brygmann_-_jesus_and_josefine.mp35.4 MB00:56.40
219-les_paul_-_jingle_bells-gti.mp31.5 MB21:41.40
219-relient_k-12_days_of_christmas.mp35.8 MB03:54.00
219-sinead_oconnor-silent_night.mp35.7 MB11:18.24
22 Es Ist Ein Ros_entsprungen.mp32.1 MB21:36.14
22-rosemary_clooney-it_came_upon_a_midnight_clear.mp32.5 MB21:37.18
22-trans_siberian_orchestra-different_wings-fntx.mp32.5 MB21:37.30
22. Different Wings.mp32.5 MB21:36.26
22. Elvis Presley - O Little Town Of Bethlehem.mp35.9 MB14:36.32
22. It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.mp33.3 MB21:36.54
220 Judy Garland - The Birthday Of A King.mp34.3 MB01:41.18
220-abba_-_happy_new_year-utb.mp34.9 MB22:24.34
220-bing_crosby-the_little_drummer_boy.mp35.2 MB11:18.22
220-dr_radiopigekoret_-_du_er.mp34.3 MB00:56.48
220-the_ventures_-_frosty_the_snowman-gti.mp33.2 MB06:39.50
221 Bing Crosby - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.mp33.2 MB01:41.38
221-eddie_cochran_with_the_holly_twins_-_i_want_elvis_for_christmas-gti.mp31.8 MB21:41.52
221-tuborg_juleband-tuborg_julebryg_jingle.mp34.0 MB11:18.22
222 Deanna Durbin - Silent Night.mp33.6 MB01:31.42
222-big_dee_irwin_feat._little_eva_-_swinging_on_a_star-gti.mp32.4 MB06:42.02
223 Dick Haymes - O Little Town Of Bethlehem.mp33.2 MB01:23.52
223-bobby_vee_-_christmas_vacation-gti.mp32.6 MB06:40.18
224 Bing Crosby - Deck The Halls-Away In A Manger-I Saw Three Ships-Good King Wencelas-We Three Kings Of Orient Are-Angels We Have.mp39.2 MB01:37.46
224-julie_london_-_id_like_you_for_christmas-gti.mp33.0 MB06:42.50
225 Frank Sinatra - O Come All Ye Faithful.mp33.6 MB01:35.12
225-jackie_wilson_-_silver_bells-gti.mp33.9 MB06:43.02
226-eve_boswell_-_the_christmas_tree-gti.mp32.6 MB06:42.40
227-rolf_harris_-_little_drummer_boy-gti.mp33.9 MB06:41.48
228-matt_monro_-_marys_boy_child-gti.mp34.2 MB06:43.16
23 - Nat King Cole - O Tannenbaum.mp32.8 MB21:38.06
23 Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall.mp32.1 MB21:38.18
23-trans_siberian_orchestra-midnight_clear-fntx.mp31.5 MB21:39.24
23-united_studio_orchestra_and_the_united_choral_singers-deck_the_halls.mp31.6 MB21:39.34
23. Midnight Clear.mp31.5 MB21:38.28
23. Let It Snow , Let It Snow , Let It Snow!.mp31.8 MB21:38.40
23. Mitch Miller and The Gang - We Three Kings Of Orient Are.mp38.7 MB14:36.32
23Elvis Presley - We Call On Him.mp32.3 MB21:39.16
24 - Queen - A Winter's Tale.mp33.5 MB21:40.10
24 Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp31.9 MB21:40.20
24-lou_monte-silverbells.mp32.3 MB21:41.04
24. Burl Ives with Percy Faith, His Orchestra & Chorus - The Twelve Days of Christmas.mp38.8 MB14:36.32
24. When A Child Is Born.mp33.5 MB21:40.50
25 Morgen Kommt Der Weihnachtsmann.mp31.7 MB21:41.34
25-billy_vaughn-auld_lang_syne.mp31.8 MB21:42.06
25. Marys Boy Child.mp33.2 MB21:41.46
25. The Browns featuring Jim Ed Brown - Scarlet Ribbons (For Her Hair).mp36.0 MB14:36.32
26 O Du Fröhliche.mp32.3 MB21:42.38
26. Another Rock and Roll Christmas.mp33.4 MB21:42.54
26. George Beverly Shea - Once In Royal David's City.mp35.2 MB14:36.32
27. Elvis Presley - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp34.3 MB14:36.32
27. Step Into Christmas.mp33.6 MB21:43.50
28. Andy Williams - Silent Night.mp35.1 MB14:36.32
28. Merry Christmas Everybody (It's Christmas!).mp33.4 MB21:44.38
29. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday.mp34.2 MB21:45.16
29. Paul Baron - O Christmas Tree - Remastered 1998.mp34.1 MB14:36.32
30. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - A Christmas Surprise - 1999 Remastered.mp37.0 MB14:36.34
30. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.mp33.0 MB21:46.14
301-bing_crosby-its_beginning_to_look_a_lot_like_christmas.mp32.9 MB13:32.32
301-the_spinners_-_the_twelve_days_of_christmas-gti.mp35.8 MB06:42.48
301-va-andy_williams_-_sleigh_ride-b2r.mp33.1 MB19:09.44
302-jackson_five-santa_claus_is_coming_to_town.mp33.4 MB13:32.34
302-the_kingston_trio_-_we_wish_you_a_merry_christmas-gti.mp32.2 MB06:43.10
302-va-dean_martin_-_let_it_snow_let_it_snow_let_it_snow-b2r.mp31.8 MB00:32.06
303-jethro_tull_-_ring_out_solstice_bells-gti.mp34.8 MB06:43.10
303-stevie_wonder-what_christmas_means_to_me.mp33.4 MB13:32.34
303-va-les_baxter_-_santa_claus_party-b2r.mp32.3 MB00:34.14
304-aaron_neville_-_white_christmas-gti.mp33.4 MB06:40.16
304-temptations-silver_bells.mp32.9 MB13:32.12
304-va-kay_starr_-_everybodys_waitin_for_the_man_with_the_bag-b2r.mp32.9 MB00:36.56
305-charles_brown_-_please_come_home_for_christmas-gti.mp32.6 MB06:43.08
305-supremes-joy_to_the_world.mp33.1 MB13:32.34
305-va-the_beach_boys_-_santa_claus_is_comin_to_town-b2r.mp33.6 MB00:39.16
306-lou_rawls_-_merry_christmas_baby-gti.mp33.6 MB06:43.50
306-smokey_robinson_and_the_miracles-noel.mp32.0 MB13:32.36
306-va-mel_and_kim_-_rockin_around_the_christmas_tree-b2r.mp35.3 MB00:42.50
307-gonzo_and_rizzo_-_its_the_most_wonderful_time_of_the_year-gti.mp34.6 MB06:41.54
307-jimmy_smith-god_rest_ye_merry_gentlemen.mp36.1 MB13:32.44
307-va-ray_anthony_and_his_bookends_-_christmas_kisses-b2r.mp32.8 MB00:44.48
308-chuck_berry-run_rudolph_run.mp32.6 MB13:32.36
308-miss_piggy_-_santa_baby-gti.mp33.9 MB06:43.44
308-va-bing_crosby_-_jingle_bells-b2r.mp34.4 MB00:47.24
309-kermit_the_frog_-_have_yourself_a_merry_little_christmas-gti.mp35.2 MB06:43.44
309-va-diana_decker_-_im_a_little_christmas_cracker-b2r.mp31.8 MB00:49.22
31. I Believe In Father Christmas.mp33.2 MB21:46.48
31. with Mitchell Ayres & His Orchestra & Chorus - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - 1959 Version - Remastered.mp36.6 MB14:36.34
310-love_unlimited-it_may_be_winter_outside_(but_in_my_heart_its_spring).mp34.7 MB13:32.38
310-the_beach_boys_-_santa_claus_is_comin_to_town-gti.mp33.6 MB06:42.44
310-va-lou_rawls_-_have_yourself_a_very_merry_christmas-b2r.mp35.3 MB00:53.00
311-aaron_neville-o_little_town_of_bethlehem.mp34.5 MB13:32.44
311-dion_-_christmas_(baby_please_come_home)-gti.mp35.6 MB06:43.42
311-va-ella_fitzgerald_-_god_rest_ye_merry_gentlemen-b2r.mp31.7 MB00:54.26
312-patti_labelle-o_holy_night.mp36.5 MB13:32.38
312-the_band_-_christmas_must_be_tonight-gti.mp34.8 MB06:39.20
312-va-julie_london_-_warm_december-b2r.mp31.8 MB00:56.22
313-al_green_-_what_christmas_means_to_me-gti.mp35.5 MB06:43.28
313-rotary_connection-christmas_love.mp35.0 MB13:32.14
313-va-nancy_wilson_-_what_are_you_doing_new_years_eve-b2r.mp33.3 MB00:58.46
314-chris_de_burgh-spaceman_came_travelling.mp35.3 MB13:32.40
314-hot_chocolate_-_brand_new_christmas-gti.mp35.5 MB06:42.32
314-va-matt_monro_-_marys_boy_child-b2r.mp34.3 MB01:02.06
315-david_essex-winters_tale.mp36.0 MB13:32.40
315-glen_campbell_-_blue_christmas-gti.mp33.6 MB06:42.32
315-va-louis_armstrong_-_white_christmas-b2r.mp32.4 MB01:04.44
316-squeeze-christmas_day.mp34.8 MB13:32.14
316-the_chordettes_-_mr_sandman-gti.mp33.6 MB06:42.12
316-va-mud_-_lonely_this_christmas-b2r.mp34.7 MB01:08.16
317-the_seekers_-_morningtown_ride-gti.mp33.9 MB06:41.40
317-va-the_scaffold_-_lily_the_pink-b2r.mp36.5 MB01:12.38
318-the_mike_sammes_singers_-_somewhere_my_love_(dr_zhivago)-gti.mp34.1 MB06:42.58
318-va-glen_campbell_-_ill_be_home_for_christmas-b2r.mp33.7 MB01:15.22
319-matt_monro_-_from_russia_with_love-gti.mp33.5 MB06:40.08
319-va-adam_faith_-_lonely_pup_(in_a_christmas_shop)-b2r.mp32.8 MB19:08.20
32. Elvis Presley - Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me).mp34.3 MB14:36.34
32. We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp32.1 MB21:47.40
320-danny_williams_-_moon_river-gti.mp32.4 MB06:37.18
320-va-alma_cogan_-_never_do_a_tango_with_an_eskimo-b2r.mp32.1 MB18:56.06
321-the_flying_pickets_-_only_you-gti.mp34.7 MB06:43.04
321-va-gracie_fields_-_little_donkey-b2r.mp33.2 MB19:11.36
322-the_magnets_-_a_winters_tale-gti.mp34.1 MB06:43.08
322-va-the_spinners_-_the_twelve_days_of_christmas-b2r.mp36.1 MB19:06.40
323-state_of_the_heart_-_i_believe_in_father_christmas-gti.mp34.7 MB06:43.02
323-va-al_martino_-_silver_bells-b2r.mp34.9 MB19:07.14
324-the_beach_boys_-_bells_of_christmas-gti.mp34.1 MB06:41.30
325-shane_macgowan_and_the_popes_-_christmas_lullaby-gti.mp37.1 MB21:42.00
326-mary_margaret_o_hara_-_what_are_you_doing_new_years_eve-gti.mp34.2 MB06:41.34
33. Andy Williams - Joy To The World.mp36.4 MB14:36.34
33. Blue Christmas.mp33.5 MB21:48.30
34. Jerry Vale - The First Noel.mp36.3 MB14:36.34
34. Jingle Bells.mp32.3 MB21:49.12
35. Ray Conniff Singers - Greensleeves (What Child Is This).mp35.7 MB14:36.34
35. The Christmas Song.mp33.6 MB21:50.00
36. Mistletoe and Wine.mp33.5 MB21:50.38
36. Mitchell Ayres And His Orchestra - Winter Wonderland - 1959 Version.mp37.8 MB14:36.34
37. Spike Jones & His City Slickers - All I Want For Christmas (Is My Two Front Teeth).mp37.1 MB14:36.34
37. Twelve Days Of Christmas.mp39.5 MB21:29.08
38. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Jingle Bells.mp36.8 MB14:36.34
38. I'll Be Home for Christmas.mp33.6 MB21:52.16
39. Mitchell Ayres And His Orchestra - (There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays - 1959 Version.mp36.7 MB14:36.34
39. Santa Baby.mp32.8 MB21:53.00
3T - Endless Christmas.mp33.8 MB19:36.10
40. Andy Williams - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!.mp35.1 MB14:36.34
40. Auld Lang Syne (Happy Hogmanay).mp32.3 MB21:53.42
401-nat_king_cole_-_deck_the_halls-gti.mp31.0 MB21:41.42
401-va-mazowsze_-_wsrod_nocnej_ciszy-b2r.mp35.2 MB19:07.32
402-ella_fitzgerald_-_god_rest_ye_merry_gentlemen-gti.mp31.7 MB21:41.38
402-va-anna_maria_jopek_-_gdy_sie_chrystus_rodzi-b2r.mp33.9 MB19:08.32
403-bing_crosby_-_i_wish_you_a_merry_christmas-gti.mp32.5 MB06:42.38
403-va-krzysztof_krawczyk_-_przybiezeli_do_betlejem-b2r.mp34.1 MB19:09.44
404-va-hanna_banaszak_-_w_zlobie_lezy-b2r.mp33.3 MB19:10.48
404-vera_lynn_-_away_in_a_manger-gti.mp33.7 MB06:40.46
405-gracie_fields_-_little_donkey-gti.mp33.2 MB06:43.22
405-va-ryszard_rynkowski_-_hej_w_dzien_narodzenia-b2r.mp32.2 MB18:59.44
406-the_kings_singers_-_while_shepherds_watched-gti.mp33.4 MB06:43.48
406-va-maciej_balcar_natalia_kukulska_kasia_stankiewicz_andrzej_piaseczny_-_dzisiaj_w_betlejem-b2r.mp36.1 MB19:09.20
407-huddersfield_choral_society_-_once_in_royal_davids_city-gti.mp35.2 MB06:43.12
407-va-katarzyna_groniec_-_jezus_malusienki-b2r.mp33.4 MB19:03.42
408-huddersfield_choral_society_-_o_come_all_ye_faithful-gti.mp34.8 MB06:43.38
408-va-stanislaw_soyka_-_a_wczora_z_wieczora-b2r.mp31.1 MB19:09.08
409-choir_of_kings_college_cambridge_with_sir_philip_ledger_-_o_little_town_of_bethlehem-gti.mp35.0 MB06:42.54
409-va-halina_frackowiak_alicja_majewska_-_lulajze_jezuniu-b2r.mp33.8 MB19:06.46
41. Ray Conniff - Frosty The Snowman.mp35.3 MB14:36.34
410-choir_of_kings_college_cambridge_-_it_came_upon_the_midnight_clear-gti.mp34.9 MB06:43.44
410-va-ryszard_rynkowski_-_cicha_noc-b2r.mp36.4 MB19:08.50
411-huddersfield_choral_society_with_owain_arwel_hughes_david_bell_and_brian_kay_-_good_king_wenceslas-gti.mp33.4 MB06:42.30
411-va-jerzy_polomski_-_medrcy_swiata-b2r.mp35.0 MB19:11.18
412-choir_of_kings_college_cambridge_with_sir_david_willcocks_-_ding_dong_merrily_on_high-gti.mp33.1 MB06:40.30
412-va-natalia_kukulska_-_gdy_sliczna_panna-b2r.mp36.2 MB19:10.08
413-bach_choir_with_sir_david_willcocks_-_i_saw_three_ships-gti.mp32.3 MB06:42.54
413-va-michal_bajor_-_pasterze_mili-b2r.mp32.8 MB19:10.26
414-clare_college_orchestra_and_singers_-_in_dulci_jubilo-gti.mp34.0 MB06:43.38
414-va-zbigniew_wodecki_-_oj_maluski_maluski-b2r.mp35.7 MB19:10.26
415-choir_of_kings_college_cambridge_with_sir_david_willcocks_-_a_child_is_born_in_bethlehem-gti.mp33.2 MB06:41.40
415-va-golec_orkiestra_-_pojdzmy_wszyscy_do_stajenki-b2r.mp34.5 MB19:08.16
416-choir_of_kings_college_cambridge_with_sir_david_willcocks_-_the_holly_and_the_ivy-gti.mp34.3 MB06:43.30
416-va-irena_santor_-_z_narodzenia_pana-b2r.mp33.5 MB19:08.50
417-bach_choir_with_sir_david_willcocks_-_gabriels_message-gti.mp33.6 MB06:43.16
417-va-pospieszalscy-_polnoc_juz_byla-b2r.mp36.7 MB19:08.00
418-huddersfield_choral_society_-_the_first_nowell-gti.mp35.2 MB06:43.48
418-va-mazowsze_-_bog_sie_rodzi-b2r.mp34.3 MB19:07.42
419-steeleye_span_-_gaudete-gti.mp33.5 MB06:42.58
42. Jerry Vale - O Come All Ye Faithful.mp34.7 MB14:36.34
420-the_beach_boys_-_we_three_kings_of_orient_are-gti.mp34.8 MB06:43.44
421-nat_king_cole_-_silent_night-gti.mp31.9 MB21:41.46
422-bert_jansch_-_in_the_bleak_mid_winter-gti.mp33.0 MB06:39.56
423-dobie_gray_-_joy_to_the_world-gti.mp32.5 MB06:37.08
424-nat_king_cole_-_hark_the_herald_angels_sing-gti.mp32.8 MB06:43.36
425-the_party_poppers_-_auld_lang_syne-gti.mp31.8 MB21:41.58
43. Ray Conniff & The Ray Conniff Singers - Ring Christmas Bells.mp35.6 MB14:36.34
44. Andy Williams - Mary's Little Boy Child.mp38.8 MB14:36.34
50 Christmas Hits_ CD1 - 2_ALBW (1).mp363.1 MB23:51.56
5rusland.mp32.6 MB19:52.18
666Elvis Presley - O Come, All Ye Faithful.mp33.9 MB13:11.50
79Elvis Presley - Mansion Over The Hilltop.mp32.7 MB22:06.24
8 - White Christmas.mp32.8 MB20:12.32
801_Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht.mp35.2 MB16:09.02
89Elvis Presley - It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You).mp32.5 MB22:09.08
98 Degrees - Christmas wish.mp33.5 MB22:11.40
98 Degrees - God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.mp33.2 MB22:11.54
98 Degrees - Silent Night.mp32.6 MB22:12.06
98 Degrees - The christmas song.mp33.8 MB22:12.22
????????? (instrumental).mp35.9 MB02:01.56
A Christmas Camel.mp34.5 MB16:01.32
A-Teens - Happy New Year.mp35.7 MB14:31.46
A-Teens - I wish it could be christmas everyday.mp34.4 MB11:55.12
ABBA - Happy New Year,.mp34.0 MB01:08.46
ABBA - Happy New Year.mp34.4 MB19:41.58
AC DC - Mistress for christmas.mp35.5 MB11:55.20
Abba - Christmas.mp32.4 MB20:36.38
Abba - Weihnachten - Swedish Christmas Song.mp3106.0 MB03:23.06
Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithfull) - 10 - Bing Crosby.mp33.3 MB15:01.50
Adeste Fideles.mp32.3 MB23:54.52
Aggro Berlin präsentiert Sido´s weihnachtssong.mp34.5 MB18:13.48
Al Bano & Romina Power - Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp32.8 MB21:12.40
Al Bano Romina Power-Stille Nacht Weihnachtslieder.mp33.8 MB16:33.20
Alabama - Tennessee Christmas.mp33.4 MB15:25.20
Alan Jackson - Winter Wonderland.mp31.1 MB20:38.28
Alan Jackson - Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.mp33.5 MB16:22.14
Albano & Romina Power - Feliz avidad.mp34.4 MB11:55.26
Albano Carrisi & Romina Power - Feliz Navidad -.mp33.0 MB20:40.10
Album Wrap - Boney M - The 20 Greatest Christmas Songs (Chrismas Medley).mp3106.8 MB23:49.14
Alex - Ich Bin Der Weihnachtsman.mp35.6 MB21:22.32
Alex - Nooit Meer Kerst Met Jou.mp33.7 MB21:22.32
Alfred Reed - Russian Christmas Music.mp314.4 MB20:49.08
All-4-One - Frosty The Snowman Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp35.5 MB14:27.26
Alles an dir 1.mp35.0 MB21:47.40
Alpenland Quintett Volksmusik - Frau Maier.mp32.1 MB00:23.56
Amy Grant - It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.mp32.8 MB23:45.36
Andre Rieu - Amazing Grace.mp36.5 MB21:12.52
Andre Rieu - Ave Maria (Instrumental).mp34.3 MB22:28.08
Andre Rieu - Ave Maria.mp36.5 MB21:13.02
Andre Rieu - Der Winter.mp35.0 MB21:13.10
Andre Rieu - Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.mp36.0 MB21:13.18
Andre Rieu - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp36.2 MB21:13.28
Andre Rieu - Jingle Bells.mp35.3 MB21:13.40
Andre Rieu - Sleigh Ride.mp36.7 MB21:13.56
Andre Rieu - Transeamus.mp35.9 MB21:14.22
Andrea Berg - Aba Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp34.4 MB21:15.38
Andrea Berg - Dezembernacht.mp34.2 MB21:15.54
Andrea Berg - Die Kraft der Liebe.mp35.1 MB21:16.02
Andrea Berg - Die Spuren sind laengst Geschmolzen.mp34.8 MB21:16.42
Andrea Berg - Eisblumen bluehn.mp34.8 MB21:19.08
Andrea Berg - Es st ein Ros entsprungen.mp33.2 MB21:20.18
Andrea Berg - In dieser Nacht war ein Engel_da.mp33.0 MB21:20.52
Andrea Berg - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.7 MB21:22.06
Andrea Berg - Nur dann hab ich gelebt.mp36.2 MB21:23.40
Andrea Berg - Oh Tannenbaum.mp32.2 MB21:24.48
Andrea Berg - Seit Tausend Jahren.mp34.0 MB21:25.56
Andrea Berg - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht.mp33.9 MB21:27.16
Andrea Berg - Suesser die Glocken nie klingen.mp33.7 MB21:28.44
Andrea Bocceli - Ave Maria (1).mp34.1 MB12:43.04
Andrea Boccelli - Weihnachtslieder - Silent Night.mp32.9 MB22:32.08
Andrea Jürgens - Jingle Bells.mp33.7 MB21:29.10
Andrea Jürgens - Lasst uns froh und munter sein.mp32.8 MB21:29.32
Andreas - Weihnachten Hand in Hand.mp33.9 MB21:30.06
André Hazes - Een Eenzame Kerst.mp34.4 MB06:46.58
André Hazes - Kerstmis In De Jordaan.mp35.3 MB06:46.58
André Rieu - Ave Maria (Gounod).mp33.5 MB22:28.06
André Rieu - Christmas Medley - Alle Jahre wieder, Oh du fröhliche, Süßer die Glocken.mp34.3 MB22:28.10
André Rieu - Der Schlittschuhläufer Walzer.mp36.5 MB22:28.10
André Rieu - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp33.2 MB22:28.12
André Rieu - O Tannenbaum.mp37.1 MB22:28.14
André Rieu - Petersburger Schlittenfahrt.mp32.4 MB22:28.14
André Rieu - Silent Night.mp34.3 MB22:28.16
André Rieu - Stille Nacht heilige Nacht.mp34.2 MB22:28.18
André Rieu - Stille Nacht.mp33.4 MB22:28.20
André Rieu - Tochter Zion, Freue Dich.mp32.1 MB21:14.06
André Rieu - We wish you a merry Christmas.mp31.5 MB22:28.20
André Rieu - Weihnachtslieder.mp36.7 MB22:28.22
André Rieu - Weihnachtsmedley 1.mp33.9 MB22:28.24
André Rieu - White Christmas.mp32.9 MB22:28.24
André van Duin - Christmas Medley.mp39.5 MB06:46.58
Andy Borg - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp35.0 MB21:30.24
Andy Williams - The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year.mp33.5 MB06:46.58
Angel Sing - Boney M.mp32.2 MB14:56.28
Angelvoice feat Malaika - Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her.mp35.5 MB22:05.28
Anne Murray - I'll Be Home for Christmas.mp33.3 MB02:11.08
Anne Sofie Von Otter - Sankta Lucia.mp33.4 MB21:30.34
Annes songs-Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You.mp33.7 MB00:34.30
Aschberger Saitenmusi - Im stillen Tal.mp32.6 MB22:08.08
Ashanti - We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp32.6 MB16:23.26
Atlantis - Die Glocken zur Weihnacht.mp35.2 MB21:30.44
B-yentl - No x-mas without you.mp34.4 MB23:26.54
BJ-B.MIG - S-Claus.mp35.5 MB22:05.30
BZN - Once Upon A Christmas.mp312.5 MB06:46.58
BZN-We wish you.mp32.0 MB10:47.18
Babyface- have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp33.2 MB14:34.26
Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time .mp33.9 MB23:59.28
Backstreet Boys - Christmas Time.mp36.1 MB06:46.58
Backstreet Boys - Last Christmas.mp32.8 MB01:01.42
Balu - Knecht Rubrecht.mp33.1 MB10:46.04
Banaroo - Bling bling here bling bling there.mp34.9 MB13:46.00
Banaroo - Christmas Time.mp35.6 MB13:46.10
Banaroo - Coming Home for Christmas (Radio Version).mp35.0 MB01:43.00
Banaroo - Coming home for Christmas.mp35.0 MB13:45.48
Banaroo - Feliz Navidad.mp35.9 MB13:46.22
Banaroo - Lets go for a ride.mp33.9 MB13:46.30
Banaroo - Lets keep the fire burning.mp34.5 MB13:47.06
Banaroo - Llight the Fire.mp34.9 MB13:47.32
Banaroo - Only love.mp34.4 MB13:46.48
Banaroo - Sleep my Baby tonight.mp35.3 MB13:48.12
Banaroo - Sweet Inspiration.mp34.8 MB13:46.40
Banaroo - The miracle of you.mp34.4 MB13:47.24
Banaroo - White Christmas.mp35.3 MB13:48.02
Banaroo - Winter Wonderland.mp35.4 MB13:47.52
Banaroo - X-mas Toy.mp34.5 MB13:46.56
Banaroo - Youre my Guardian Angel.mp34.8 MB13:47.14
Banaroo - Youre the one and only.mp33.9 MB13:47.40
Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas (Feed The World).mp35.7 MB12:37.14
Band Aid - Do They Know It's Christmas.mp33.4 MB21:30.52
Band Aid - Do They Know It´s Christmas.mp34.7 MB14:19.08
Band Aid- Do They Know It's Christmas.mp33.6 MB14:32.06
Barbra Streisand - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp39.6 MB21:48.18
Barry Manilow - Because It's Christmas.mp36.3 MB23:30.56
Barry White - Christmas.mp32.8 MB21:28.54
Barry White With Love Unlimited - It May Be Winter Outside.mp35.0 MB06:46.58
Basshunter - Jingle Bells (Dfm Christmas Mix).mp36.3 MB15:29.07
Bata Illic - Weihnacht überall.mp33.9 MB21:31.02
Be Like Water feat. Ed Jordan & Kreesan - I Won't Be Home For Christmas (This Year).mp34.0 MB00:13.10
Beach Boys [Christmas Album]_ALBW_g@r.mp350.3 MB23:47.02
Beatles - Album - Christmas.mp341.1 MB23:25.08
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD1 - 08 - Happy Christmas (War Is Over).mp36.6 MB11:23.46
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD1 - 09 - Ding Dong, Ding Dong.mp36.8 MB11:23.58
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD1 - 11 - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reggae.mp33.3 MB11:24.22
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD1 - 12 - Christmas Time (Is Here Again).mp35.6 MB11:24.32
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 01 - A Saturday Club Xmas - Crimble Medley.mp32.6 MB11:25.06
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 02 - Hello Dolly.mp32.3 MB11:28.30
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 03 - Speeches Take One.mp36.3 MB11:28.50
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 13 - Ringo's Christmas Plea For The Blind.mp34.1 MB11:32.02
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 14 - John & Yoko's Message From Ascot.mp32.7 MB11:32.26
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 15 - Happy Xmas (War Is Over).mp36.0 MB11:32.38
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 16 - Happy Xmas (War Is Over).mp36.1 MB11:33.00
Beatles - The Ultimate Christmas Collection - CD2 - 23 - Christmas Time (Is Here Again).mp32.1 MB11:34.58
Bed & Breakfast - Christmas Without You.mp34.0 MB23:55.16
Benny Royal Vs. Chris Rea - Driving home for x-mass.mp34.9 MB23:26.54
Bert & Ernie - Ik Ben Een Kerstbal.mp34.0 MB06:46.58
Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald - Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.mp32.3 MB21:31.16
Bing Crosby & Ella Fitzgerald - Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp32.3 MB18:13.50
Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney - Silver Bells.mp32.8 MB18:33.14
Bing Crosby & The Andrew Sisters - Here Come Santa Claus.mp32.8 MB21:16.26
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town.mp33.1 MB19:17.08
Bing Crosby - Adeste Fideles.mp33.5 MB14:31.50
Bing Crosby - Good King Wenceslao.mp33.3 MB14:31.44
Bing Crosby - Joy to the World.mp32.1 MB14:31.26
Bing Crosby - Oh Come All Ye Faithful.mp32.9 MB18:30.04
Bing Crosby - Silent Night.mp33.3 MB14:31.34
Bing Crosby - Twelve Days Of Christmas.mp33.1 MB14:37.10
Bing Crosby - White Christmas.mp32.8 MB21:31.10
Bing Crosby,Frank Sinatra,Louis Amstrong - It's Christmas Time (Joy to the World).mp34.0 MB20:50.04
Blink 182 - I Won´t Be Home For Christmas.mp34.9 MB16:15.26
Blue B-Tastic Bootleg. Merry Christmas - Jingle Bells.mp38.1 MB15:30.40
Blue Christmas - 05 - The Platters.mp32.8 MB15:01.30
Blümchen - Unter'm Weihnachtsbaum.mp35.1 MB02:30.32
Bob Seger - The Little Drummer Boy.mp35.1 MB14:40.08
Bobby Vinton - The Christmas Tree.mp34.2 MB11:20.08
Bon Jovi - I Wish Everyday Could Be Like Chrismas.mp35.1 MB21:45.22
Bon Jovi - Please come home for Christmas.mp33.9 MB11:56.00
Bon Jovi - Silent Night (Chrismas Songs).mp34.6 MB23:15.28
Boney M - Little Drumer boy.mp34.0 MB19:54.30
Boney M - Chrismas Medley.mp32.9 MB18:36.46
Boney M - Mary's Boy Child.mp35.9 MB11:56.08
Boney M - O Christmas Tree.mp33.3 MB20:36.54
Boney M - When a Child is born.mp33.8 MB11:14.28
Bony M - Chrismas Mary's Boy Child & Oh My Lord.mp34.8 MB20:59.10
Bouke - Bij Het Kaarslicht Wil Ik Zeggen.mp32.4 MB23:26.54
Bouke - Lonely This Christmas.mp32.9 MB23:26.54
Boyz II Men - Silent Night.mp33.4 MB14:27.56
Brenda Lee - O come all ye faithful.mp33.1 MB21:52.50
Brenda Lee - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.mp31.9 MB21:31.22
Brenda Lee - Silent night.mp33.7 MB21:35.02
Britney Spears- My Only Wish.mp35.9 MB13:17.32
Brook Benton - This Time Of The Year.mp32.4 MB21:05.54
Brothers On The 4Th Floor - Christmas Time.mp35.4 MB06:46.58
Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is coming to town.mp36.2 MB11:14.30
Bryan Adams - Christmas Time.mp35.3 MB14:17.42
Bryan Adams - Run Rudolph Run.mp34.2 MB14:41.08
Bryan Adams - Something about Christmas Time.mp35.6 MB11:56.22
Buteratte feat. Dana-Last Christmas 2011 (Original Mix).mp313.4 MB15:32.15
C.R.U. - Little Drummer Boy.mp35.3 MB22:05.28
CD 1 - 01 - Den himmelblå.mp33.0 MB14:53.04
CD 1 - 02 - Hey Santa!.mp34.2 MB14:53.06
CD 1 - 03 - Mery christmas baby.mp32.9 MB14:53.10
CD 1 - 04 - So near to christmas.mp33.3 MB14:53.12
CD 1 - 05 - Tropical christmas.mp33.1 MB14:53.12
CD 1 - 06 - Christmas alphabet.mp33.6 MB14:53.14
CD 1 - 07 - Zion's daughter.mp33.5 MB14:53.18
CD 1 - 08 - When you wish upon a star.mp32.5 MB14:53.20
CD 1 - 09 - It won't be christmas.mp33.4 MB14:53.20
CD 1 - 10 - Jul på Vimmersvej.mp33.5 MB14:53.22
CD 1 - 11 - Ding dong merrily on high.mp32.2 MB14:53.24
CD 1 - 12 - Have yourself a merry little christmas.mp34.2 MB14:53.26
CD 1 - 13 - Christmas at sea.mp33.9 MB14:53.28
CD 1 - 14 - 2000 miles.mp33.3 MB14:53.30
CD 1 - 15 - It's christmas again.mp33.4 MB14:53.32
CD 1 - 16 - Mary's boy child.mp34.1 MB14:53.34
CD 2 - 01 - Ave Maria.mp33.6 MB14:53.36
CD 2 - 02 - Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!.mp32.0 MB14:53.38
CD 2 - 03 - Jingle bells rock.mp32.0 MB14:53.38
CD 2 - 04 - Blue christmas.mp32.9 MB14:53.38
CD 2 - 05 - Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.mp32.0 MB14:53.40
CD 2 - 06 - Rockin' around the christmas tree.mp31.9 MB14:53.42
CD 2 - 07 - Frosty the snowman.mp33.4 MB14:53.42
CD 2 - 08 - What christmas means to me.mp32.3 MB14:53.44
CD 2 - 09 - I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus.mp32.7 MB14:53.46
CD 2 - 10 - Little bright star.mp32.3 MB14:53.48
CD 2 - 11 - Joy to the world.mp32.8 MB14:53.48
CD 2 - 12 - The first noël.mp33.0 MB14:53.50
CD 2 - 13 - White christmas.mp32.8 MB14:53.52
CD 2 - 14 - Nu tændes tusind julelys.mp32.5 MB14:53.52
CD 2 - 15 - Silent night.mp32.7 MB14:53.54
CD 2 - 16 - Hark! The herald angels sing.mp32.4 MB14:53.56
Cagey Strings - Erwin der dicke Schneemann.mp33.6 MB21:31.30
Canzoni Di Natale We Wish You A Marry Christmas.mp33.8 MB22:45.50
Canzoni Natalizie Coca Cola - We Wish You A Marry Chrismas.mp33.0 MB18:55.16
Canzoni di Natale - renato zero - Buon Natale.mp34.8 MB09:26.44
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Aba Heidschi Bum Beidschi.mp34.2 MB21:31.38
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Am Weihnachtsbaum Die Lichter Brennen.mp33.5 MB21:31.52
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Blue Christmas.mp35.3 MB21:32.04
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Es Wird Schon Glei Dumper.mp33.6 MB21:32.14
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Frosty, the Snowman.mp34.2 MB21:32.26
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Jingle Bells.mp35.6 MB21:32.38
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Kling Gloeckchen Klingelingeling.mp33.5 MB21:32.48
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp33.4 MB21:32.54
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Let it Snow.mp33.9 MB21:33.06
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Oh Tannenbaum.mp33.5 MB21:33.14
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer.mp35.4 MB21:33.28
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Silver Bells.mp35.0 MB21:33.40
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Stille Nacht.mp34.2 MB21:33.50
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Suesser Die Glocken Nie Klingen.mp35.3 MB21:34.04
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - White Christmas.mp35.2 MB21:34.20
Captain Cook und Seine Singenden Saxophone - Winter Wonderland.mp35.3 MB21:34.34
Carpenters - I'll be home for Christmas.mp34.4 MB19:14.10
Carpenters - Overture.mp34.3 MB18:46.24
Carpenters - Silent Night.mp33.1 MB18:58.12
Carpenters - Sleigh Ride.mp32.5 MB19:33.52
Carpenters - Winter Wonderland - Silver Bells - White Christmas.mp35.0 MB23:17.58
Carpenters -Christmas Song.mp33.3 MB01:04.58
Carpenters Sleigh Ride.mp32.4 MB18:49.18
Carriere - Ein Stern scheint in den Kinderaugen.mp35.0 MB21:34.58
Cascada - Last Christmas.mp39.0 MB06:46.58
Cascada-Last Christmas (2011_mix).mp39.6 MB15:35.03
Celine Dion & Nana Mouskouri - Petit Papa Noel (128Kbps) - ALBUM - Xmas (3.42MB; 3.44).mp38.6 MB15:37.19
Celine Dion - CHRISTMAS Noël.mp34.9 MB16:12.28
Celine Dion - Christmas eve.mp35.9 MB11:56.28
Celine Dion - Christmas.mp33.4 MB18:53.18
Celine Dion - Happy Chrismas.mp33.9 MB00:48.04
Celine Dion - White Christmas.mp35.5 MB19:35.48
Celine Dion _ Have yourself a merry little Christmas.mp33.4 MB01:07.26
Celtic Dreamer - Santa Claus is comint to town.mp35.5 MB20:36.54
Charley Pride - Christmas in My Home Town .mp32.7 MB19:52.36
Charlotte Church- Silent Night.mp33.4 MB14:40.00
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - This Christmas.mp39.4 MB06:46.58
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo) - This Christmas.mp34.9 MB22:05.28
Charly Pride - O Little Town of Bethlehem.mp35.3 MB19:55.00
Cheeky Girls - Cheeky Christmas Song.mp34.8 MB11:56.42
Cher - Christmas Baby please come Home.mp34.3 MB11:56.48
Child Liners - The Gift Of Christmas.mp35.6 MB15:29.20
Childrens Fun Christmas Songs - O Christmas Tree.mp33.1 MB06:51.32
Childrens Fun Christmas Songs - Rudolph the red nose reindeer.mp32.3 MB22:58.58
Chris Norman - Mary's Boy Child.mp35.2 MB09:58.02
Chris Rea - Driving Home For Christmas.mp33.7 MB21:39.52
Chris Rea - Joys of Christmas.mp36.0 MB19:23.58
Chrismas - Dean Martin - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.mp32.0 MB21:55.20
Chrismas Songs - Paul Mccartney - Wonderful Christmastime.mp36.0 MB23:32.36
Chrismas Songs -Russian Red Army Choir - Little Drummer Boy.mp33.5 MB22:46.00
Chrismas songs - Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton - Winter wonderland.mp34.2 MB21:59.06
Chrismas songs_ Louis Amstrong - White Christmas.mp33.0 MB00:01.24
Christams Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas (Chrismas Songs) (15).mp34.8 MB22:40.36
Christian Anders - Stell' ein Licht in dein Herz.mp34.5 MB21:35.26
Christian Blum - Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp32.2 MB21:35.36
Christina Aguilera - Christmas time.mp35.5 MB11:57.02
Christina Aguilera - Off Chrismas.mp35.5 MB21:47.12
Christina Aguilera - The Christmas Song.mp35.5 MB12:19.46
Christina Aguilera- Oh Holy Night.mp36.6 MB13:19.30
Christmas - Bruce Springsteen - Santa Clause Is Coming To To.mp34.9 MB01:24.44
Christmas - Cris Rea - Driving Home For Chrismas.mp35.5 MB18:49.04
Christmas 2012 Remix Techno Bootleg Hands Up 2012.mp35.4 MB15:39.07
Christmas In New Orleans - 11 - Louis Armstrong.mp34.0 MB15:49.20
Christmas Remix - Sha-la-la non-stop mix.mp328.7 MB15:39.34
Christmas Remix 2011 By Deejay Mchael HD.mp333.7 MB15:39.49
Christmas Song - The First Noel - Instrumental (1).mp33.6 MB16:37.14
Christmas Songs - Album - Time Life Music - 50 Christmas Favorites - Disc 1 Of 2(1).mp3162.2 MB17:34.40
Christmas Songs - Album - Time Life Music - 50 Christmas Favorites - Disc 1 Of 2.mp397.3 MB10:08.02
Christmas Songs - Backstreet Boys - Chrismas time.mp33.9 MB00:50.56
Christmas Songs -Frosty The Snowman.mp32.2 MB00:39.46
Christmas Songs- The Best Christmas Album In The World - Ever! Disc 1 Albw.mp3107.6 MB23:01.40
Christmas Time - Band Aid - Do They Know It's Chrismas.mp33.4 MB03:02.16
Christmas auld lang Syne.mp35.2 MB22:46.08
Christmas melody Jingle Bells (Aleksov mix ver2).mp33.4 MB15:39.15
Christmas music- John Lenon - So This Is Chrismas.mp33.3 MB00:46.34
Christmas music-Beatles - Jinglebell Rock (Rare).mp33.1 MB03:38.34
Christmas songs - Silent Night - Enya.mp368.1 MB23:44.40
Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run.mp36.2 MB06:46.58
Cinnamon - Silent Night.mp35.6 MB22:05.30
Claudia Barry - Oh Christmas Tree.mp33.8 MB23:24.16
Claudia Jung - Merry Chrismas.mp33.6 MB22:32.08
Claudia Jung = Weihnachten wirst du bei.mp35.0 MB03:25.08
Claudio Baglioni- Notte Di Natale.mp33.3 MB22:52.06
Cliff Richard - Have yourself a merry little Christmas.mp35.9 MB11:57.08
Cliff Richard - Misteltoe and Wine.mp36.4 MB12:14.40
Cliff Richard - The Singles Collection (CD1) - 1958 To 1964 - 26 - Summer Holiday.mp33.1 MB22:07.46
Close II You - Baby Don'T Go.mp38.2 MB06:46.58
Cn Joy Feat. Krayzee.mp34.8 MB13:24.10
Coca-Cola - Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream(Radio Version).mp35.3 MB00:48.50
CocaCola Christmas Song.mp3955 KB16:55.46
Come Home For Christmas - 15 - The Platters.mp33.4 MB16:10.30
Costa Cordalis - Genesis.mp33.2 MB21:35.48
Crazy Frog - Jingle Bells.mp34.2 MB13:30.26
Crazy Frog - Last Christmas (Club Mix).mp314.9 MB15:41.07
Crazy Frog - Last Christmas.mp35.3 MB13:32.18
Cristina Aquilera - This Christmas.mp33.7 MB15:46.48
Crystal Gayle - Hallelujah.mp32.8 MB21:36.44
Crystal Gayle - What child is this.mp33.2 MB21:48.52
Cyndi Lauper- December Child.mp32.9 MB14:35.26
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 01 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow.mp32.7 MB14:35.54
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 02 - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp33.5 MB14:37.22
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 03 - Silver Bells.mp33.4 MB14:39.44
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 04 - I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm.mp33.7 MB14:41.22
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 05 - Winter Wonderland.mp33.0 MB14:41.06
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 06 - Baby, It's Cold Outside.mp33.3 MB14:38.20
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 07 - Blue Chrismas.mp33.2 MB14:41.26
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 08 - Jingle Bells.mp33.3 MB14:42.02
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 09 - A Winter Romance.mp34.1 MB14:38.40
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 10 - A Marshmallow World.mp33.8 MB14:39.42
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 11 - The Christmas Blues.mp34.0 MB14:40.50
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 12 - Rudolph, The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp33.1 MB14:41.18
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 13 - Silent Night.mp33.9 MB14:42.44
DEAN MARTIN - Making Spirits Bright - 14 - White Christmas.mp33.5 MB14:42.46
DJ Andrey Stackhouse - Merry Christmas and Pirrates of the Carribean (Special Mix 2010).mp310.6 MB15:46.38
DJ Bobo - It's Time for Christmas.mp36.3 MB09:58.26
DJ Maui vs John Lennon - So this is Christmas.mp35.5 MB11:57.34
DJ Navidao - Kling Glöckchen Kling.mp34.2 MB22:05.28
DJ O Skoo - Schneeflöckchen 2003.mp34.6 MB20:36.54
DJ Sammy - Do You Know Its Christmas.mp35.5 MB20:36.52
DJ Ötzi - Christmas Time.mp34.8 MB11:57.42
DJ Ötzi - X-mas Time.mp34.8 MB08:20.36
DOUGH ASHDOWN - Winter in America.mp33.8 MB14:35.02
Dance Aid Do They Know Its Christmas.mp312.6 MB15:41.36
Darren Hayes (of Savage Garden) - Last Christmas.mp36.6 MB14:37.18
Darts - White Christmas.mp32.8 MB19:27.10
Das Berlinger Doppelquartett - Schneeflöckchen, Weißröckchen.mp3645 KB21:35.52
David Bowie And Bing Crosby - Litte Dummer Boy.mp32.4 MB21:36.00
David Essex - A Winter´s Tale.mp36.3 MB16:10.42
David Garrick - Happy Christmas__War is Over.mp35.0 MB23:24.48
David Pomeranz - Christmas Is The Time Of The Year.mp33.4 MB14:28.32
David Pomeranz - Christmas Star.mp36.8 MB16:06.48
De Hollandse kerststerren - Een vrolijk kerstfeest.mp38.5 MB23:29.36
De Hollandse kerststerren - Kerstfeest is een feest voor iedereen.mp37.2 MB23:27.48
De Smurfen - Met Kerstmis.mp33.4 MB00:27.20
De gouden Nachtegaaltjes - Kerstliedjes - 09 Er is een Kindeke geboren op aard.mp32.2 MB23:27.28
Dean Martin - Blue Christmas.mp32.1 MB21:36.06
Dean Martin - Jingle Bells.mp32.7 MB11:14.30
Dean Martin - Rudolph the red Nosed Reindeer.mp32.8 MB15:19.20
Dean Martin - The Christmas Blues.mp32.7 MB18:05.08
Dean Martin - Walking In A Winter Wonderland.mp31.8 MB16:17.22
Dee Fire Project feat. Shameendra Perera - Last Christmas (Radio Mix).mp38.3 MB15:43.04
Dennie Christian - Als Het Haardvuur Brand.mp35.4 MB21:22.32
Dennie Christian - Dit kerstfeest.mp37.2 MB21:17.50
Dennie Christian - Jij Bent Een Engel.mp34.6 MB21:22.32
Der Toelzer Knabenchor - Morgen Kinder Wird's Was Geben.mp32.6 MB21:36.14
Der Toelzer Knabenchor - Still, Still, Still Weil's Kindlein Schlaf Will.mp32.2 MB21:36.22
Destiny's Child - 8 Days of Christmas.mp34.8 MB11:57.22
Destiny's Child- Little Drummer Boy.mp33.3 MB14:32.36
Diana Krall - Christmas Songs - 10 - What Are You Doing New Years Eve.mp36.5 MB23:47.30
Dido - Christmas Day.mp35.6 MB11:57.28
Die Amigos - Weihnachten Daheim - 09 - Glocken am heiligen Abend.mp36.2 MB04:11.14
Die Flippers - Aber Heidschi Bum Beidschi.mp35.3 MB21:36.36
Die Flippers - Alle Jahre wieder.mp32.7 MB21:36.42
Die Flippers - Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen.mp34.1 MB21:36.58
Die Flippers - Anna Maria.mp34.3 MB21:37.14
Die Flippers - Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp34.0 MB21:37.24
Die Flippers - Kling,Glöckchen,kling.mp34.6 MB21:37.36
Die Flippers - Kommet Ihr Hirten.mp33.4 MB21:37.46
Die Flippers - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp34.7 MB21:38.02
Die Flippers - Morgen,Kinder wird's was geben.mp32.1 MB21:38.08
Die Flippers - O Tannenbaum.mp33.4 MB21:38.16
Die Flippers - Oh Du fröhliche.mp34.0 MB21:38.28
Die Flippers - Schlittenfahrt (Jingle Bell's).mp33.5 MB21:38.34
Die Flippers - Stille Nacht.mp34.7 MB21:38.44
Die Flippers - Süßer die Glocken.mp34.6 MB21:38.58
Die Flippers - Vom Himmel hoch.mp34.1 MB21:39.10
Die Flippers - Weihnachten - Oh Tannenbaum.mp33.4 MB23:04.10
Die Jungen Tenöre - Feliz Navidad.mp33.3 MB21:39.18
Die Paldauer - Ein Stern soll leuchten.mp34.8 MB21:39.28
Die Prinzen - Adeste fideles.mp34.2 MB21:39.42
Die Schäfer - Weihnacht ist international.mp33.9 MB21:39.52
Die Schäfer - Weihnachtszeit-Familienzeit.mp33.8 MB21:40.04
Die Schöneberger Sängerknaben - Morgen Kommt Der Weihnachtsmann.mp31.4 MB21:40.08
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp34.5 MB16:56.46
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Am Weihnachtbaume die Lic.mp31.8 MB22:05.40
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Hort ihr Englein singen.mp32.1 MB21:32.38
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Joseph, lieber Joseph mei.mp32.9 MB16:55.48
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.3 MB16:56.08
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Macht hoch die Tur.mp33.2 MB22:04.46
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Morgen kommt der Weihnach.mp32.2 MB21:25.26
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ O Freude über Freude.mp32.8 MB21:31.18
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ O Tannenbaum.mp33.3 MB22:02.56
Die Sternsinger von St. Nikolaus _ Stille Nacht, heilige Nac.mp34.4 MB22:03.52
Die Super moonies - Weihnachtszeit.mp35.7 MB21:40.24
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Alle Jahre wieder.mp33.0 MB21:40.32
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Am Weihnachtsbaume die Lichter brennen.mp32.7 MB21:40.42
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Feliz Navidad.mp32.5 MB21:40.50
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Fröhliche Weihnacht' überall.mp32.6 MB21:40.58
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp32.8 MB21:41.08
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Jingel Bells.mp32.5 MB21:41.18
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Kling Glöckchen kling'.mp32.5 MB21:41.26
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Lasst uns Froh' und munter sein.mp32.6 MB21:41.36
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.6 MB21:41.46
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Morgen Kinder wird's was geben.mp32.4 MB21:41.52
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp33.0 MB21:42.00
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Oh du Fröhliche.mp32.9 MB21:42.08
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp32.9 MB21:42.18
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp32.9 MB21:42.28
Die Weihnachtsmänner - Weihnachts-Medley.mp35.6 MB21:42.54
Dieter Thomas Kuhn - Jingle Bells.mp34.0 MB21:43.04
Dik Cadbury - Christmas Gone by.mp34.8 MB19:51.40
Disn Chrismas Carols.mp32.2 MB14:45.16
Disney Christmas - Collection Away In A Manger.mp32.2 MB08:43.50
Disney Christmas - Frosty The Snowman.mp32.0 MB00:37.56
Disney Christmas - Jingle Bells.mp32.2 MB01:49.08
Disney Christmas - Rudolph The Rednosed Reindeer.mp32.9 MB01:14.12
Disney Christmas - The Twelve Days Of Christmas.mp34.2 MB00:19.02
Disney Christmas - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Other Version).mp34.8 MB01:36.40
Dj Matixmix - Feliz Navidad mix.mp317.0 MB15:46.33
Dj Bobo- It's Time For Christmas.mp35.4 MB13:22.32
Dj Dobo. We wish you a merry Christmas - remix.mp38.3 MB15:46.50
Dj Scotty - Last Christmas.mp35.0 MB11:57.48
Dj marro- Feliz navidad remix.mp37.4 MB15:46.53
Dj pasha kent.We wish you a merry Christmas And a happy New Year.mp37.4 MB15:47.16
Django Wagner - Ik Kom Naar Huis Met Kerstmis.mp37.8 MB23:26.54
Do - Everyday is Christmas.mp35.4 MB11:57.54
Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers - Christmas Without You.mp38.9 MB06:46.58
Donna Summer - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp38.1 MB06:46.58
Doris Day - Here comes Santa Claus.mp33.6 MB12:21.00
Doris Day - Winter Wonderland.mp33.9 MB16:04.20
Doug Ashdown - Winter In America - 1978.mp39.5 MB13:19.28
Doug Ashdown - Winter in America.mp35.6 MB16:57.02
Dr. John & Leon Redbone - Frosty the SnowMan.mp32.2 MB19:18.12
Dresdener Kreuzchor - Kommet Ihr Hirten.mp31.6 MB21:43.08
Drifters - The Christmas Song.mp32.3 MB21:43.16
Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby.mp34.5 MB14:28.12
Eddie Hardin Band - Silent Night.mp36.5 MB19:49.46
Edwin Roelvink - Driving home for christmas.mp39.0 MB23:26.54
Edwin Roelvink - Stille nacht.mp38.9 MB23:26.54
Elfie Graf - Stille Nacht.mp34.8 MB21:43.34
Ella Fitzgerald - Frosty, The Snowman.mp32.6 MB12:55.16
Ella Fitzgerald - Let Is Snow! Let Is Snow! Let Is Snow!.mp33.2 MB12:55.16
Ella Fitzgerald - Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindee.mp33.9 MB16:05.46
Ella Fitzgerald - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp32.7 MB12:55.14
Ella Fitzgerald - Sleigh Ride.mp36.0 MB14:23.40
Ella Fitzgerald - White Christmas.mp33.5 MB12:55.16
Ella Fitzgerald - Winter Wonderland.mp32.6 MB19:15.38
Elton John - Step Into Christmas.mp310.3 MB06:46.58
Elvis - White christmas.mp32.3 MB01:30.02
Elvis Presley & Bing Crosby - Im Dreaming Of A White Christmas.mp32.9 MB20:45.46
Elvis Presley - (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me).mp34.6 MB11:57.50
Elvis Presley - Amazing Grace.mp34.9 MB11:58.28
Elvis Presley - An Evening Prayer.mp32.6 MB11:58.30
Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas.mp32.9 MB11:50.16
Elvis Presley - Crying In The Chapel.mp33.4 MB11:58.16
Elvis Presley - He Is My Everything.mp33.7 MB11:58.32
Elvis Presley - He Touched Me.mp33.6 MB11:58.32
Elvis Presley - His Hand In Mine.mp34.5 MB11:58.08
Elvis Presley - Holly Leaves And Christmas Trees.mp33.1 MB13:12.46
Elvis Presley - How Great Thou Art.mp34.2 MB11:58.16
Elvis Presley - I Believe.mp32.9 MB11:57.54
Elvis Presley - I'll Be Home On Christmas Day.mp35.3 MB13:12.34
Elvis Presley - If Every Day Was Like Christmas.mp34.0 MB13:13.02
Elvis Presley - If I Get Home On Christmas Day.mp34.0 MB13:12.36
Elvis Presley - If That Isn't Love .mp34.8 MB11:58.34
Elvis Presley - In My Father's House.mp32.9 MB11:58.10
Elvis Presley - In The Garden.mp34.4 MB11:58.18
Elvis Presley - It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).mp35.4 MB11:58.04
Elvis Presley - Known Only To Him.mp32.9 MB11:58.12
Elvis Presley - Lonely this christmas.mp33.3 MB18:00.06
Elvis Presley - O Little Town Of Bethlehem.mp33.6 MB13:11.46
Elvis Presley - On A Snowy Christmas Night.mp33.9 MB13:11.52
Elvis Presley - Only Believe.mp33.9 MB11:58.28
Elvis Presley - Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me).mp32.6 MB13:11.40
Elvis Presley - Silent Night.mp33.1 MB13:11.48
Elvis Presley - Silver Bells.mp33.4 MB13:12.50
Elvis Presley - Somebody Bigger Than You And I.mp33.4 MB11:58.20
Elvis Presley - Take My Hand, Precious Lord.mp33.0 MB18:06.08
Elvis Presley - The First Noel.mp33.0 MB13:11.52
Elvis Presley - The Wonderful World Of Christmas.mp32.7 MB13:12.16
Elvis Presley - Where No One Stands Alone.mp33.8 MB11:58.20
Elvis Presley - White Christmas.mp33.3 MB13:10.36
Elvis Presley - Winter Wonderland.mp33.2 MB13:12.10
Elvis Presley - Without Him.mp33.4 MB11:58.24
Emile Hartkamp - Een prachtige witte kerst.mp38.5 MB23:26.54
Engelbert Humperdinck - Winter World Of Love.mp37.7 MB06:46.58
Enya - A Very Special Chrismas.mp34.3 MB07:35.16
Enya - Oh Holy Night.mp34.3 MB20:49.06
Enya - Oíche Chiún (Silent Night).mp33.5 MB11:52.38
Erasure - Gaudete.mp36.5 MB15:50.34
Erdmoebel - Weihnachten (Last Christmas).mp34.6 MB21:43.54
Errol Brown - Family Christmas Time.mp33.5 MB19:03.06
Eurythmics - Winter Wonderland.mp35.2 MB14:28.22
Faith Hill - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp33.7 MB19:55.04
Faith Hill - Where are you Christmas.mp35.6 MB11:58.10
Feestteam - Christmix.mp34.6 MB21:22.32
Feliz Navidad - Remix.mp37.3 MB15:50.55
Feliz Navidad vs We Wish You A Merry vs Christmas Last Christmas mix.mp316.7 MB15:51.03
Feliz Navidad.mp36.4 MB22:46.20
Ferry De Lits - Na Deze Kerstmis.mp32.6 MB21:22.32
Footprints in the snow_256kbps.mp38.4 MB15:51.10
Fourplay Snowbound - River.mp35.3 MB09:37.44
Fourplay Snowbound - Snowbound.mp34.7 MB09:21.04
Francine Jordi - Ein Märchen aus Eis.mp34.6 MB21:44.12
Frank & Mirella - Jingle Bells.mp35.8 MB23:26.54
Frank Baum & Country Green - Advent Stunden Der Stille.mp33.3 MB21:44.26
Frank Baum & Country Green - Schöner Fremder Lass Mich Nicht Allein.mp33.6 MB21:44.38
Frank Schöbel & Aurora Lacasa - Wir haben einen Weihnachtsbaum.mp34.0 MB21:44.58
Frank Sinatra & Cindy Lauper - Santa Claus Is Comint To Town.mp36.0 MB15:34.34
Frank Sinatra - Christmas Dreaming.mp32.5 MB15:19.20
Frank Sinatra - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp38.0 MB06:46.58
Frank Sinatra - I'll be Home For Christmas.mp33.7 MB03:39.10
Frank Sinatra - Jingle Bells.mp32.5 MB14:31.30
Frank Sinatra - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp32.4 MB19:15.34
Frank Sinatra - White Christmas.mp32.4 MB21:43.06
Frank Verkooijen - Het Voelt Zo Goed Met Kerstmis.mp35.6 MB21:22.32
Frank bauer - Dit Kerstfeest.mp34.2 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Hoe Leit Dit Kindeke.mp32.3 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Ik Droom Van Een Kerstfeest.mp33.3 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Ik Heb Vannacht Een Engel In Mijn Dromen Gezien.mp33.2 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Kling Glockchen Kling.mp32.6 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Komt Allen Tezamen.mp32.9 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Nu Zijt Wellecome.mp32.8 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Oh Tannenbaum.mp32.4 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp33.5 MB23:26.54
Frank bauer - n Ander Kerstfeest.mp32.8 MB23:26.54
Frank van etten & johnny bach - Met kerstmis zou iedereen gelukkig moeten zijn.mp37.1 MB23:26.54
Frankie Avalon - A Merry Christmas.mp33.0 MB11:19.06
Frankie Goes To Hollywood- The Power Of Love.mp35.0 MB14:38.32
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - 'n Kerstkaart.mp33.1 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - De Herdetjes Lagen Bij Nachte.mp33.0 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Hoe Leit Dit Kindeke.mp32.3 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Ik Droom Van 'n Heel Mooi Kerstfeest.mp32.5 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Jingle Bells.mp32.3 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Kersfeest In Ons Mooi Nederland.mp32.7 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Kling Klokje Kling.mp32.8 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Nu Zijt Wellecome.mp32.8 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Oh Denneboom.mp32.3 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - Steek dan een kaarsje aan.mp33.4 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer & Marianne Weber - n Ander Kerstfeest.mp32.7 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer - 'N Kerstkaart.mp37.7 MB06:46.58
Frans Bauer - Dit kerstfeest.mp310.5 MB23:26.54
Frans Bauer - kerst - Dit kerstfeest.mp35.2 MB14:30.02
Frans Bauer - kerst - En Marianne Weber - Nu Zijt Wellecome.mp32.8 MB16:13.14
Freddy Breck - Die Schlittenpost ist da.mp35.0 MB21:47.00
Freddy QUinn - St. Niklas war ein Seemann.mp31.5 MB21:48.00
Freddy Quinn - Alle Jahre wieder.mp33.8 MB21:47.40
Freddy Quinn - Kommet ihr Hirten.mp3900 KB21:47.42
Freddy Quinn - O Tannenbaum.mp31.0 MB21:47.46
Freddy Quinn - St Niklas War Ein Seemann.mp33.4 MB21:47.56
Freddy Quinn - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp32.1 MB21:48.06
Frosty MC - Oh Tannenbaum.mp34.6 MB22:05.28
Fröhliche Weihnacht überall.mp31.4 MB01:33.12
Fun Factory - Sad Christmas.mp34.6 MB12:16.10
Fun Xmas Song = 'Christmas Medley' (Jingle Cats & Barking Dogs).mp33.2 MB21:17.00
Funny Christmas - Comedy - Frosty The Pervert.mp32.2 MB23:50.26
Funny Christmas - Dirty Christmas Song remix Sleigh Ride.mp32.1 MB05:20.32
Funny Christmas - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer.mp32.5 MB22:14.16
Funny Christmas - Ho Ho Fucking Ho.mp33.6 MB23:07.10
Funny Christmas - Holy shit it's christmas.mp32.8 MB22:28.50
Funny Christmas - What If Eminem Did Jingle Bells.mp32.9 MB23:03.58
Gaby Albrecht - Ein Bettchen aus Wolken.mp34.5 MB21:48.16
Gaby Baginsky - Weihnachtszeit Schlittenfahrt.mp34.2 MB21:48.22
Garry Glitter - Another Rock N Roll Christmas.mp35.7 MB19:52.24
Gene Autry - Frosty the Snowman.mp32.7 MB19:53.20
Gene Autry - Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.mp33.3 MB19:07.50
Gene Autry and the Pinafores - Rudolph the Red- Nosed Rendeer.mp34.3 MB11:20.50
George Michael Last Christmas_(DJ Solovey_remix)_(2011).mp313.1 MB15:53.23
George Michael Vs. DJ Solovey.Let's Go Christmas (DJ Solovey Remix 2k11).mp314.5 MB15:53.29
George Michael.Last Christmas(DJ Solovey remix).mp39.8 MB15:53.34
George_Michael_-_Last_Chrismas[1].mp36.0 MB23:57.30
Gerard Joling - Silent Night.mp38.7 MB06:46.58
Geschwister Hofmann - Frieden in allen Herzen.mp35.7 MB21:48.32
Geschwister Hofmann - Wenn die Eisblumen blühn.mp34.3 MB21:48.38
Glenn Miller - American Patrol.mp37.6 MB11:33.14
Glenn Miller - Blue Champagne.mp34.5 MB11:34.20
Glenn Miller - Holiday For Strings.mp313.2 MB11:34.14
Glenn Miller - Introduction & Moonlight Serenade.mp33.1 MB11:33.02
Glenn Miller - It Happened In Sun Valley.mp36.8 MB11:33.48
Glenn Miller - Jingle Bells.mp36.9 MB11:33.38
Glenn Miller - Little Brown Jug.mp36.8 MB11:34.28
Glenn Miller - Medley.mp317.2 MB11:34.50
Glenn Miller - Poinciana.mp311.8 MB11:33.28
Glenn Miller - Sun Valley Jump.mp37.9 MB11:35.12
Glenn Miller - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.mp39.2 MB11:35.02
Glenn Miller - When You Wish Upon A Star.mp36.5 MB11:33.56
Global Defence - Jingle Bells (Dance Extended Mix) - HardstyleHardcore.mp313.2 MB15:54.04
Gloria Estefan - Christmas through your eyes.mp34.5 MB21:17.54
Go Tell It On The Mountain - 08 - Swan Silverstones.mp33.8 MB11:35.06
Golden Gate Quartet - White Christmas .mp34.8 MB23:23.56
Goldfinger - De Arreslee.mp32.3 MB21:22.32
Goldfinger - Kling Klokje Klingeling.mp33.0 MB21:22.32
Goombay Dance Band - Christmas Om Sea.mp36.3 MB19:50.52
Grad Damen - Een Gevoel Van Liefde.mp36.3 MB21:22.32
Grad Damen - Mag Het Altijd Kerstmis Zijn.mp35.3 MB21:22.32
Grad Damen - Ritje in de arreslee.mp36.9 MB23:26.54
Grant & Forsyth - Happy Christmas (War Is Over).mp37.1 MB21:22.32
Grant & Forsyth - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp34.9 MB21:22.32
Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas.mp35.7 MB12:14.18
Greyhounds - Das Weihnachtsfest.mp33.6 MB21:48.46
Greyhounds - Moderne Weihnachtsmänner.mp34.1 MB21:48.54
Guillermo & Tropical Danny - Kerstvakantie.mp35.1 MB06:46.58
H.O.T. - Wedding X-mas.mp34.4 MB03:22.20
Hand In Hand For Children e.V - Children.mp34.1 MB23:47.28
Hands Up Merry Christmas Mix 2011.mp324.3 MB15:54.59
Hanna & Daana - Draussen Fällt Leise Der Schnee.mp34.4 MB21:49.02
Hanna & Daana - Du Wunderschöner Tannenbaum.mp32.8 MB21:49.10
Hannah Morris - When a Child is Born.mp34.5 MB15:19.20
Hanny - Een Lichtje Voor Mij.mp33.7 MB21:22.32
Hans Christiani - White Christmas.mp34.2 MB12:21.12
Hans Van Seggelen - De Maan En De Sterren.mp35.3 MB21:22.32
Hans Van Seggelen - In Die Kerstnacht.mp34.0 MB21:22.32
Hans Van Seggelen - Luid De Klokken.mp35.2 MB21:22.32
Hansi Hinterseer - Buama zählts´s die Schafln.mp33.1 MB21:49.16
Hansi Hinterseer - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp33.1 MB21:49.24
Hansi Hinterseer - Kommet Ihr Hirten.mp32.7 MB21:49.30
Hansi Hinterseer - A Bisserl Gottve.mp33.5 MB21:49.54
Hansi Hinterseer - A bährige Weihnacht.mp32.8 MB21:49.36
Hansi Hinterseer - A bärige Weihnacht.mp33.5 MB21:49.46
Hansi Hinterseer - Alle Jahre wieder.mp31.9 MB21:49.56
Hansi Hinterseer - Als Maria Über's Gebirge ging.mp33.5 MB21:50.04
Hansi Hinterseer - Buama zählt's die schafl'n.mp33.9 MB21:50.12
Hansi Hinterseer - Geh Hansi pack dei Bingei zam .mp32.3 MB21:50.18
Hansi Hinterseer - Geh Hansi pack dei Bingei zam.mp32.8 MB21:50.26
Hansi Hinterseer - Halt a bisserl still.mp33.5 MB21:50.34
Hansi Hinterseer - Ihr kinderlein kommet.mp33.9 MB21:50.42
Hansi Hinterseer - Kommet ihr hirten.mp33.3 MB21:50.48
Hansi Hinterseer - Lasst uns froh und munter sein.mp32.6 MB21:50.54
Hansi Hinterseer - Oh du fröhlich, O du selige.mp33.4 MB21:51.00
Hansi Hinterseer - Oh, du Fröhliche.mp32.7 MB21:51.08
Hansi Hinterseer - Schee langsam wird's still.mp35.7 MB21:51.16
Hansi Hinterseer - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp32.8 MB21:51.22
Hansi Hinterseer - Süsser die Glocken nie klingen.mp34.0 MB21:51.30
Hansi Hinterseer - Weihnachten in Tirol.mp33.8 MB21:51.36
Happy Xmas (War is over).mp33.3 MB01:11.18
Hark ! The Herald Angels Sing - 20 - Mahalla Jackson.mp34.1 MB13:31.30
Harry Belafonte - Marys Boychild.mp34.5 MB15:19.20
Harry Hussey - Mary's boy child.mp33.0 MB22:28.46
Harry Hussey - Rudolph the rednose Raindeer.mp32.8 MB22:16.00
Harry Hussey - Silent night.mp34.7 MB22:33.02
Harry Hussey - White christmas.mp34.3 MB22:10.54
Have yourself a merry little Christmas.mp34.7 MB19:35.48
Heino & Mandy Bach - Rockin´around the Christmas Tree.mp33.1 MB21:51.48
Heino - O Tannenbaum.mp32.7 MB21:51.42
Heintje - Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp34.4 MB21:51.54
Heintje - Stille Nacht (1).mp33.0 MB00:23.26
Helemaal Hollands - Hoog Aan De Hemel.mp36.1 MB21:22.32
Helemaal Hollands - Ik Ben Thuis Met Kerstmis.mp34.5 MB21:22.32
Henny Weijmans - Kerstmis Voor Jou En Voor Mij.mp34.8 MB21:22.32
Henny Weijmans - Met Kerst Ben Je Weggegaan.mp34.8 MB21:22.32
Here Comes Santa Claus - 13 - Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters.mp34.2 MB12:26.04
Herman & Tietjen - Jingle Bells.mp32.6 MB21:52.00
Herman Finkers (1) - Kerstmis.mp34.0 MB00:47.20
Hermes House Band - Merry Christmas everybody.mp35.1 MB11:58.16
Hilary Duff - Jingle bell Rock.mp33.8 MB11:58.22
Hilary Duff - Last Chrismas.mp35.8 MB01:14.10
Hiver & Hammer feat Karyn White - Wonderful Christmas Time.mp35.5 MB22:05.30
Holland Duo - Jij Hebt Heel Je Leven.mp35.0 MB21:22.32
Holland Duo - Wat Ik Jou Nog Zeggen Wou.mp35.2 MB21:22.32
Howard Carpendale - Blue Christmas.mp33.8 MB21:52.08
Howard Carpendale - Darf ich dich mal fragen.mp33.2 MB21:52.14
Howard Carpendale - Do they know it's Christmas time- (Band Aid).mp33.3 MB21:52.20
Howard Carpendale - Driving home for Christmas.mp33.9 MB21:52.26
Howard Carpendale - Happy Christmas.mp33.4 MB21:52.32
Howard Carpendale - Ich warte auf den ersten Schnee.mp33.3 MB21:52.38
Howard Carpendale - Ich wollt' Dir nur frohe Weihnachten wünschen.mp33.3 MB21:52.44
Howard Carpendale - Silent Night (Stille Nacht).mp32.6 MB21:52.50
Howard Carpendale - Wait.mp33.4 MB21:52.56
Howard Carpendale - Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus.mp33.6 MB21:53.02
Howard Carpendale - Weihnachten in Südafrika.mp32.7 MB21:53.08
Howard Carpendale - Weihnachtsabend in der City.mp33.2 MB21:53.14
Howard Carpendale - Wo bitte gibt's denn hier noch ne'n Weihnachtsbaum.mp32.8 MB21:53.18
I Wish Every Day Could Be Like Christmas - 19 - Brook Benton.mp34.0 MB16:31.06
Idela's dream - Oh du fröhliche.mp34.9 MB22:05.30
Il Divo - The Christmas Collection - 01 - O Holy Night.mp35.5 MB05:17.36
Illegal 2001 - Alle Jahre wieder.mp36.1 MB21:53.28
Illegal 2001 - Weihnachtstraum.mp35.7 MB21:53.34
Ireen Sheer & Bernhard Brink - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp34.2 MB21:53.40
Irene Grandi - Canzoni Per Natale - 02 - O Natale Tutti I Giorni.mp38.0 MB17:45.30
Irish Rovers - Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Christmas songs).mp36.2 MB05:52.46
Jackson 5 - Santa Claus is Coming to Town.mp33.9 MB09:57.56
Jahn & Yoko - The Plastik Ono Band - Happy X-Mas (War Is Over).mp34.1 MB23:32.24
James Last - Weihnachten, villancicos, noël, colinde, christmas].mp35.2 MB23:20.28
James Last - Christmas Medley.mp34.3 MB21:53.46
James Last - Christmasmedley 1.mp31.3 MB21:53.48
James Last - Christmasmedley 10.mp31.8 MB21:53.52
James Last - Christmasmedley 2.mp31.6 MB21:53.58
James Last - Christmasmedley 3.mp31.4 MB21:54.02
James Last - Christmasmedley 4.mp31.5 MB21:54.06
James Last - Christmasmedley 5.mp31.3 MB21:54.08
James Last - Christmasmedley 6.mp32.2 MB21:54.14
James Last - Christmasmedley 7.mp31.3 MB21:54.18
James Last - Christmasmedley 8.mp31.2 MB21:54.22
James Last - Christmasmedley 9.mp31.4 MB21:54.26
James Last - Die Hirten.mp33.3 MB21:54.30
James Last - Fröhliche Weihnacht überall.mp33.8 MB21:54.36
James Last - Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp35.4 MB21:54.44
James Last - In der Kathedrale.mp34.3 MB21:54.48
James Last - Kirchenglocken zur Weihnachtszeit.mp33.0 MB21:54.56
James Last - Morgen Kinder wirds was geben.mp31.1 MB21:54.58
James Last - Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben.mp33.9 MB21:55.04
James Last - Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben; Alle Jahre wieder; Froehliche Weihnachten ueberall.mp34.7 MB22:00.22
James Last - O Freude über Freude.mp33.1 MB21:55.10
James Last - Petersburger Schlittenfahrt.mp31.1 MB21:55.12
James Last - Schlittenfahrt zum Weihnachtsmarkt.mp35.0 MB21:55.20
James Last - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp34.5 MB21:55.26
James Last - Vom Himmel hoch.mp34.9 MB21:55.32
James Last - Weihnachten - 01 - Fröhliche Weihnacht überall.mp32.5 MB12:22.54
James Last - Weihnachten - 02 - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp33.0 MB12:23.16
James Last - Weihnachten - 03 - Schlittenfahrt zum Weihnachtsmarkt.mp33.3 MB12:23.38
James Last - Weihnachten - 04 - Die Hirten.mp32.2 MB12:23.54
James Last - Weihnachten - 05 - O Freude über Freude.mp32.0 MB12:24.08
James Last - Weihnachten - 07 - In der Kathedrale.mp32.9 MB12:25.06
James Last - Weihnachten - 08 - Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp33.6 MB12:25.32
James Last - Weihnachten - 09 - Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben.mp32.6 MB12:25.50
James Last - Weihnachten - 10 - Vom Himmel hoch.mp33.3 MB12:26.14
James Last - Weihnachten - 11 - Stille Nacht.mp34.7 MB22:36.24
James Last - Weihnachten - 12 - Kirchenglocken zur Weihnachtszeit.mp37.0 MB12:27.42
James Last - Weihnachten - Einsamer Hirte.mp34.0 MB23:03.40
Jan Smit met Monique - Kerst Voor Iedereen.mp37.0 MB23:26.54
Jan Smit - Het is kerstmis.mp33.1 MB19:50.48
Jan Smit - Kling Klokjes.mp36.8 MB06:46.58
Jan Wayne - Christmas Time.mp34.6 MB11:14.30
Jannes - 'n Heel Gezellig Kerstfeest.mp37.3 MB23:26.54
Jannes - 'n Ritje Met Z'n Twee .Kerst.mp38.3 MB23:26.54
Jannes - 'n Ster Draagt Jouw Naam .Kerst.mp37.6 MB23:26.54
Jannes - 'n Wintersprookjes Rit .Kerst.mp36.5 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Aan Het Eind Van Het Jaar.mp32.6 MB21:22.32
Jannes - Alleen Met Jou .Kerst.mp38.4 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Als 't Stille Nacht Weer Klinkt .Kerst.mp37.7 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Als Straks Met Kerst.mp37.1 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Gaan De Klokken Weer Luiden .Kerst.mp38.1 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Geen Eenzame Kerst.mp37.8 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Met Kerst Ben Jij De Beide Dagen Bij Me .Kerst.mp38.1 MB23:26.54
Jannes - Winter Is De Mooiste Tijd .Kerst.mp38.0 MB23:26.54
Janske - De Oude Kerstvideo.mp34.7 MB21:22.32
Jantje Smit - Weihnachten -Süsser die Glocken nie klingen.mp32.8 MB16:13.58
Jason Mcknight - Feliz Navidad (feat Secret Layor - Dance Version).mp39.6 MB16:02.14
Jeanette - Ave Maria.mp36.1 MB17:41.48
Jeanette - Christmas Time.mp34.6 MB17:41.46
Jeanette - O come all ye Faithful.mp33.9 MB17:41.46
Jeanette - The Infant Light.mp35.1 MB17:41.46
Jeannie C Riley - Silver bells.mp32.9 MB21:50.52
Jessica Simpson - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.mp34.5 MB21:52.48
Jessica Simpson - Let it snow.mp32.8 MB11:58.26
Jim Reeves - Silver Bells (Christmas).mp32.7 MB15:14.32
Jim Reeves-Marys boy child.mp33.7 MB16:52.02
Jingle Bells - 02 - Rosemary Clooney.mp33.7 MB16:05.16
Jingle Bells - Official 2011 2012 Techno Remix -.mp38.2 MB16:02.50
Jingle bells TECHNO remix BEST ONE.mp38.0 MB16:02.53
Jive Bunny - Christmas - Let's Party.mp35.1 MB17:29.38
Joe Hodgkins & Boss Band - Die Einsamkeit Ist Neben Dir.mp33.4 MB21:55.38
Joe Hodgkins & Boss Band - Ich Sing Ein Weihnachtslied Für Alle Kinder.mp33.8 MB21:55.44
Joe Hodkins & Boss Band - Die Einsamkeit Ist Neben Dir.mp33.4 MB18:41.32
Joe- This Christmas.mp34.3 MB13:25.10
Joga - Whity Christmas.mp35.3 MB22:05.30
John Denver - Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer .mp34.1 MB19:55.34
Johnny Cahs - Hark the Heralds Angels Sing.mp36.1 MB19:55.24
Johnny Cash - Silent Night.mp34.8 MB11:13.50
Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalerie.mp34.6 MB06:46.58
Jona Lewie - Stop The Cavalry.mp32.6 MB19:55.12
Jonny Hill - Der Kleine Trommler.mp32.9 MB21:55.50
Jonny Hill - Gibt Es Einen Weihnachtsmann.mp35.8 MB21:55.58
Jonny Hill - Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp32.0 MB21:56.02
Jonny Hill - Oh Du Fröhliche.mp33.4 MB21:56.08
Jonny Hill - Oh Tannenbaum.mp33.0 MB21:56.12
Jonny Hill - Professor Einstein.mp34.2 MB21:56.18
Jonny Hill - Sag Mama warum hat der Weihnachtsmann Papas neue Schuhe an.mp33.8 MB21:56.24
Jonny Hill - Stille nacht Heilige Nacht.mp34.0 MB21:56.32
Jonny Hill - Süsser Die Glocken Nie Klingen.mp33.6 MB21:56.38
Jonny Hill - Zuhause brennt ein Lichtbaum.mp34.2 MB21:56.44
Joop - Nooit Meer Eenzaam.mp34.5 MB21:22.32
José Carreras, Natalie Cole, Placido Domingo - I'll Be Home for Christmas.mp33.5 MB21:56.52
Joy To The World - 14 - Mario Lanza.mp33.1 MB16:29.40
Just Friends- Christmas Tears.mp34.9 MB13:23.38
KERSTLIEDJES-WHAM - Last Christmas.mp34.1 MB21:59.24
KNUFFELROCK-Thank god.mp34.0 MB10:49.36
Kactus - Der Weihnachtsmann Im Erzgebirge.mp34.6 MB21:57.00
Karl Timmermann - Kling Glöckchen kling.mp32.9 MB21:57.04
Kastelruther Buam - Oh Tannenbaum.mp33.0 MB21:57.08
Kastelruther Spatzen - Stille Nacht.mp36.5 MB21:57.14
Kathrin Raab - Das Fest der Liebe.mp35.2 MB21:57.22
Kelly Clarkson - O Holy Night (American Idol).mp34.9 MB11:58.44
Kerst - ABBA - Christmas.mp34.0 MB22:12.48
Kerst - So This Is Christmas.mp32.6 MB01:10.32
Kerst - Zangeres Zonder Naam - 't Is Kerstmis.mp35.1 MB16:43.00
Kerst 11 Eagles - Please Come Home For Christmas.mp32.7 MB19:07.10
Kerst Kersthits Cd2 -Danny De Munk - Met Kerstmis Hoor Je Blij Te Zijn.mp34.0 MB14:08.24
Kerst-Frans Bauer- Ik droom van een kerstfeest.mp33.3 MB00:23.36
Kerst-When A Child Is Born - Johhny Mathis.mp31.7 MB18:51.30
Kerstliedjes - BZN - Kerst bells ring.mp32.9 MB20:07.58
Kerstliedjes - Bridget en Jan Smit - Kerst voor iedereen.mp34.3 MB23:42.18
Kerstliedjes - Dana - It's gonna be a cold, cold Christmas.mp33.0 MB10:04.54
Kerstliedjes - Frans Bauer - O Denneboom.mp32.4 MB14:13.06
Kerstliedjes - Frans Bauer En Marianne Weber - Steek Dan Een Kaarsje Aan - Kerstfeest Met Frans Bauer En Marianne Weber.mp35.1 MB23:12.36
Kerstliedjes - Jantje Smit - Rom, pom, pom, pom.mp33.3 MB00:13.00
Kerstliedjes - Little Drummer Boy(1).mp34.5 MB20:37.36
Kerstliedjes - Robby Williams - So This Is Christmas.mp32.8 MB22:32.10
Kerstliedjes - Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Billboard Greatest Christmas Hits_ 1935-1954 - 03.mp34.5 MB17:30.46
Kerstliedjes - Youp van het Hek -Flappie.mp32.8 MB22:22.48
Kerstliedjes - band-aid - Do They Know It's Christmas.mp33.7 MB15:57.56
Kerstliedjes -Rudolf trekt de slee.mp31.6 MB01:26.24
Kerstliedjes- Bryan Adams - Something About Christmas Time.mp35.6 MB23:01.52
Kerstliedjes-Andre Hazes - Met kerst ben ik alleen(1).mp35.3 MB22:10.02
Kerstliedjes-Bonnie St.Claire e.a. - Een heel gelukkig kerstfeest.mp35.1 MB21:02.34
Kerstmis Lonely Christmas.mp36.0 MB00:34.34
Kerstmis Trijntje Oosterhuis - Merry Christmas Baby.mp35.3 MB21:40.00
Kerstmis-Celine Dion - Chrismas-Eve (Christmas).mp36.8 MB21:43.10
Kerstmis-Queen - Thank God It's Christmas.mp33.9 MB22:57.44
Kim Carnes - O little town of Bethlehem.mp32.4 MB21:46.44
Kinder kerstliedjes - Stille Nacht.mp34.9 MB16:27.00
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Alle Jahre wieder.mp31.8 MB21:35.30
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp35.0 MB11:50.02
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp32.8 MB21:37.10
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Tochter Zion.mp34.0 MB16:55.26
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Uns ist ein Kind geboren.mp31.3 MB22:09.48
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Vom Himmel hoch, da komm' ich her.mp32.5 MB21:33.56
Kinderchor St. Marien _ Weihnachtliche Orgelmusik.mp32.6 MB22:09.02
Kinderkoor - Kerstliedjes - 06 - De Herdertjes Lagen Bij Nachten(1).mp33.2 MB19:57.14
King Piranhas - Jingle Bell Rock.mp36.4 MB20:49.12
Kiri Te Kanawa - We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp31.5 MB21:57.26
Klaus & Klaus - Hier Kommt Der Weihnachtsmann.mp36.3 MB21:57.38
Klaus Lage Band - Weihnachtszeit.mp35.3 MB13:01.06
Kling glochen.mp32.0 MB00:21.36
Klostertaler - Alpenländisches Weihnachtsmedley.mp35.4 MB21:57.48
Klostertaler - Das Fest der liebe.mp32.7 MB21:57.54
Klostertaler - Das Herz der Erde.mp32.8 MB21:58.00
Klostertaler - Die blüten uns'rer zeit.mp33.1 MB21:58.06
Klostertaler - Einmal über den Wolken.mp33.4 MB21:58.12
Klostertaler - Hand in hand.mp33.5 MB21:58.18
Klostertaler - Kommt ihr Hirten.mp33.4 MB21:58.26
Klostertaler - So a schlitenfahrt.mp32.6 MB21:58.32
Klostertaler - Stille Nacht.mp33.3 MB21:58.38
Klostertaler - Tauzend Jahre Frieden.mp34.0 MB21:58.46
Klostertaler - Wenn liebe in den Herzen lebt.mp34.2 MB21:58.54
Klostertaler - Winterwunderland.mp32.7 MB21:59.00
Klostertaler - Zum Weihnachtsfest bin ich daheim.mp33.8 MB21:59.08
Koos Alberts - Als Alle Lichtjes Branden Gaan.mp39.4 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Als Met Kerst Een Ster Weer Gaat Stralen.mp310.0 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - De Zwerver.mp38.5 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Elke Dag.mp39.4 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Het Is Weer Kerst.mp36.9 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Ik Steek De Kaarsen Aan.mp39.4 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - In Mijn Hart Brandt Een Lichtje.mp37.1 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Kerst In De Jordaan.mp36.2 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Kerst Met Jou.mp36.2 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Kerstfeest Vier Je Met Z'n Allen.mp39.9 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Kom Weer Even In Mijn Armen.mp39.6 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Met Kerst Ben Jij De Beide Dagen Bij Me.mp310.5 MB23:27.16
Koos Alberts - Mijn Mooiste Kerstfeest.mp38.5 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Waar Blijft De Tijd.mp37.3 MB23:26.54
Koos Alberts - Wat Jij Achterliet.mp38.7 MB23:26.54
Kristina Bach - Single Bells.mp34.7 MB21:59.14
Kurtis Blow - Christmas Rappin'.mp39.0 MB06:46.58
Kus & Rene Froger - Kon het elke dag maar Kerstmis zijn.mp34.2 MB21:50.46
Kylie Minogue - Santa Baby.mp33.8 MB15:19.20
LAST CHRISTMAS part 2.mp310.3 MB16:08.37
Last Christmas (DJ Max Maikon Happy Extended Mix).mp310.6 MB16:08.32
Last Christmas.mp32.0 MB14:23.50
Le Chant- Ave Maria.mp34.9 MB13:24.42
Lena Horne - Let it Snow! Let it Snow!.mp33.3 MB14:29.08
Lena Valaitis - Ave Maria.mp33.0 MB21:59.20
Leroy Daniels.Last Christmas (DJ's From Mars Club Remix).mp313.6 MB16:08.57
Liberace- - The Little Drummer Boy.mp34.0 MB19:53.46
Linda & Peter Orloff - Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichtlein brennen.mp32.4 MB21:59.24
Linda Feller - In Dieser Stillen Nacht.mp33.6 MB21:59.28
Linda Feller - Winterzeit Kinderzeit.mp34.0 MB21:59.36
Little Drummer Boy - 06 - Rosemary Clooney.mp33.5 MB11:59.30
Little Saint Nick.mp34.6 MB15:19.36
Lolita - Still, still, still (weil's Kinchen schlafen will).mp31.1 MB21:59.40
Loona - Navidad (Christmas).mp35.6 MB15:30.08
Loretta Lynn - Away in a Manger.mp33.0 MB21:58.18
Loretta Lynn - Deck the Halls.mp32.9 MB21:45.10
Louis Armstrong - Christmas in New Orleans.mp32.7 MB16:58.00
Louise Mandrell - All i want for christmas.mp33.0 MB21:38.30
Lunther Vandross- This is Christmas.mp36.5 MB13:25.52
Luther Vandross - Every Year, Every Christmas.mp35.8 MB00:10.56
Luther Vandross - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp36.3 MB14:26.38
Luther Vandross - This Is Christmas.mp36.5 MB11:58.02
Lynn Anderson- Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp32.8 MB13:27.02
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Christmas Time Again.mp36.2 MB16:12.58
Lytse Hille - kerst in de kou.mp38.2 MB23:26.54
MUD - Lonely This Christmas.mp35.5 MB19:52.10
Macy Gray- Winter Wonderland.mp32.7 MB14:33.58
Mahaila Jackson - Go Tell it on the Mountain.mp32.9 MB21:59.46
Mahalia Jackson - Hark! The Hearld Angel Sing.mp32.7 MB20:56.58
Mahalia Jackson - What Child Is This.mp33.9 MB20:14.38
Manheim Steamroller - Stille Nacht.mp35.0 MB20:02.18
Mantovani - White Christmas.mp35.5 MB21:59.56
Marco Borsato - Kerstmis.mp37.6 MB23:26.54
Mariah Carey - All I Want for Christmas Is You.mp35.5 MB11:58.52
Mariah Carey - Christmas.mp32.4 MB17:35.52
Mariah Carey - Hark,The Herald Angels Sing.mp32.8 MB22:12.20
Mariah Carey - Joy to the World.mp34.0 MB17:42.04
Mariah Carey - O Holy Night.mp33.1 MB20:21.52
Mariah Carey - Santa Claus is comin to Town.mp35.7 MB11:13.22
Mariah Carey - Silent Night.mp33.4 MB19:55.42
Mariah Carey- All I Want For Christmas is You.mp35.5 MB13:18.46
Martin Dams - Het Mooiste Kado.mp34.6 MB21:22.32
Martin Dams - Kerst Met Jou.mp35.2 MB21:22.32
Marvin Gaye - I Want To Go Home For Christmas.mp37.8 MB06:46.58
Mary Roos - Sterntaler.mp34.4 MB22:00.04
Mary xmas everybody-Slade.mp33.0 MB17:43.46
Mary's Little Boy Child.mp32.6 MB16:33.58
Mary's Little Boychild.mp33.5 MB14:13.02
Masterboy - Wonderful Christmas Time.mp34.7 MB22:05.28
Mel & Kim - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree.mp35.2 MB09:57.04
Mel Tormè- The Christmas Song.mp34.4 MB13:26.22
Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream (Coca Cola 2001).mp34.4 MB11:46.02
Merry Christmas Baby.mp36.7 MB14:32.26
Merry Christmas Remix.mp311.2 MB16:11.41
Merry Christmas and happy new year dance.mp38.2 MB16:11.28
Merry X-Mas & Minimalistix - Winter Wonderland.mp34.1 MB22:05.30
Metallo Di Potere - 16cellador Christmas.mp32.2 MB16:11.45
Michael Angelo - We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Traditional English Melody).mp37.0 MB16:11.49
Michael Bolton- This Is the Time.mp33.7 MB14:35.56
Michael Jackson - Little Christmas Tree.mp34.9 MB09:58.42
Michelle - Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen.mp34.6 MB22:00.08
Michelle - Ave Maria (der vergessenen Kinder).mp34.9 MB22:00.14
Michelle - Bald schon kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp36.0 MB22:00.20
Michelle - Denk ich an Weihnacht.mp33.8 MB22:00.26
Michelle - Denk' ich an Weihnacht.mp35.4 MB22:00.32
Michelle - Fröhliche Weihnacht überall.mp35.1 MB22:00.38
Michelle - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp35.7 MB22:00.44
Michelle - Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling.mp34.7 MB22:00.50
Michelle - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp34.7 MB22:00.56
Michelle - O du fröhliche, o du selige.mp36.7 MB22:01.02
Michelle - Schlittenlied (Jingle Bells).mp36.1 MB22:01.10
Michelle - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp35.5 MB22:01.16
Michelle - Weisse Weihnacht und du.mp36.8 MB22:01.24
Michelle - Wer an Weihnachten glaubt.mp36.4 MB22:01.30
Michelle - Winterzeit.mp36.3 MB22:01.36
Mick Jagger & Joss Stone - Lonely Christmas without you.mp33.6 MB11:59.04
Micro X-Mas - Jingle Bells.mp34.2 MB05:19.34
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Christmas Time(1).mp32.7 MB23:12.08
Mike D Abo - Old Time Kinda Christmas.mp35.7 MB19:50.00
Mike Hermann & Booze Company - Früher Kam Der Weihnachtsmann.mp33.1 MB22:01.42
Mike Hermann & Booze Company - Weihnachten Im Truck.mp33.9 MB22:01.48
Mike Oldfield - in Dulci Jubilo.mp34.6 MB09:56.40
Mike Tauer - Der Helle Stern.mp33.7 MB22:01.54
Mike Tauer - Nimm Dir Etwas Zeit.mp33.5 MB22:02.00
Milva - Das Wunder der Weihnacht.mp33.6 MB22:02.06
Mireille Mathieu - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp33.0 MB22:02.10
Modern Talking - It's Christmas.mp35.3 MB11:59.10
Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp31.1 MB00:21.34
Mungo Jerry - Christmas Wonder .mp35.5 MB19:51.54
NDR Kinderchor - Ave Maria.mp32.5 MB22:02.28
NDR Kinderchor - Kling Glöckchen Klingelingeling.mp31.4 MB22:02.32
NDR Kinderchor - O Du Fröhliche.mp33.0 MB22:02.38
Nana Mouskouri - Stille Nacht heilige Nacht.mp32.6 MB01:30.30
Nashville Music Company - Die Anderen Feiern Gemeinsam Zuhaus.mp33.1 MB22:02.16
Nat King Cole - O Tannenbaum (Oh Christmas Tree).mp32.1 MB21:53.18
Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song.mp33.6 MB19:11.54
Natale - Chrismas In Love.mp35.2 MB00:09.40
Natalie Cole - A Song for Christmas.mp33.1 MB22:02.22
Neil Diamond - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Xmas Songs).mp33.7 MB07:09.28
New Country Sound Orchestra - Stille Nacht Und Weisse Weihnacht.mp33.3 MB22:02.44
New Kids On The Block - Little Drummer Boy.mp35.8 MB16:05.10
New Kids On The Block - Merry, Merry Christmas.mp34.7 MB23:57.28
Nicki - Weihnachten in den Bergen.mp32.9 MB22:02.50
Nicki - Weihnachtstraum.mp34.1 MB22:02.56
Nicki - Winterwunderland.mp31.9 MB22:03.00
Nicole - Kommet ihr Hirten.mp32.8 MB22:03.04
Nicole - St. Niklas spannt den Schlitten an.mp32.9 MB22:03.10
Nils Tuxen - Weihnachtsträume.mp33.5 MB22:03.16
Nina Hagen - Ave Maria.mp35.0 MB11:19.16
Nino D'Angelo - E' Natale.mp34.0 MB01:35.50
Noa - Ave Maria.mp33.0 MB22:50.14
Noah - Ave Maria.MP37.9 MB05:38.16
Nockalm Quintett - Stern Der Weihnacht.mp34.2 MB22:03.22
Nockalm Quintett - Weihnacht ist ein Stern in Dir.mp34.3 MB22:03.30
Noel - Weihnachtslieder 06 - Wiener Sangerknaben - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp35.7 MB00:36.34
Nsync - Last Christmas (Acapella).mp32.8 MB17:03.18
Nsync - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.mp35.3 MB15:30.56
Nsync- I Don't Wanna speand One More Christmas Without You.mp35.6 MB13:20.06
O Little Town Of Bethlehem - 12 - Mahalla Jackson.mp33.5 MB15:04.46
Oh denneboom (bauer).MP32.4 MB00:27.16
Olaf Berger - Winterwunderland.mp33.0 MB22:03.34
Olaf Henning - Bin ich vielleicht der Weihnachtsmann.mp34.9 MB22:03.42
Orange Blue Feat. Vai - Why Do They Feel So Sad On Christmasl.mp34.3 MB15:23.50
Otis Redding - Merry Christmas Baby.mp32.3 MB21:21.58
Overground - Driving home for Christmas.mp35.2 MB11:59.34
Paolo Spoladore - Buon Natale.mp33.9 MB12:58.54
Passion Fruit - I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.mp35.5 MB11:59.42
Pat Boone - Jingle Bells .mp32.8 MB19:54.08
Pat Boone - The First Noel.mp34.6 MB18:28.08
Pat Watson - It's Christmas.mp34.3 MB19:05.16
Patrick Lindner - Wenn es noch Wunder gibt.mp34.5 MB22:03.48
Patrick Lindner - Wenn kein Kind mehr weint.mp35.6 MB22:03.54
Patti la Belle - I'm Christmasing with You.mp34.2 MB19:10.00
Paul McCartney & Wings - Wonderful Christmas Time.mp35.4 MB14:23.10
Paul Mccartney & The Frog Chorus - We All Stand Together.mp35.8 MB06:46.58
Paul Young - What Christmas Means To Me.mp36.6 MB15:35.28
Peabo Bryson - Its the most wonderful Time of the Year.mp33.0 MB15:19.20
Perry Como - Greatest Christmas Songs - Beginning To Look Like Xmas.mp32.7 MB10:24.50
Peter Alexander & Tölzer Knabenchor - Das Kind, es schläft (Susani, susani).mp34.1 MB22:05.12
Peter Alexander - Als aller Hoffnung Ende war.mp3541 KB22:03.56
Peter Alexander - Am Weihnachtsbaume die Lichter brennen.mp3428 KB22:03.56
Peter Alexander - Auf der Erde ist Frieden.mp3532 KB22:03.58
Peter Alexander - Eine Muh eine Mäh.mp3936 KB22:04.00
Peter Alexander - Es wird schon gleich dunkel.mp31.2 MB22:04.04
Peter Alexander - Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp31.1 MB22:04.08
Peter Alexander - Kling Glöckchen klingelingeling.mp3775 KB22:04.10
Peter Alexander - Lasst Uns Froh und Munter Sein (Medley).mp36.3 MB22:04.22
Peter Alexander - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp31.0 MB22:04.26
Peter Alexander - Little Drummerboy.mp31.1 MB22:04.28
Peter Alexander - Mein Tschick Tusch Tschakedi Pony.mp3925 KB22:04.32
Peter Alexander - Oh du fröhliche.mp3988 KB22:04.34
Peter Alexander - Schlittenfahrt.mp31.1 MB22:04.38
Peter Alexander - Schöne Weihnacht wünsch ich liebe Leut'.mp3444 KB22:04.40
Peter Alexander - Schöne Weihnacht.mp3447 KB22:04.40
Peter Alexander - Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht.mp31.9 MB22:04.46
Peter Alexander - Waren auch die Kinder brav.mp31.1 MB22:04.48
Peter Alexander - Weihnachtskuchen.mp3670 KB22:04.50
Peter Alexander - Weihnachtszeit ist Kinderzeit.MP3617 KB22:04.52
Peter Alexander - Weihnachtszeit ist Lichterzeit.MP3605 KB22:04.56
Peter Alexander - Weißer Winterwald.MP31.1 MB22:04.58
Peter Alexander - White Christmas.MP31.1 MB22:05.02
Peter Alexander - Winter Wunderwelt.MP31.1 MB22:05.04
Peter Alexander -Heidschi Bumbeidschi.MP31.1 MB22:05.16
Peter Alexander -Wunderschöne Weihnachtszeit.MP31.1 MB22:05.18
Peter Grimberg - Jingle Bell Rock.mp33.1 MB11:14.28
Peter Kraus - Weiße Weihnacht.mp34.5 MB22:05.26
Petra Frey - Dann ist Weihnacht.mp34.3 MB22:05.32
Phil Lovell- From Here To Eternity.mp35.2 MB13:21.26
Pointer Sisters - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp35.5 MB14:27.48
Preluders & Overground - Wonderfull Christmas Time.mp34.9 MB11:59.54
Pretenders - Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.mp34.3 MB22:05.40
Project ft. Love Dj Projec,Last Christmas (Club New Year Mix).mp313.4 MB16:17.03
Punk - Happy X-Mas.mp34.5 MB17:34.24
Punk - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp33.9 MB17:32.22
Punk Ska Covers - White Christmas.mp32.3 MB01:13.38
Queen - Thank God It's Christmas.mp36.8 MB06:46.58
Queen - Thank Good It's Christmas.mp34.9 MB23:25.28
Queen- Thank God It's Christmas.mp34.0 MB14:31.02
R. Kelly- World Christmas.mp35.5 MB13:18.10
Ralf Paulsen - In Thüringen Und Sachsen.mp33.3 MB22:05.44
Rap Allstars & Leroy Daniels - Last Christmas.mp35.6 MB09:59.00
Reamonn- I Need You.mp33.1 MB14:33.02
Ren Ú Froger - Under The Christmas Tree.mp36.1 MB06:46.58
Rene Froger - Under the Christmas Tree.mp34.9 MB12:00.16
René Schuurmans - Ik Kom Met Kerst Naar Huis.mp35.8 MB21:22.32
René Schuurmans - Samen In 'n Arreslee.mp34.8 MB21:22.32
Rex Gildo - Am Heiligen Abend daheim.mp34.3 MB22:05.52
Roasted Turkey - Wishes for Christmas.mp34.6 MB20:36.54
Rob Van Daal - De Lichtjes In Jouw Ogen.mp34.9 MB21:22.32
Rob Van Daal - Gedachten Aan Jou.mp35.0 MB21:22.32
Rob Van Daal - Wees Mijn Kerstmis.mp34.9 MB21:22.32
Robby Vinton- hite Christmas.mp33.6 MB13:26.44
Robert Milla - Winterwunderweihnachtsland.mp34.1 MB22:05.58
Robin S-Show me Love feat Last Christmas Dance House..mp312.5 MB16:18.01
Rockapella - Have yourself a merry little christmas.mp33.3 MB21:30.52
Rockapella - Hold Out For Christmas.mp34.8 MB18:00.22
Rockapella - Little Mary Snowflake.mp32.8 MB09:47.08
Rockapella - Merry Christmas Darling.mp33.7 MB09:47.08
Rockapella - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.mp32.8 MB09:47.08
Rockapella - White christmas.mp32.5 MB20:06.00
Roger Whithaker - Kling Glöckchen.mp32.2 MB00:28.12
Roger Whittaker - Aba Haidschi Bumbaidschi.mp36.4 MB22:06.04
Roger Whittaker - Alle Jahre wieder.mp33.1 MB22:06.08
Roger Whittaker - Am Weihnachtsbaum die Lichter brennen.mp34.6 MB22:06.14
Roger Whittaker - Angel`s from the Realms of Glory.mp35.8 MB22:06.20
Roger Whittaker - Es hat sich eröffnet das himmlische Tor.mp33.0 MB22:06.26
Roger Whittaker - Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp34.9 MB22:06.32
Roger Whittaker - Es kommt ein Schiff geladen.mp35.8 MB22:06.38
Roger Whittaker - Gloria.mp35.8 MB22:06.44
Roger Whittaker - God rest you Merry Gentleman.mp35.0 MB22:06.50
Roger Whittaker - Hark the Herald Angel`s Sing.mp34.3 MB22:06.54
Roger Whittaker - Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.mp36.2 MB22:07.02
Roger Whittaker - Herbei, oh Ihr Gläubigen.mp35.2 MB22:07.08
Roger Whittaker - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp34.7 MB22:07.12
Roger Whittaker - Kling, Glöckchen, kling.mp34.6 MB22:07.18
Roger Whittaker - Kommet ihr Hirten.mp34.3 MB22:07.22
Roger Whittaker - Lasst uns froh und munter sein.mp33.2 MB22:07.26
Roger Whittaker - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp35.3 MB22:07.36
Roger Whittaker - Macht hoch die Tür.mp35.8 MB22:07.44
Roger Whittaker - Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp33.4 MB22:07.48
Roger Whittaker - Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben.mp34.5 MB22:07.58
Roger Whittaker - Nun singet und seid froh.mp34.1 MB22:08.04
Roger Whittaker - O Gone all ye Faithfull.mp35.2 MB22:08.16
Roger Whittaker - O Tannenbaum.mp35.6 MB22:08.22
Roger Whittaker - O du fröhliche.mp36.0 MB22:08.10
Roger Whittaker - Oh Mamma Maria.mp35.2 MB22:08.28
Roger Whittaker - Schlittenfahrt im Schnee.mp34.5 MB22:08.34
Roger Whittaker - The Christmas Song.mp35.5 MB22:08.40
Roger Whittaker - The first Nowel.mp36.1 MB22:08.48
Roger Whittaker - The twelve Days of Christmas.mp36.4 MB22:09.00
Roger Whittaker - Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her1.mp35.3 MB22:09.06
Roger Whittaker - We Wish You a Merry Christmas.mp31.7 MB22:09.10
Roger Whittaker - Weisses Winter-Wunderland (Winter Wonderworld).mp35.0 MB22:09.16
Roger Whittaker - White Christmas.mp36.2 MB22:09.26
Roger Whittaker - Winter Wonderland.mp34.9 MB22:09.32
Roger Whittaker - Wir wünschen euch Frohe Weihnacht (Merry Christmas).mp33.5 MB22:09.38
Roland Kaiser - Engel haben niemals frei.mp36.0 MB22:09.46
Roland Neudert - Am Weihnachtsbaume Die Lichter Brennen.mp33.8 MB06:11.02
Roland Neudert - Heidschi Bumbeidschi.mp35.2 MB06:13.50
Roland Neudert - Jingle Bells (Schlittenfahrt).mp33.6 MB06:07.20
Roland Neudert - Kling Glöckchen, Laßt Und Froh, O Du Fröhliche, Alle Jahre Wieder.mp33.4 MB06:03.18
Roland Neudert - Leise Rieselt Der Schnee.mp32.8 MB02:25.18
Roland Neudert - Morgen Kommt Der Weihnachtsmnann, Schneeflöckchen, Morgen Kinder, Es Ist Eine Zeit Angekommen.mp33.0 MB03:25.52
Roland Neudert - O Tannenbaum.mp33.1 MB02:32.14
Roland Neudert - St. Niklas War Ein Seemann.mp34.3 MB06:05.24
Roland Neudert - Still, Still, Still.mp33.0 MB02:28.36
Roland Neudert - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht.mp34.5 MB06:16.12
Roland Neudert - Süßer Die Glocken Nie Klingen.mp35.0 MB02:21.48
Roland Neudert - Und Wieder Ist Weihnacht.mp33.3 MB02:27.00
Roland Neudert - Weihnachten.mp32.6 MB06:08.58
Roland Neudert - Weiße Weihnacht (White Christmas).mp34.3 MB02:23.56
Roland Neudert - Weißer Winterwald (Winter Wonderland).mp33.8 MB02:30.32
Rolf Zuckowski - Wär' uns der Himmel immer so nah.mp31.6 MB22:09.50
Ronan Keating feat. Moira Brennan - Fairytale Of New York.mp35.8 MB14:22.26
Rondo Veneziano - Weihnacht Suite (Christmas).mp34.4 MB01:15.24
Ronnie Milsap - Holy Night.mp35.5 MB19:53.00
Ronnie Spector & Darlene Love - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp36.4 MB15:36.08
Ronny - Weihnachten zu Hause - Süsser die Glocken nie klingen.mp33.2 MB22:09.40
Ronny mit Chor & Studio-Nord-Orchester - Morgen, Kinder, wird's was geben.mp32.9 MB22:09.56
Rosemary Clooney - Jingle Bells.mp32.5 MB21:14.38
Rosy Rohr - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp3734 KB22:10.00
Roy Black - Jingle Bells (Ein kleiner weißer Schneemann).mp31.2 MB22:10.04
Roy Black - Kleiner Trommelmann.mp33.6 MB22:10.12
Roy Black - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp32.0 MB00:59.18
Roy Black - O du fröhliche.mp32.0 MB22:10.22
Roy Black - Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus.mp31.3 MB22:10.30
Rudolph The Red - 04 - Nosed Reindeer.mp33.1 MB15:23.50
Run D.M.C. - Christmas In Hollis.mp33.6 MB14:35.58
S Club 7 - Perfect Christmas.mp36.3 MB15:25.38
Samantha Mumba - All I Want For Christmas.mp34.4 MB15:21.32
Santa Baby - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp34.2 MB20:36.54
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - 16 - Frank Sinatra.mp33.6 MB16:02.20
Santa Claus is comin to Town.mp36.7 MB22:47.32
Sarah Conner - Chrismas in my heart.mp35.8 MB21:55.30
Sarah Conner - This Christmas.mp33.1 MB12:01.32
Sarah Connor - Christmas in my Heart (single version).mp35.9 MB11:49.56
Sarah Connor - Whithe Christmas.mp36.2 MB18:19.54
Saskia & Serge - Mary's Boy Child.mp39.6 MB06:46.58
Schürzenjäger - A Weihnacht wie´s früher war.mp34.2 MB22:10.40
Schürzenjäger - Des Jahr macht langsam zua.mp33.6 MB22:10.46
Schürzenjäger - Gott grüaß enk,Leutin.mp35.0 MB22:10.50
Schürzenjäger - Hansl,pack dei Binggerl zamm.mp34.7 MB22:10.56
Schürzenjäger - Stille Nacht.mp36.1 MB22:11.02
Schürzenjäger - Wer klopft an.mp36.3 MB22:11.08
Schürzenjäger - Wo san denn heit die Schafersbuam.mp36.1 MB22:11.22
Sexy Christmas Song Rumbar GIRLS NEW Songs 2012 Xmas - In the Snow.mp36.5 MB16:22.44
Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone.mp34.2 MB19:25.54
Shakin' Stevens- Merry Christmas Everyone.mp35.1 MB13:27.36
Shakin` Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone.mp34.2 MB11:14.30
Shania Twain - White Christmas.mp32.0 MB14:45.36
Shawn Colvin- I Don't Need Anything This Christmas.mp33.4 MB14:37.12
Showaddywaddy - Rock Christmas.mp36.2 MB19:51.16
Silent Night .mp33.0 MB14:46.32
Silke Fischer - Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen.mp31.2 MB22:11.28
Silver Bells - 18 - Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney.mp34.2 MB16:33.00
Simon & Garfunkel - Seven O'Clock News - Silent Night.mp32.9 MB20:21.32
Simone Christ - Wenn Schnee fällt in den Bergen.mp34.2 MB22:11.42
Sinead o' Connor - My Special Child.mp36.6 MB00:38.26
Sinead o`Connor - Silent night.mp34.0 MB15:19.20
Sinèad o'Connor- My Special Child.mp34.4 MB14:37.48
Siw Malmkvist - Weihnacht ist nicht mehr das was es wahr.mp34.8 MB22:11.48
Siw Malmquist - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp34.5 MB22:12.00
Skeeter Davis - Santa claus is coming to town.mp32.3 MB21:43.18
Slade - Merrx X-Mas Everybody.mp34.0 MB16:12.04
Slilent Night - 03 - Mahalla Jackson.mp36.9 MB15:28.10
So This is Christmas (with Yoko Ono).mp33.3 MB00:55.38
Solid Harmonie - Give love on Christmas Day.mp34.5 MB12:00.34
Soulful Christmas - Jingle Bell Rock.mp32.0 MB15:07.50
Spice Girls - Sleigh Ride.mp33.3 MB15:19.20
Spike - X-mas Song.mp35.7 MB08:08.46
Spike- Winter Song.mp35.5 MB13:23.08
Star sisters - Sleigh bells.mp32.9 MB16:56.16
Stef Ekkel - Het Is Winter.mp34.8 MB21:22.32
Stefan Peters - Wenn es kalt wird.mp35.1 MB22:12.08
Stefanie Hertel - Weißt du, was ein Schneemann träumt.mp32.0 MB22:12.12
Stephan Moll - Weihnachten schenkt uns vom Himmel ein Stück.mp36.4 MB22:12.22
Steve Nicks - Silent Night.mp36.0 MB14:48.12
Steve Wonder - Someday at Chrismas.mp32.6 MB06:01.30
Stevie Wonder - Someday at Christmas.mp33.9 MB00:43.52
Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht @ Wiener Sängerknaben.mp34.6 MB16:24.39
TV Allstars - Do you know its Christmas.mp33.3 MB22:32.44
TanzorchesterKlausHallen - Christmas for dancing CD2 - 11 - Rockin around the Christmas Tree.mp34.3 MB22:47.48
TanzorchesterKlausHallen - Christmas for dancing CD2 - 12 - Christmas.mp35.0 MB22:47.56
Tech Track and Truck - Jingle Bells (DJ Generic Happy Dance Remix) ].mp36.9 MB16:24.48
Techno Christmas - Jingle Bells Club Remix.mp38.1 MB16:24.52
Techno Christmas - Jingle Bells Remix.mp33.2 MB22:44.24
Techno Christmas - We Wish You A Merry Xmas.mp33.1 MB22:41.46
Temptations - The Little Drummer Boy (Motown Christmas).mp34.7 MB23:36.56
Tennessee - Weihnachtsfrau.mp33.9 MB22:12.28
Tevin Campbell - O Holy Night.mp36.3 MB15:38.08
Tex Haper - Hey Fahrer Komm Rein.mp33.0 MB22:12.34
The Beach Boys - Frosty the Snowman.mp32.6 MB00:39.02
The Beatles - Rockin' around the christmas tree.mp33.5 MB18:29.24
The Blue Diamonds - Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!.mp35.0 MB06:46.58
The Carpenters - Sleigh Ride.mp36.2 MB06:46.58
The Chipmonks - Christmas Don't Be Late.mp32.2 MB06:16.54
The Chipmonks - Christmas Song.mp32.2 MB22:29.48
The Chipmunks - 12 Days of Christmas.mp34.0 MB21:32.50
The Chipmunks - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp32.5 MB23:06.20
The Christmas Song (The Carpenters).mp33.4 MB16:58.04
The Christmas Song - 09 - Rosemary Clooney.mp34.6 MB14:46.00
The Drifters - Oh Holy Night.mp33.1 MB20:10.48
The Drifters - Please Come Home For Christmas.mp32.6 MB20:17.58
The Drifters - Winter Wonderland.mp32.8 MB18:35.10
The Glenn Miller Orchestra - 09 - I'll Be Home For Christmas.mp34.6 MB02:46.40
The Golden Gate Quartet - Silent Night,Holy Night.mp32.5 MB19:28.16
The Jackson 5 - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.mp36.7 MB06:46.58
The Kelly Family - David's Song.mp37.2 MB06:46.58
The Kelly Family - One more happy Christmas.mp35.1 MB12:00.56
The Nashville Session Singers - The Twelve Days of christmas.mp34.4 MB19:53.12
The Platters - Come Home For Christmas.mp32.3 MB21:00.30
The Platters - I'll be home for Christmas.mp33.7 MB21:13.34
The Ramones - Merry Christmas.mp32.9 MB00:43.32
The Sing-A-Longs - Mr Snowman.mp34.9 MB06:46.58
The Supremes - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp36.1 MB06:46.58
The Temptations - Silent Night - Christmas Songs.mp34.2 MB01:04.16
The Temptations - Silent Night.mp33.4 MB19:06.46
Theo Van Cleef - White Christmas.mp35.2 MB21:22.32
Thomanerchor Leipzig - Alle Jahre Wieder.mp31.0 MB22:12.40
Thomanerchor Leipzig - Am Weihnachtsbaum Die Lichter Brennen.mp31.4 MB22:12.46
Thomanerchor Leipzig - Fröhliche Weihnacht Überall.mp32.2 MB22:12.52
Thomanerchor Leipzig - Süßer Die Glocken Nie Klingen.mp31.7 MB22:12.56
Thomanerchor Leipzig - Vom Himmel Hoch, Da Komm' Ich Her.mp32.1 MB22:13.04
Thomas Anders - Christmas Lullaby.mp33.4 MB01:37.36
Thomas Berger - Kon het maar altijd kerstmis zijn.mp35.3 MB00:17.08
Three Kings - We wish you a merry Christmas.mp34.6 MB12:01.02
Time Life Music Collection - (100 Golden Country Christmas Songs) (Entire Album)(2).mp381.3 MB01:17.16
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-01.mp34.1 MB12:40.08
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-02.mp33.5 MB12:41.52
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-03.mp35.0 MB12:43.48
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-04.mp35.5 MB12:45.00
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-05.mp33.5 MB12:46.44
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-06.mp36.0 MB12:48.00
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-07.mp33.2 MB12:48.48
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-08.mp32.9 MB12:49.34
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-09.mp33.2 MB12:50.20
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-10.mp34.4 MB12:51.10
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-11.mp34.0 MB12:51.56
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-12.mp34.1 MB12:52.42
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-13.mp35.4 MB12:53.56
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-15.mp36.4 MB12:56.52
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-18.mp35.0 MB13:06.44
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-19.mp35.3 MB13:07.42
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-20.mp34.5 MB13:08.38
Time Life Music Collection - 100 Golden Country Christmas Songs Track-21.mp34.7 MB13:09.34
Tito el Bambino - Feliz Navidad Remix TropicalL Dj Naci.mp38.1 MB16:26.36
Tom Astor & Der Fredeburger Kinderchor - Winterzeit - Glatteiszeit.mp33.4 MB22:16.44
Tom Astor - Amen.mp32.4 MB22:13.14
Tom Astor - Bitte du kochen mir grossen kalten Fuss.mp33.3 MB22:13.20
Tom Astor - Ein Bäumchen Mit 10 Bunten Kerzen.mp33.8 MB22:13.26
Tom Astor - Es ist für uns eine Zeit angekommen.mp32.9 MB22:13.32
Tom Astor - Feliz Navidad.mp32.9 MB22:13.38
Tom Astor - Frosti der Schneemann.mp32.5 MB22:13.54
Tom Astor - Fröhliche Trucker-Weihnacht.mp32.8 MB22:13.46
Tom Astor - Hei, hei, hei, so eine Schneeballschlacht.mp33.3 MB22:13.58
Tom Astor - Heiligabend auf Der Autobahn.mp33.5 MB22:14.12
Tom Astor - Heiligabend auf dem Truck.mp33.4 MB22:14.06
Tom Astor - Heilige Nacht (O Holy Night).mp34.2 MB22:14.20
Tom Astor - Jedes Jahr zur gleichen Zeit.mp31.3 MB22:14.24
Tom Astor - Kleiner Trommler.mp32.7 MB22:14.30
Tom Astor - Kommet ihr Hirten.mp32.8 MB22:14.36
Tom Astor - Laiwe, hailege Kristuskind (Plattdeutsch).mp31.8 MB22:14.40
Tom Astor - Let It Snow.mp32.8 MB22:14.48
Tom Astor - Macht hoch die Tür.mp32.4 MB22:14.54
Tom Astor - Mein Daddy Fährt Fürs Christkind Die Geschenke.mp32.3 MB22:15.16
Tom Astor - Stille Nacht.mp34.0 MB22:15.36
Tom Astor - Vorfahrt für den Weihnachtsmann.mp32.7 MB22:16.00
Tom Astor - Weihnachten kannst du vergessen.mp32.4 MB22:16.06
Tom Astor - Weisse Weihnachten.mp32.7 MB22:16.14
Tom Astor - Weißer Winterwald.mp32.0 MB22:16.20
Tom Astor - Winter in Canada.mp34.1 MB22:16.32
Tom Astor - Winterzeit,Glatteiszeit.mp32.3 MB22:16.38
Tom Astor Und Der Fredeburger Kinderchor - Alle Jahre Wieder.mp32.9 MB22:16.50
Tommy Steiner - Der Stern von Bethlehem (Tochter Zion).mp31.3 MB22:16.56
Tommy Steiner - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp32.6 MB22:17.06
Toni braxton ft. Shaggie - Christmas in Jamaica.mp36.0 MB12:01.10
Tony Bennett - Winter Wonderland.mp35.1 MB06:46.58
Torfrock - Das Reh.mp35.3 MB22:17.20
Trio Alpin - Jingle Bells im Herzen.mp34.8 MB22:17.36
Truck Stop - Big Old Joe, der Weihnachtsbär.mp35.4 MB22:17.44
Truck Stop - Der Weihnachtsmann Kommt Heute In Die Stadt.mp33.0 MB22:17.50
Truck Stop - Der Weihnachtsmann sah aus wie Papa.mp34.2 MB22:17.58
Truck Stop - Erwin der dicke Schneemann.mp33.5 MB22:18.04
Truck Stop - Ich schenk dir einen Schneemann.mp34.0 MB12:44.44
Truck Stop - Ich schenke Dir einen Schneemann.mp34.0 MB22:18.12
Truck Stop - Ich wünsche mir zum Weihnachtsfest.mp34.2 MB22:18.20
Truck Stop - Jingle Bells (Schlittenfahrt im Schnee).mp33.9 MB22:18.30
Truck Stop - Kommt der Weihnachtsmann nach Texas.mp34.4 MB22:18.38
Truck Stop - Papi, nur Eines wünsch ich mir.mp34.3 MB22:18.46
Truck Stop - Stille Nacht.mp33.8 MB22:19.00
Truck Stop - Söhnchen mein Söhnchen.mp34.5 MB22:18.54
Truck Stop - Weihnachtstraum Montana.mp34.6 MB22:19.12
Truck Stop - Weiße Weihnacht im Wilden Westen.mp34.2 MB22:19.20
Truck Stop - Wir wünschen Euch ein frohes Fest.mp33.8 MB22:19.26
Twenty_Sicks-Lonely_this_Christmas.mp37.5 MB16:28.56
U2 - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).mp33.2 MB14:36.22
Udo Jügens - Merry Christmas allerseits.mp35.5 MB22:19.38
Ulli Martin - Kling Glöckchen.mp34.4 MB22:19.48
Up On A House Top - 17 - Gene Autry.mp33.5 MB16:23.46
Urbanus - Bakske Vol Met Stro.mp36.2 MB06:46.58
VA - Een Heel Gelukkig Kerstfeest.mp312.7 MB06:46.58
Vanessa Williams - Have Yourself A Merry Lettle Christmas.mp35.2 MB00:06.02
Vasco & Millboy ft. Thomas - Last Christmas.mp35.1 MB12:01.24
Vicky Leandros - Maria durch ein' Dornwald ging.mp31.3 MB22:19.52
Villa and Vince - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp34.5 MB20:36.54
Vonda Shepard- Let It Snow.mp32.1 MB14:39.30
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (Dance Version) - Snowpatrol.mp38.9 MB16:29.30
Weihn_m_Heintje-02_Leis_rieslt_d_Schnee.mp36.0 MB15:04.58
Weihn_m_Heintje-04_Kling_Gloekchen.mp34.9 MB15:09.16
Weihn_m_Heintje-05_All_Jahre_wied.mp34.7 MB15:12.52
Weihn_m_Heintje-06_Morg_Kindr_wird_was_geb.mp34.4 MB15:16.22
Weihn_m_Heintje-11_Schneefl_Weissroeck.mp35.5 MB15:29.06
Weihn_m_Heintje-13_Jingle_Bells.mp35.3 MB15:32.20
Weihn_m_Heintje-14_Ihr_Kindlein_komm.mp36.6 MB15:34.48
Weihn_m_Heintje-16_Kommt_Ihr Hirtn.mp35.6 MB15:37.46
Weihnacht Kelly Family - Ji.mp32.9 MB01:14.12
Weihnachten - Bild - Deutsche Weihnachtslieder.mp351.7 MB20:01.00
Weihnachten - Boney M - When A Child Is Born.mp33.1 MB22:01.26
Weihnachten - Heino - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen (Deutsche Weihnachtslieder).mp33.1 MB11:33.26
Weihnachten - Kastelruther Spatzen - Immer, Wenn Es Weihnacht Wird.mp33.0 MB19:05.04
Weihnachten - Kinderlieder - Nena - Nena'S Weihnachtsreise - (17) Alle Jahre Wieder - Noch Zu Schneiden.mp3103.5 MB09:19.58
Weihnachten - Peter Alexander - Schöne Weihnacht - 03 - Leis.mp32.3 MB18:30.12
Weihnachten - Roger Whittaker - O Tannenbaum.mp34.2 MB22:00.54
Weihnachten - Wolfgang Petr.mp33.9 MB00:30.08
Weihnachten - Wolfgang Petry - Weihnacht fängt an.mp34.0 MB01:08.08
Weihnachten - Xmas - Carpenters - Medley Of Pop Christmas Songs.mp32.8 MB06:03.40
Weihnachten Disco Christmas Dance Mix 2000.mp317.9 MB22:23.12
Weihnachten ist nicht mehr weit.mp31.9 MB20:08.02
Weihnachten mit André Rieu - 05 - Medley - Es ist ein Ros' entsprungen.mp36.0 MB13:29.38
Weihnachten- Deutsche Weihnacht.mp354.3 MB10:51.38
Weihnachtslieder - Heintje - Der kleine Trommler - Weihnachten mit Heintje -03-.mp34.3 MB00:24.14
Weihnachtslieder - Helmut Lotti - Stille Nacht - Solo Michae.mp33.2 MB20:11.22
Weihnachtslieder - Kastelruther Spatzen - Der Kleine Trommler.mp33.2 MB22:15.12
Weihnachtslieder - Smokie - Christmas Forever.mp35.7 MB22:35.22
Weihnachtslieder-Heintje - O Tannenbaum.mp31.1 MB00:31.36
Wencke Myhre - Laßt uns froh und munter sein.mp3791 KB22:19.58
Wesley Klein - Een vrolijk kerstfeest..mp38.2 MB23:26.54
Wham - Last Christmas.mp36.0 MB12:19.14
Wham! - Last Christmas.mp34.1 MB22:20.08
Wham- Last Christmas.mp34.0 MB14:31.36
Wham-Last Christmas.mp35.0 MB14:27.30
Wham.Last Christmas (DJ Vini Dyagilev Remix 2011).mp313.6 MB16:31.13
What Child is This - 07 - Mahalla Jackson.mp35.9 MB16:33.00
Whigfield - Last Christmas.mp34.8 MB23:40.48
White Cristmas - 01 - Bing Crosby.mp34.2 MB15:54.06
Whitney Housten - Little Drummer Boy.mp34.1 MB08:52.26
Whitney Houston - O Holy Night.mp35.2 MB21:15.18
Whitney Houston - One Wish.mp35.8 MB12:01.38
Wiener Sängerknaben - Es Ist Ein Ros' Entsprungen.mp32.1 MB22:20.16
Wiener Sängerknaben - Es Wird Scho Glei Dumpa.mp31.8 MB22:20.20
Wiener Sängerknaben - Ihr Kinderlein Kommet.mp31.8 MB22:20.26
Wiener Sängerknaben - Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht.mp33.1 MB22:20.42
Wiener Sängerknaben - in Dulci Jubilo.mp32.9 MB22:20.34
Willie Nelson - Hill Country Christmas - Silent Night.mp34.1 MB21:22.38
Winterdrive - Laßt uns froh und munter sein.mp34.3 MB22:05.30
Wolfgang Ambros - Weihnachten wie immer.mp35.3 MB22:20.56
Wolfgang Bahro - Under the Christmas tree.mp34.7 MB12:21.36
Wolfgang Petry - 1000 Geschenke (Tochter Zion).mp33.3 MB22:21.04
Wolfgang Petry - 1000 Geschenke.mp35.0 MB22:21.12
Wolfgang Petry - Adventskalender (Es Ist Fuer U.mp32.9 MB22:21.18
Wolfgang Petry - Alle Jahre wieder.mp34.1 MB22:21.24
Wolfgang Petry - Am Weihnachtsbaume.mp34.1 MB22:21.30
Wolfgang Petry - Der Adventskalender.mp34.4 MB22:21.36
Wolfgang Petry - Der erste Schnee.mp34.6 MB22:21.44
Wolfgang Petry - Eine Muh eine Mäh.mp35.0 MB22:21.52
Wolfgang Petry - Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.mp33.3 MB22:21.58
Wolfgang Petry - Feliz Navidad.mp35.1 MB22:22.06
Wolfgang Petry - Fröhliche Weihnacht überall.mp33.2 MB22:22.14
Wolfgang Petry - Gnadenlose Weihnachtstage.mp33.2 MB22:22.20
Wolfgang Petry - Happy Chrismas, War Is Over.mp33.0 MB22:22.28
Wolfgang Petry - Heut Abend auf dem Weihnachtsmarkt.mp34.4 MB22:22.34
Wolfgang Petry - Ihr Kinderlein kommet.mp34.0 MB22:22.40
Wolfgang Petry - In 24 Tagen.mp34.7 MB22:22.48
Wolfgang Petry - In der Weihnachtsbäckerei.mp34.6 MB22:23.14
Wolfgang Petry - Jingle Bells.mp34.6 MB22:23.22
Wolfgang Petry - Kling Glöckchen Klingelingeling.mp34.2 MB22:23.28
Wolfgang Petry - Kommet, ihr Hirten.mp33.0 MB22:23.40
Wolfgang Petry - Last Christmas.mp33.5 MB22:23.56
Wolfgang Petry - Laßt uns froh und munter sein.mp33.0 MB22:23.48
Wolfgang Petry - Leise rieselt der Schnee.mp34.6 MB22:24.02
Wolfgang Petry - Marys Boy Child.mp35.4 MB22:24.10
Wolfgang Petry - Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann.mp34.7 MB22:24.18
Wolfgang Petry - Morgen, Kinder.mp32.8 MB22:24.24
Wolfgang Petry - Oh du fröhliche.mp34.3 MB22:24.30
Wolfgang Petry - Still, Still, Still.mp33.3 MB22:24.38
Wolfgang Petry - Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht.mp33.3 MB21:43.28
Wolfgang Petry - Stille Nacht! Heilige nacht.mp33.1 MB22:24.46
Wolfgang Petry - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen.mp34.5 MB22:24.52
Wolfgang Petry - The First Noel.mp33.4 MB22:25.04
Wolfgang Petry - Vorbei ist das alte Jahr.mp34.8 MB22:25.28
Wolfgang Petry - Wann ist endlich wieder Winter.mp33.3 MB22:25.34
Wolfgang Petry - We Wish You A Merry Christmas.mp32.7 MB22:25.40
Wolfgang Petry - Weihnacht fängt an.mp34.0 MB22:25.48
Wolfgang Petry - Weihnachten - Alle Jahre Wieder.mp32.8 MB22:02.52
Wolfgang Petry - Weihnachten bin ich zu Haus.mp34.4 MB22:25.54
Wolfgang Petry - Weihnachtszeit ist Wunderbar.mp34.1 MB22:26.00
Wolfgang Petry - White Christmas.mp35.4 MB22:26.08
Wolfgang Petry - Winterwonderland.mp32.8 MB22:26.14
Wonderful Christmas Time.mp33.5 MB22:01.02
Worlds Apart - When it's Christmas Time.mp35.6 MB12:01.46
X Bass - Ross entsprungen.mp34.4 MB20:36.52
X-Mas Alternate - Jingle Bells (Dance Version).mp39.7 MB16:34.58
XMAS - O Christmas Tree-Tannenbaum - Nat King Cole.mp34.1 MB23:11.36
Xmas - Boney M - Feliz Navidad.mp32.2 MB21:57.58
Xmas - Britney Spears, Monica, Joe, -NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Santana, Backstreet Boys - Grown-Up Christmas List.mp34.0 MB16:57.20
Xmas - CANZONI DI NATALE - Astro del Ciel Notte Santa (Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht).mp32.5 MB21:27.42
Xmas - Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (Christmas Songs).mp35.9 MB22:44.06
Xmas - Nana Mouskouri - Ave Maria (Schubert).mp33.4 MB00:22.46
Xmas Christmas - Abba - Little Drummer Boy.mp34.0 MB21:50.14
Xmas Christmas Songs- madonna - santa baby.mp33.2 MB04:46.42
Xmas Michael Jackson With The Jcks 5 - The Little Drummer Boy.mp34.4 MB22:52.20
Xmas-boney m - the 20 greatest christmas songs - chrismas medley.mp33.2 MB21:57.06
Xmass Noise - Adeste Fidelis.mp35.2 MB20:36.54
Youp van 't Hek - Flappie.mp35.3 MB06:46.58
Zillertaler - Wenn ein Jahr zu Ende geht.mp34.7 MB22:26.22
Zucchero - Canzoni di Natale - White Christmas.mp33.4 MB22:46.18
[CANZONI DI NATALE] Petit Papa Noel (French Version).mp33.3 MB19:07.32
andré rieu - white chrismas.mp33.0 MB22:07.36
chrismas song BRENDA LEE - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.mp34.7 MB00:47.32
christmas songs - Elvis Presly.mp31.8 MB12:00.22
christmas techno Medley mix.mp312.1 MB15:40.06
clannad - Christmas Angels.mp35.8 MB12:15.40
crismas time.mp33.4 MB16:19.20
een witte kerst.mp32.5 MB17:46.38
gloria Estefan- Christmas Through Your Eyes.mp34.6 MB14:39.12
happy x-mas.mp38.0 MB15:56.27
helge schneider - Weihnachten bei den van den Bergs.mp33.6 MB21:22.06
jim reeves jinglebell.MP31.3 MB01:05.52
kerstliedjes Jan Smit - De kleine trommelaar - Kerstmis - De allergrootste nederlandstalige kersthits - CD 2 - 01 -.mp33.3 MB13:23.42
kerstmis - Boney M - Oh cristmas tree.mp32.7 MB00:23.36
maksim_leonidov_-_rozhdestvo.mp33.8 MB22:26.38
r3.mp34.7 MB22:46.32
rossia.mp35.1 MB22:46.42
russia.mp32.8 MB22:46.48
russian.mp32.3 MB22:46.54
x - mas song by deejay toni t-on christmas song remix 2011 2012 Official.mp37.2 MB16:34.24
x-mas- little drummer boy.mp34.3 MB15:53.54
xmas - Barbara Streisand - My Favorite Things.mp35.8 MB03:42.34
xmas-Perry Como - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.mp32.5 MB15:49.34

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